Sep 23, 2014
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August 2012 Archive for Crop Comments

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August Crop Comments

Aug 31, 2012

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Here's a sampling of what some folks are saying:  


  • 8/31 - Stoddard County, Mo.: After 1 1/2 days of JD service tech repairing brand new combine, harvested 55 ac of Pioneer corn. Averaged 110 to 120 bpa on heavy soils w/ high water table. This is dry land corn. What little DeKalb corn harvested so far, yield monitor is showing about 30-40 bu acre yield increase. To those who are calling for an end to renewable fuel mandate, while I have sympathy for your situation during this drought and hate to see long-term demand destruction, it is the corn farmer's corn to sell. No one end-user has the RIGHT to that corn exclusively. Let the markets determine the price and who gets the corn. An internal grain embargo, which some livestock growers are pushing, is the wrong way to go. What management risks have they taken over the years? Overstocking? Not securing enough feed ahead of time for periods like this? We're all in this mess of a drought together. There's no reason corn farmer's incomes should be reduced further with lower prices and an embargo against one buyer, so that some end-users don't have to pay full market value.


  • 8/31 - Southern Stearns County, Minn.: Crops are drying up, will be done harvesting in September for sure this year. Only 2.6 inches of rain all summer. Did some yield checks last night. My dryland corn will average 100 bushel per acre, while my 93 day Gold County Hybrid under irrigation is consistently coming out at over 260 bushel with one spot nearly 300 bushel per acre. Soybeans are dead and will be ready to combine in 2 weeks.


  • 8/31 - West Carroll Parrish, La.: Don't want to rub salt in an open wound, so I will just say our crop was above our average. Have already cut early beans, IR=60 bu. DL= 25 to 30 bu. Our corn was, well, good. DL corn was anywhere from 0 to 200 Bu a. Storm lodged 250 acres of corn, Isaac just made it worse. Still, we got all the beans out that were ready, and 2300 acres of corn. Hope you guys do well in the drought areas. Our prayers go out to you. (PS. the call by the livestock guys to end the ethanol mandate is wrong. When we were making $2 bu on corn, you cattle guys prices tripled and you made a killing! I raise cattle also. If the ethanol mandate is lifted the only thing that will happen is one segment of the business will be sacrificed for the benefit of another. Hold on. That is what I've done all my 45 years in farming. One crisis to the next, just hold on!) God Bless!


  • 8/31 - South central Nebraska: Irrigated will be a good one irrigated soybeans will be good also. To the Minnesota livestock producer: when corn is dirt cheap, cattle are way too high. Are you going to lower your prices help us all out? I didn't think so


  • 8/31 - Franklin County, Pa.: After having a drought here the past two years this year is the best in nine years. Glad to have plenty of corn for the dairy cows this year. Just need to do away with the ethanol mandate to ease things up for livestock producers.


  • 8/31 - Ransom County, southeast North Dakota: We had 1.5 inches of rain 3 weeks ago but the last 10 days have been hot and windy and the beans are dying. Leaves are falling off the trees as if it were October. It’s just too dry. Crop adjuster came up with 65 bu/ac. on the corn here and we had some rain, it’s just been too hot. No subsoil moisture left for 2013.


  • 8/31 - Caldwell County, Mo.: Worst corn I ever had 20 bpa.
    8 31 12 MO harvest
    8 31 12 MO harvest 2

    -- Caldwell County, Mo.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 8/31 - Goodhue, Minn.: Beans looked pretty good despite all the heat until about a week ago. The wind and 95-100F temperatures these last few days have finished them off. Likely lost 10 bushel/acre this week alone. Velvet leaf still doing well but the pastures are drying up.

  • 8/30 - Boone County, Neb.: Started picking yesterday NEVER have started this early. Dryland field going 40bu and testing 18% with 53# test weight. Not good but better than expected.


  • 8/30 - Buffalo County, Neb.: 90 degrees and twenty five mile an hour winds. The crop is turning quickly. Please tell us all how pro farmer comes up with 120 bu national yield. Nobody wants to so I will. It’s gonna be way under a 100 when it’s all done. You think corn is high=priced now wait until next year.


  • 8/30 - Hanson County, S.D.: Cutting silage today 90 acre field. Crop insurance adjusted 6 bu/acre. temp was 103 today. Corn planted May 12.


  • 8/30 - Christian County, Ky.: From July 1 to August 15 or so we got about 11" of rain but the last ones have missed us and we are back to drought again - hot, sunny windy days with no clouds. Corn is about 60 bushels in some areas, no beans harvested yet but they need rain badly. We are hoping for a good soaking from the hurricane but would not be surprised to miss that too. Weather forecasts say drought till mid-November.


  • 8/30 - Todd County, Minn.: End the ethanol mandate now!!!! We livestock farmers cannot afford to feed animals anymore. When is this going to end!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 8/30 - Marion County, Ill.: Near Patoka, Illinois..... 95 acres of corn did 30 bushels per acre dry. Sixty acres of corn across the road did 40 bushels per acre dry. 33% more on west side of road.....what a hybrid difference. Planted last week in march.

  • 8/29 - Shelby County, Ohio: Our neighbor cut silage on 15 acres. The crop adjuster put at 2 bu. It was planted in early April, the late-April planting across the road is at 105 bu./acre.


  • 8/29 - Billings, Mont.: Corn is almost black layer on final irrigation. Thank God it’s been a long hot season, grain crop was better than expected. Barley 120 bushel to acre and corn looks to be 200 or better , wheat didn’t fare so well, its all over the place at 60- 90 bushel. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 8/29 - O’Brien County, Iowa: Corn will be 60 to 130 bu in our area, moisture is 16 to 34% in the same field. 1.2 inches of rain last Saturday, won't help beans are dropping leaves, hope they make 30 bu.


  • 8/29 - Scott County, Mo.: About 3/4 done with harvest. most years just now thinking about starting. Best corn so far has been 110 bpa. My worst corn last year was 160. 95 degrees today with 20 mph wind and 25% humidity cooked the beans today. I would say it took 5 bushel off the yield today along. hope everyone has a safe harvest.


  • 8/29 - Clinton, Ind.: On 687 acres of corn, yield will run from 45 bu to 165.


  • 8/29 - Marion, Ill.: Our corn yields are between zero and 40 bushels per acre. Neighbor said he was getting 15 bushels per acre. Corn in Perry County zeroed out by insurance company. Late beans could still be helped by rains. Beans are about 50% of last year.


  • 8/29 - Lincoln County, Wis.: Our crops look great. We've been very dry all year but have caught timely rain when we needed it. Bean yields, I figure anywhere from 40-50 and corn 120-160.


  • 8/29 - Cole County, Mo.: Bottom land corn will yield 45 to 120, hill land was cut for silage or haying stalks. Pasture land is gone, feeding hay like it is the middle of winter. Ponds are dry, water is short supply. Soybeans are turning color pod fill is terrible except for Missouri River bottom land, maybe 10 bushel to the acre.


  • 8/29 - Sac County, Iowa: Corn yields will range from 10 bu. to 150.


  • 8/29 - Columbia, Wis.: Corn does not look so bad from the road, but stalk height is below normal. Many stalks have a second ear that is blank. Primary ears have many blanks not filled. Most advance ears are in late dough stage. Average yields here are 170-190. This on fertile drained areas. My bet yields will be about 120-140.


  • 8/29 - Bartholomew County, Ind.: Harvested 25 acres today at 26% moisture, it made 35 bpa dry. It was planted 3-22-12. We had no rain from June till Aug 3. Soybeans took 7 weeks to germinate, won’t make it. I’m 69, it’s the worst year ever.


  • 8/29 - Buffalo County, Neb.: No measurable rain since June 23. The dryland beans that haven't died are dropping leaves. Have 1 field of irrigated beans starting to turn color, estimate harvest in about 2 weeks. Upper 90's today with over 20mph winds, similar forecast for the next few days may speed that up. Feeding hay to 130 cows now, hope the rest can stay in the pasture until there are some corn stalks! What a crazy year!


  • 8/29 - East central Iowa: Isaac: Bring it on, we are putting out the welcome mat for you! Rain only please.


  • 8/29 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Thank lord we sprayed all the corn for spider mite. Scouting around in the fields the mites and aphid populations are exploding and have been for some time. But, so are the lady beetles and lacewings. Counted 14 average lady bug larvae per stalk and aphids so thick I’m not going back out there. Despite it all the irrigated corn should be very good in central NE. Dryland will be close to 0.

  • 8/28 - Clay County, Iowa: Corn and beans look great. More consistent stands than last year. Heat doesn't appear to have affected us too much. We'll know in about 3 weeks.


  • 8/28 - Weld County, Colo.: We have not had measurable rainfall on our farm since May 16th.  All of our ground is irrigated using surface water and irrigation wells, but pumping costs are 200% of average and the reservoirs were empty in late July.  Our crop will only be mediocre at best. Sugar beets look good and sunflowers will be okay, but grain corn yields will be off 40 bushels or more per acre. Silage harvest is three weeks early and yields are disappointing.

    My biggest concern is not this year, but next year. Reservoirs will take months to refill with excellent snow pack. I can't imagine what average snow pack will provide.  Old crop corn bids are $0.75 to $1.25 over the board right now.


  • 8/28 - Ottawa County, Mich.: Just had the crop adjuster here. Took a look at 70 acres, best field 1.1 bu./acre worst field .05 bushel/acre. WOW this is worse than I even thought. Last year the 1.1 bu. Field average was 186 dry bu./acre and the worst one was 140 dry bu./acre  


  • 8/28 - O'Brien County, Iowa: We got 3" of rain Saturday (8/25). It all soaked in and should help some of the beans. Corn will maybe put some weight in the ears?

  • 8/27 - Stearns County, Minn.: Rains missed us again. Neighbor down the road 1.5 miles had 1.2", we had 0.1". Crops are being forced to mature early. We will be combining corn by September 20th for sure. Just got down putting up some silage and it was getting too dry for us by the end. Soybeans are all yellow and will be ready to combine by mid-September. Even the oak trees are dropping leaves. Only 2" of rain all summer. NOT EVERYWHERE in Minnesota are the crops so great.


  • 8/27 - Eastern Pottawattamie County, Iowa: 2 inches of rain Saturday. Too late for corn, but could keep bean yield from shrinking, and will not add bu. to yields.


  • 8/27 - Obion County, Tenn.: Corn Crop total loss harvest one field so far and was around 50bpa soybeans look good but with no rain looks like they will be in the 20bpa range. Good stand of crop everywhere just no rain to help it. Irrigated corn looks really good should harvest it in the next couple of weeks. Hope for a better year next year looks like the insurance guys will be busy this fall!!!!!


  • 8/27 - Flint, Mich.: I traveled I-94 from Detroit through Chicago, onto Quad Cities, south to Mediapolis Iowa, north to Orchard, Iowa, down to Kansas City via I-35, and east through Hannibal, Mo., onto Springfield Ill., north on 55 to Chicago in the last 2 weeks. Of this farm tour, there has only been 1 field of corn I would like to call mine, and that was at Princeton, Ill. Talked to all kinds of farmers and 1 elevator. All indicated a crop of 0 bu. to a high of 100 bu. Good luck averaging a 123 bu crop year.


  • 8/27 - Henry County, Mo.: We finally received some rain 1.5 inches. We are half done with corn highest yield has been 50 test weight has been good averaging 53-54.early beans are turning seed man was out and we found 40-50 pods with several 3 bean pods, how the heck they did that I don’t know.


  • 8/27 - North central Missouri: Corn that was chopped for silage has mostly been adjusted at 10 bpa or less. a lot of it at 0. a little bit of corn being harvested. Hearing from 5bpa to 40bpa, most of it in the 20-25 range. 1 to 2 inches of rain here last night. Beans would have been a 0 without it. Don’t know how much it will help them but some.


  • 8/27 - East central Iowa: We received 1 3/10" on Sunday. That should really help the last cutting of hay. We are very thankful, Our last rain was 10 days ago  and there is no rain in forecast .once again I think we may have trimmed a little more off of yield for both corn and beans in the last week because of the warm temps.(85-90+)and shortage of moisture. My unofficial view is high moisture corn will start in 1-2 weeks. Video courtesy of scotthinch’s YouTube channel.
  • 8/27 - Rock County, Wis.: Our corn on 140 acres yielded 6 bu per acre.


  • 8/27 - Sherman, Texas: I think Pro Farmer used too many acres, a lot cut for silage. I don't think the government counts silage in their final yield.


  • 8/27 - Caldwell County, Mo.: We got the most rain we have had in months 1 1/2 inches, it will help the beans some. We are going to shell corn Tuesday. The corn moisture went from 20 to 13 in 2 days, we had 17 percent humidity and 30 mph wind.


  • 8/27 - South central Indiana: Had a neighbor shell 26 ac, it made a total of 136 bu. There has been some river bottom ground shelled making from 8 to 11 BPA.
  • 8/27 - Kent County, Md.: Crops in this area are good, but prices for feeding dairy cows are too high to afford with current milk prices. I buy ground corn, soybean meal and cotton seed.


  • 8/27 - Bedford County, Tenn.: Harvested 70 acres of corn with 60 bushel yield from farm that averaged 183 last year. This corn had 2.5" of rain in the first three months but got 17" since 7/4/12.Weeds were higher than most of the ears. What a nightmare!


  • 8/27 - Knox County, Ind.: It's catch-as-catch-can with corn. The pic is a peek at our 2012 Corn Crop in Knox County, Indiana. The corn varieties are from two different areas and are both Beck's Hybrids. The 3 ears on the left are from the river bottom farm and the 4 on the right are from the upland farm. Despite having less rain in the last 90 days than some areas further south, the rain here has come at the right time. These two farms are 4 miles apart. The river farm on a point bar is sandy but got a bit more water over the last 90 days, about 5 inches. Only 4 inches on the uplands. Mold on the one ear will probably yield aflatoxin.
    8 27 12 IN corn ears

    -- Knox County, Ind.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 8/27 - Hardin, Ky.: You really have to question the accuracy of USDA and Pro Farmer crop estimates. Plus where is the drought? All the declared disaster areas making 100+ bu/acre corn. Corn I have seen would be lucky to make 0 to 50 bu/acre. Government, insurance, and farmers who you think is going to come out on top?


  • 8/27 - Minnesota: We lost maybe 10% of the crop right off the bat due to flooding this spring. After that things looked great. Maybe not record setting, but pretty good all things considered. Thurs (8-23) night we got hail. Haven't seen all the damage yet but one farm a few miles away doesn't sound good. Thankfully the 4.5 inches of rain did NOT come with a wind. We didn't get "hailed out" as only a few fields were hit. Could have been a whole lot worse.


  • 8/27 - Southwestern Indiana: March 26 planted corn yields 43, 84 and 89 bpa in three separate fields. 113 day corn was 15-17% moisture. Beans are short and turning. Bean harvest should begin in mid-Sept.


  • 8/27 - Ralls County, Mo.: Started shelling corn today, unheard of for this early. Moisture averaging 16% and yield 15-20 bushels per acre. All the rest will be at or below this level. Soybeans are all but dead and will be lucky if they make 10 bpa. Ready for this year to be over.


  • 8/27 - Martin County, Ind.: Corn is worse than we thought it was going to be. Was hoping for 30bu. average but so far the best we have shelled is 25 bu and our average for the farm is 13bu. so far. Be safe.

  • 8/24 - Carver County, Minn.: We had 7"of rain and a lot of hail and wind last night. We had a great crop, but it is a mess now.


  • 8/24 - Sargent County, southeast North Dakota: We did pick up a little rain the first week in august but the past 2 weeks have been very dry and the last week very hot. The corn is done but the beans had hope until yesterday’s 90 plus degree heat. Mother nature took back 10-20% of the yield the august rains had given us. The top pods just shriveled up. There’s probably 30-40,000 acres of corn in the county being chopped most of that on sandy ground. Yields on that corn is all under 50 bu./acre.


  • 8/24 - Cuming County, Neb.: Like every year the "Pro" farmer tour find surprisingly good yields. Around here the 100 bu "guesses" are making 50 to 60 bpa! Low test weights and corn falling down tells the tail.


  • 8/24 - Boone County, Mo.: Over half done with corn. The best I have heard of is 60 bu., a lot of 40 bu. and even more 20/25 with the temp 100 and 10-20 mph wind no rain no soil moisture even  6feet deep we will be lucky to have 10 bu beans average! Most depressing worst year ever here. Just keep praying for rain.
  • 8/24 - Bedford, Pa.: Berks shale soil possibly best crop we have ever grown. But never count till harvest is over.


  • 8/24 - West central Iowa: I was on a combine today in west central IA and the yield was 80 bpa. Lots of foreign material and variety of kernel size. I expect the next 8 fields will be more of the same in 2 weeks.


  • 8/24 - O'Brien County, Iowa: Crops are just fair.

  • 8/23 - Ellis County, Texas: For 2012 we have had 70 bu dry land wheat, 8000 lbs dry land milo and 160 bu dry land corn. The cotton looks to be average to good 1 bale to 1.25.2011 was the worst year ever for our farm of 130 years running. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
  • 8/23 - Southeastern Indiana: Estimated corn yield 50 bpa and beans 20-30 bpa, we are hoping!
  • 8/23 - Scott County, Iowa: Nothing left to say about 2012...just pictures. 



    -- Scott County, Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 8/23 - O’Brien County, Iowa: Here we have put up 4 cuttings of alfalfa and with a little rain possibly a 5th. The corn might have some ready to go in about 2-3 weeks, some beans are starting to turn yield on beans who knows. One corn we did says 168 bu, but all of the corn is tipped back 1-2 inches. Found out at the Pro Farmer meeting in Spencer, Iowa that kernel size is going to play a big factor in yield because of size variability.


  • 8/23 - Kane/DeKalb Counties, Illinois: Crops survived on a handful of 1/4" splashes of rain until later July which gave us a inch.  Since then we've received a couple 1/2" rains which has kept the crop fresh.  Corn is eye level at the base of the tassel, beans are lush and difficult to walk through because tall and tangled.  Using 110,000 kernels/bu I put our corn at 150 average, beans would not surprise me to exceed 50.


  • 8/23 - Saunders County, Neb.: We are 25 miles north of Lincoln. Harvested 2 fields for high moisture corn for a feed lot. First field averaged 74bpa, second field 93bpa. Have not had any measurable rain since the first week of June.
  • 8/23 - Gratiot County, central Michigan: Crops here look excellent. We have been very fortunate to have received timely rains all growing season. We were starting to feel the effects of the drought until July 3rd - 5th when we received 2.5" to 3.5" of rain just prior to corn pollination. We have received good moisture since then - sometimes a bit too much. Corn is fully dented and soybeans look to be a very good crop.
    8 23 12 MI soybeans

    -- Gratiot County, central Michigan

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 8/23 - Scott County, Mo.: About 1/3 done with corn harvest and making about a 1/3 of a crop. Beans are trying to put on pods but are dying on hill sides. Entire fields will be dead in another 4 or 5 days with no rain. Only a 30% chance of rain next Monday. Might be too late by then. Pig weeds still grow 3 inches every day. Good luck to everybody out there. Please have a safe harvest.


  • 8/23 - Dixon County, Neb.: Pro Farmer has NE corn averaging over 100. I can drive 100 miles in any direction and be hard pressed to find 50 bu corn, most closer to 0. Chopped 150 acres averaging about 10 bu. I heard two reports of combining near Jackson 10 bu and 40 bu. Beans no better. Sandy irrigated look tough. Pro Farmer needs to look 100 miles around Allen.

  • 8/22 - Henderson County, Tenn.: Corn looks about 60 to 90 bu., soybeans appear to be the best crop in years, cotton also looks very good at this stage.


  • 8/22 - Watonwan County, Minn.: Corn looking real good here in Watonwan County, Minn., just above Iowa border. The drought-tolerant varieties sure paid off this year. We are lucky here to have this potential. This field saw little rain after June and is sandier than some.
    f 48 3 5602826 corn 1
  • 8/22 - South central Indiana: We could have our worst corn crop ever, and the best beans in the same year! I think our corn will average around 50 and our beans may be better than that.


  • 8/22 - Madison County, Neb.: Corn under irrigation is at full dent or close. Widely variable. Good ground 200+, poorer soils 120-150. Dryland, for the most part nothing. Lots and lots of silage chopped. Beans on irrigated could be 55 under a pivot. Dryland, 10-15 on most.

  • 8/21 - Ward County, N.D.: Spring wheat harvest in full swing now. Wheat yields are disappointing. So far, yields have been below average. Fields look great off the road but very disappointing with the combine. Late-season heat hit the wheat during grain fill, the same as the canola and flax, yields very poor. Very small kernels and scab in a lot of wheat at local elevator. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
  • 8/21 - Hendricks County, west central Indiana: We have recieved over 4.5" of rain since Aug. 5. The grass has really greened up. The soybeans will definitely benefit from the recent rains, but the corn is done. Might help stalk strength and maybe test weight. Some of the early beans are getting close to harvest. Not sure recent rains did much for them. They are really short and don't look to me like they would make over 25 bu. per acre. Praying yields will be better than I think they will be. The Lord always takes care of us.
  • 8/21 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Lots of dryland cut for silage, getting near the end on irrigating some fields. Spidermites and disease in lots of places. Even though we have irrigation, it won't be as good as everybody thinks. Based upon relatives from Iowa, Illinois, Missouri and Texas, this corn crop will be less than 100 bu. national average. It's that bad.


  • 8/21 - East central Iowa: 12" crescent wrench in crack in gumbo! Chopping corn, filling a 20x70 silo. This is the view from the top of the silo. Video courtesy of scotthinch’s YouTube channel.
    Crescent wrench


  • 8/21 - Crittenden County, Ky.: We finally got some rain last week, about 5" in all. It is far too late for corn, which will make about 30% to 40% of normal. The soybeans never got more than 6" high and died in most places. They are a total loss, not even enough to bale. Pastures and meadows are greening up, but it is mostly crabgrass and weeds.

  • 8/20 - St. Clair County, Ill.: One of the best looking and even stands of corn crops we have had in a while. Too bad Mother Nature had other plans!
  • 8/20 - Dane County, Ind.: City folks think crops look good. If you take a close look at corn cobs, you will find the truth. Cobs may appear full, but find a mix. We are projecting average yield of about 50-90 an acre. Normal year is 200. Dairy farms looking for extra corn silage due to poor hay crop. Unscrupulous crop farmers are playing neighbor against neighbor. Very sad situation. Rain has helped alfalfa fields come back. Hoping for a fifth crop. Third crop was terrible.
  • 8/20 - Evansville, Ind.: We combined corn and it only yielded 10 to 30 bu./acre.
  • 8/20 - Waupaca, Wis.: Farmers, just had more adjusters out at my farm, make sure you have everything in writing as to what they tell you, even if they refuse to or it takes too much time, they say. Do not sign a form called a waiver, this allows them to use your signature for the entire claim, even things they did not authorize. Send e-mails to adjuster and agent, everything that is told to you, to protect yourself. Our accountant said he has heard all these crop insurance companies' horror stories and they are not pretty. Currently, I'm still trying to get my agent to speak with me after I discovered he made several errors over two months ago. Just watch yourselves, guys.
  • 8/20 - Renville, Minn.: My corn will average 210.
  • 8/20 - Henry, Ohio: Four and half inches of rain so far in August has helped some of the beans and will help the later planted (early May) corn. Looking like the later varieties of beans will be much better than beans starting to turn. Have not found any four- or five-bean pods this year. Last year they were easy to find, and those bean yields were around 70 bpa.
  • 8/20 - Nicollet, Minn.: My farmer client did four corn yield checks and estimated yields were from 152 bpa to 182 bpa.
  • 8/20 - Southwest Minnesota: Just came home from northern Minnesota -- the crops north of Hwy. 212 look awesome, anything south of that I would call variable. Here, guys started to chop corn. Some of the yeilds are OK, some real bad. Been scouting beans -- they are the wild cards here. I'm guessing we will see a 15% to 20% yield reduction on them. Ethanol plants slowing down and iso-wean pigs are almost free. Wow, what a year!
  • 8/20 - Clinton County, Ohio: We have had anywhere from 3" to 6" of rain since July 1. Corn may yield anywhere from 90 to 190 and beans 40 to 60+ depending on how much rain it had. May planted beans could use a shot of rain to finish them off, but none in forecast.


  • 8/20 - Newaygo, Mich.: Corn 165 bu., carrots 26 tons, potatoes 30 tons.


  • 8/20 - East central Iowa: I totally agree with just about everyone that you could drive 10-20 miles from your house and see 0 to 180+ bu./acre corn. Beans, as usual, are hard to judge, like one of my seed dealers told population, row spacing and seed size will make or break you as far as final yield. Finally got some rain at my house Aug. 16, 8/10". Within 10 miles, rain ranged from ¼" to 1½". First rain since Aug. 4 (a lot of damage has already been done since July 4). No surprise, as this has been the pattern all year. Could be better, and it could be worse!


  • 8/20 - Adams County, Ind.: Corn in July was looking like 60 bpa beans 25/30, but August rains have us looking like 100+ corn, 40+ beans. Not great, but at least on the plus side instead of in the red.

  • 8/17 - Southeast Indiana: Was blessed with 3/10" last night. From the looks of radar and weatherman, was expecting a real soaker. Amazing how adept at driving down the road I am getting and not looking out the side windows at fields. Going to get to mow grass again, though!
  • 8/17 - Northeast Knox County, Ind.: Corn harvest is starting on sandy ground and yields are dismal, ranging from 0-40. Hopefully heavier soil will be better, but not sure because pollination was occurring during those 100+ weeks. "Late" beans (middle of April) look like they will be better than early, due to late rains.
  • 8/17 - Northeast Nebraska: Put most of the dryland corn up as silage. 0 to 30 bpa. The soybeans would still be half crop, but have not had rain over 0.4" in months. Need rain NOW!


  • 8/17 - Madison County, Ind.: Corn is generally hurt. Perhaps 100 to 120 bpa. Soybeans across the back fence are 4 feet tall and well podded and filled. So soybeans look pretty good here.


  • 8/17 - Champaign County, Ill.: We had hardly any rain here during June and July. Corn is not very good. Have had 3.5" of rain here in the last week. Where was this a month ago when it could have helped the corn? Looking at half a corn crop, beans will be helped by these August rains.


  • 8/17 - Shelby County, west central Ohio: Crop conditions are the most variable that I have ever seen in my 50-plus years of farming. Ten miles east of here, farmers received a 5" rain in mid-July, the corn yield there appears like it will be near normal (150 to 180 bpa.). Ten miles west of here, on better land, the yield appears like it will be from 0 to 50 bpa. The later planted corn appears to be much better. On my farm, I can find many 8" ears on soil that held moisture. On the light soils, there are ears about the size of my thumb. The surprising thing is all of them seemed to have pollinated well, even with extremely hot and dry weather. Only the sheller will reveal my corn yield. I expect 50 to 90 bpa average. All corn is very short (2 to 6 feet tall).

    Rain has also been extremely variable. In the last three weeks, we have received 7.33" of rain. Too late to help the corn except to keep the tips from pulling back further. Foliage on soybeans has grown more than a foot during this time and the color looks good, but they still have far fewer than average number of pods on them. If the seeds are baseball size, they could still make 50 bpa. 

  • 8/17 - Jefferson County, Ill.: We just had 1½" of rain Aug. 13, the first real good rain since May. The corn is done, it's about 5 foot tall beside the ditches. There is like nothing in the middle of the field, everybody is cutting it for silage. The beans are just growing pods, which is good, as long as it gets the rains we have had this week. We might have a bean crop, but we don't know yet!

  • 8/16 - Pottawattamie County, Iowa: Corn half normal. Beans 0 to 30. No rain since early June. Beans are green but have 0 to 13 pods and one new bloom every three to four plants, and this is where a couple of half-inch showers popped up in an isolated area. I think a big shock is ahead when the bean harvest rolls.


  • 8/16 - East Pottawattamie County, Iowa: Half-inch since June 23. River bottom corn 80 bu. Hill ground 135-150. Beans 35 bu., maybe.


  • 8/16 - East central Iowa: FINALLY RAIN! 0.8"...Will help stop the bleeding for another week.
    8 16 iowa

    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 8/16 - Harvey County, Kan.: Corn very short, 30 bu. Beans have burned up except for irrigation, and that is short also.


  • 8/16 - Chouteau County, Mont.: Winter wheat yields are all over the place and nothing very impressive. 50s tops, and a lot of 20s and 30s. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 8/16 - Logan and McLean Counties, Ill.: I have harvesed 375 acres of silage in a 35-mile circle from Lincoln, Ill. Yields are between 112 and 36 bpa. 75% of the acres are in the lower half of the yield.


  • 8/16 - Audrain County, Mo.: Corn--hundreds of acres already chopped for silage, hundreds of acres 0/25, thousands of acres 25/50, ten or twenty acres 50/55. Beans--either turning or dying, not sure, but if we do not get inches of rain beans will be 0/20, if that. Bins are empty now and will be till 2013 harvest? High prices with nothing to sell, not a good equation...


  • 8/16 - Dunn County, Wis.: Corn will average 100 to 120 bu. For beans, we're hoping for an average of 30 if we get some rain.


  • 8/16 - Meeker, Minn.: Corn is good, beans are filling and look good.


  • 8/16 - Jackson, Iowa: High-quality land that was lucky to get some rain--crops very good. Lower-quality land with little rain will probably yield 0 to 60 bpa for corn.


  • 8/16 - Southern Indiana: Some corn picked. Made 30 bu. per acre.


  • 8/16 - Ingham County, Mich.: South of us, 0-30 bpa. Our area, 100-140 bpa. North of us, 150-160 bpa. That's within 15 miles. It paid to have your crops in the north this year.


  • 8/16 - Carroll/Ogel county, Northwest Illinois: Crop adjuster made some yield checks on some acres approved for chopping silage. 213 bu. ground came in at 135 bu. The test has a tendency to come in a little lower than the combine, but reasonable. The corn looks like any other year. We had timely rains that much of the area missed. The adjuster reported 50 to 150 bu. yields that were located somewhere north of me. It is a real struggle to keep feeding cattle when cattle feeders seem to be extremely bullish when bidding for feeders. I have been down this road before!

  • 8/15 - Western Walsh county, northeast North Dakota: After a warm and mostly dry summer, harvest is best described as 'jerky' with little rain delays about every 2nd or 3rd day.  Wheat yields are good, ranging from high 40's, with much of it 60 to 70 bu. I haven't taken any canola yet, but some in the area is harvested.  Edible beans, soybeans, sunflowers and corn are looking very good. Hope we don't have an early frost!


  • 8/15 - DeKalb County, Mo.: Crop adjuster looked at 1 field. 11 bpa, only because she found 1 site where she recorded a 50 bpa. Beans probably zero. Not bad height, loaded with blooms up and down, NO pods.


  • 8/15 - Richland Parish, La.: Corn has been super 150-220 bu/ac. Soybeans 50-90 bu/ac. These are the best crops all around in years with high prices


  • 8/15 - St. Charles County, Mo.: Most of the early corn is fair. May planted corn is poor. June planted corn is good. The best is where the population ended up much lower than the recommended.

  • 8/15 - Falls County, Texas: For 2012, we have 60 bu beans & 125 bu dry land corn. In 2011, all of our corn went to silage and the beans were plowed under. Worst drought ever for us last year!!!


  • 8/15 - East central Iowa: Must be our turn to watch the crop deteriorate (like most of the country). We were in decent shape until the first week of July. Since the end of June we received maybe 1.5" total and had close to 3 weeks of hot weather. Spots around my area have received some nice rain since the end of June (3"-6"). Crop adjuster came to check fields to be chopped....50-75 bu..hope these are my worst field (not sure anymore). A lot of 10 year has been baled since aug. 2, yields are in the 2-3 bales/acre range (most around 2). Hay from 10 year is one notch above cows eating sticks this winter.  Picture is a timber road to get to another 10 year field (what a guy won't do to try and make a buck these days!). Just about needed to hook the log chain up.
    8 15 12 Iowa

    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 8/15 - Caldwell County, Mo.: Corn we planted April 11th EST is 53 bpa, Corn Planted April 19th EST is 43 Bpa, beans are dying in weak spots. Water is a issue now several ponds are so low the water is green.

  • 8/14 - Cheyenne County, Neb.: 2 day trip into eastern NE. Dryland corn along I-80 and US 30 is done. Lots of corn silage being put up. All irrigated crops look good from the road but, didn't walk any fields. In Cheyenne Co. much of the dryland corn has or will go into the silage pile. Most of the millet looks fairly crispy and hasn't headed. Maybe some rain would help.


  • 8/14 - Johnson County, Ind.: April Planted beans are now turning with the rain too late to help. 0-10 bu at best. Corn almost ready to start harvest 0-40 will catch most of it. Dismal year.


  • 8/14 - Northern Stearns County, Minn.: A walk through the corn last night showed what I was afraid of. Very small ears on the hills and only mediocre cobs on the better ground. Soybeans need a rain very soon or major yield loss will occur there too. They have been hanging on quite well all summer. On the surprising side, the corn is fully dented so we will be chopping corn silage a good 3 weeks ahead of normal this year.


  • 8/14 - Olmsted County, Minn.: If your corn endured 90 to 100 degree heat for several weeks like most of the major corn growing areas in the USA. It was too hot to provide the high yields being posted on here, you need to get into the center of your fields and do your checks, the true story is inside, not from the road or outside edges where some evening cooling took place. I have looked at the center of a lot of corn fields in southern MN and can't find any corn over 180 bpa. Most of it is in the 120 to 160 range with serious tip back. Don't over contract or you may end up buying your corn back fom China or the CBOT who own over half of the 2012 crop.

  • 8/14 - Allen County, Ohio: Recent rains were a great help for developing soybeans.  For corn, rain came just too late.  Field I looked at over the weekend had lots of respectable ears, but just about as many that will not have any harvestable grain.  Generally speaking, any stalk I looked at that was less than five feet tall will not contribute to the corn yield.  Bottom line on this farm: average soybean yield and 50 to 60% n the corn crop.


  • 8/14 - Pipestone County, Minn.: We have had two inches in the last two weeks. A lot of the beans are over waist high. Early planted corn is dented and 5-14 planted is a nice roasting ear, with 16-18 rows around and 35-40 long.
    8 14 12 MN soybeans

    8 14 12 MN corn

    -- Pipestone County, Minn.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 8/14 - Hancock County, Ind.: Chopped corn last week 12.2 bu per acre, other fields not much better.

  • 8/13 - Trempealeau, Wis.: Well harvest will be a little earlier than normal, however we have received rain for most of the summer and yields on the heavier ground should be good, checked yields in the 180-245 range. Lighter soils are full of barren plants and even under pivots the crop is only average looking at best. Beans however could be a bumper crop provided you sprayed the spider mites, the last two weeks have had a huge bloom in all but the worst fields, we truly have been lucky this year, I like everyone cannot wait to put this one behind me. Have a safe and productive harvest.

  • 8/13 - Johnson County, Mo.: Should finish shelling corn today, had about 1000 ac. planted. Looks like it will average about 22 bpa, looks like beans will be about a zero.


  • 8/13 - Putnam County, Ohio: Corn crop looks good from the road, but a walk inside shows a whole different story. All I can say is walk the fields and see what is really there and don’t get surprised at harvest.


  • 8/13 - Holt County, Neb.: Mostly irrigated in our county. things look average at best. Fields with good water will be average or a little better (200-230 bu/a), but fields with poorer water will be under average (130-160 bu/a)


  • 8/13 - Rapides Parish, La.: Finished first 79 acre field on Thursday, 8/9. Was expecting 125-150. Made 165. A nice surprise. Think this is the worse field, had least amount of rain. Will start back 8/13. Ready to see what this corn crop can do. Good luck and be safe!
  • 8/13 - Southern Manitoba, Canada: Canola crop very disappointing. Great stand poor yields. Too hot during flowering caused flower blast. Wheat is ok with good quality. Corn and soybeans are anybody's guess it’s been dry and hot for a long time so were wondering what kind of damage it will eventually do. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 8/13 - Henry County, Mo.: Just finished shelling 116 acres. I thought it would make 70-80 it made 50, but the test weight was good at 53. The rest of my corn is still wet it is not drying. Beans started growing again this last week from the cooler temps. My gut tells me these prices won’t hold till October for the harvest price option if it doesn’t i guess we will be ok.


  • 8/13 - Saline County, Mo.: We will start corn harvest tomorrow. It won’t yield much.


  • 8/13 - Marquette County, Wis.: No real moisture since May 18. We can’t even get dew corn waist to shoulder high. Some won’t even tassel 185 bushel corn in 2011 maybe 30 bushel corn in 2012 looking forward to 2013 cropping season

  • 8/13 - East central Iowa: We started chopping corn on a gumbo bottom. It’s yielding about 10 ton per acre. Video courtesy of scotthinch’s YouTube channel.


  • 8/13 - Crawford County, Pa.: Our corn and soybeans look superb. Perfect growing season so far, the right amount of heat and moisture to make yields push corn to 180 to 200 bushels per acre and beans to 65 to 80.


  • 8/13 - Caldwell County, Mo.: I wish all my corn was this way!!This is my beans in a creek bottom.

    8 13 12 MO corn

    8 13 12 MO beans

    -- Caldwell County, Mo.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 8/13 - Southeast Indiana: Received from 1.4-3.3" rain on 8/10. Too late for corn will help beans greatly. Silage corn is greening up and will be 2 weeks til we chop now.


  • 8/13 - Holt County, Neb.: 50% corn and soybeans expected. Harvest will start first week September.  


  • 8/13 - Harvey County, Kan.: We have cut our corn already. It averaged 30 bpa....alfatoxin ran as high as 300…not good.


  • 8/13 - Greeley County, Neb.: Crop insurance adjuster was out today to adjust the dryland corn fields we are cut for silage. Yields ranged from .2 to 5 bushels per acre. This was 8 different fields a total of 420 acres. Our average yield the last 3 years has been around 115 bu/ac. Irrigated yields will also be lower this year the question is by how much.

  • 8/13 - Kent County, Ontario, Canada: Timely rains here, there will be lots of 200 plus corn here.


  • 8/13 - Fayette, Ill.: I’ve been shucking corn for cows, found some in low spots in fields, up ground 0.beans 8-12 in high. Beans have very few pods, turning white. I’ve been shucking corn by hand. I will run the combine later on. We need something, the bills keep coming.


  • 8/13 - Trumbull County, Ohio: 5 townships, all look good to very good. Corn should make150-200bu. Soybeans will be 45-55 bu.


  • 8/13 - Fulton County, Ill.: I had 1.7 inches in June, but have had not one drop of rain since June 20. I hve superb ground and hope to make a 110 bushel per acre. And I say hoping.


  • 8/13 - Jennings County, Ind.: These ears all pulled from the same field fairly close to each other. Planted May 20 was a little dry at times but overall had enough water. From the road field looks wonderful. I don't know what to expect for a yield. To much heat.

    8 13 12 IN corn

    -- Jennings County, Ind.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 8/13 - Chickasaw County, Iowa: Lots of variation from great 180 bu to horrible (no ears-no bu). I would say 100 bu will be great corn this year for an average!! This year will be it is better to be lucky (rain) than smart.


  • 8/13 - Rowan and Cabarrus counties, North Carolina: Got 1.13 inches last night and that is the first time since May that I have received over .30 in 24 hours.  We have been running mostly around 95 to 98 degrees and it is brutal.  It was 102 the other day while I was branding Brahman bulls and between the fire and the heat I am not sure which was worse. I turned in some silage to insurance (was late on some) and the "idio_s" told me to leave strips (not possible when using pull type chopper and wagons). Do not know what I will end up with. Two years ago got 786 bushels on 100 acres but last year made about 100 bushels per acre.  That is good in this area for dry land  (irrigation does not work red clay and no source water available). The year I got 786 bu. I got paid $30,000 and it cost me $68,000 to buy enough corn to feed the cattle.  No creeks running, one spring still going and the pond has not flipped yet this year. Sounds like out west but we have not had big fires. (aerator caught 90 acre field on fire here in dry is that?)  Thanks for letting me vent. 


  • 8/13 - Northwest Indiana: Most of the year we were a garden spot ,but the heat really took a toll. Sand corn is maybe 30 or 40 b/a and the better ground is off at least 40 percent of normal. I thank the Lord for what he has given us. I also thank for the drought because it shows that He is in control and no one else ( Amos chapter 4). Let us bend our knee to the Lord Jesus Christ not Mother Nature or our father who art in Washington and maybe He will send the rain next year.


  • 8/13 - Redwood County, Minn.: Did yield check 100-145 bu/acre on the good ground 0-25 on the nodes. Have areas of flattened corn from wind. Undetectable from road. Stalks are broke. Will be difficult combining. Beans will be 35-40 or better if it rains soon. They have stopped blossoming even after .5" rain.


  • 8/13 - Scott County, Mo.: Combined 220 acres before yield monitor hit 100, averaging upper 60s. About a third of where it should be. Beans had looked ok until 2 days when they started showing real stress. If it don’t rain in the next 3 or 4 days beans will start to go backwards real fast. only 20% chance of rain in the next 7 days. The only thing growing is the pigweeds. Good luck to everybody and please be safe.

  • 8/10 - Ballard County, Ky.: Have shelled 340 acres. Planted Dekalb 63-87 early and thought would make 80. Averaged around 50 and is light on test weight. Heat did a lot of damage. People are estimating high. Combines will tell real story.


  • 8/10 - Hancock County, Iowa: Had the crop insurance adjuster out today to adjust corn for silage. One field was 23 bpa the other was 75 bpa.


  • 8/10 - Richland County, Ill.: We’re 4 mi. west of Olney. Since May 5th 1.87" in 17 measureable rains. 1000's of acres corn under 5 bpa. If no rain beans under 15 bpa. Guess I hadn't seen everything in 60 years of farming.


  • 8/10 - Stearns County, Minn.: Just did a yield check 244 bushels per acre. Corn is just starting to dent.


  • 8/10 - Loess Hills, Iowa: Just east of Omaha, Iowa side of river in Loess Hills . We have had no rain since June 12th. Early harvest corn running 40 to 60 bushel below anticipated, very low test weights and half of our normal yields of 200. Cannot understand drought maps. If this isn't exceptional I don't know what is. We need a good low pressure system out of Kansas to break this up.


  • 8/10 - East central Iowa: This is what raking hay looks like in a drought year. Videos courtesy of scotthinch’s YouTube channel.

  • 8/9 - Putnam County, Ohio: Just had crop insurance adjusters out to look at corn that will be going to silage. Bad, bad, bad!! One field estimate at under 25 bushel/acre, another at around 40. 50% of stalks with no ears on them. Beans look decent but need rain like everything else.


  • 8/9 - Knox County, Ind.: Opened up a field of ours so a neighbor could shop silage. Harvested 8 acres and made 5 bpa. Aflatoxin tested 39. Not going to be an enjoyable harvest.


  • 8/9 - Pepin County, Wis.: 9 tenths inch of rain Saturday night. Really helped our corn & beans. Heavy ground crops look OK. Hope for 150 bu corn & 50 bu beans. Lighter ground in bad shape.


  • 8/9 - McDonough County, Ill.: To look at NOAA radar it has been raining all day. Didn't produce enough spit to wet a spider mite. .5 to .7 8/4/12 slowed death of worst beans. Rain total since June 1 = 1.55". Appears to me many acres received this paltry rain amounts. Traders and experts seem to think this soy crop is being saved by recent rains. Nothing has changed for many!


  • 8/9 - Southern Cavalier County, northeast North Dakota: We've had over 2" of rain in the last week, perfect timing for the corn and soybeans but right during wheat harvest and canola swathing. Yield reports for the early spring wheat have been excellent. Winter Wheat was average. Soybeans and corn are looking to be an above average crop if Mother Nature cooperates. Safe harvest everyone! (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 8/9 - Brookston, Ind.: As the crop report is looming, it will probably be the first time in history that we are under the national yield for corn, by quite a bit.


  • 8/9 - Carroll County, Mo.: AgDay National Reporter Tyne Morgan takes us to the Show-Me state where the heat has pushed this year’s crop to be ready a month early.

  • 8/8 - Dakota County, Minn.: We got some timely rains the last two weeks, but our corn crop has tipped back during the pollination period. Beans are holding and should make a good crop.


  • 8/8 - Chester County, Tenn.: Just began harvesting corn, first 65 acres 59bu/ac, next 32 acres 62 bu/ac. The yields should improve somewhat, hoping to average 80 bu/ac across the crop


  • 8/8 - Sheridan County, Neb.: Started harvesting non-irrigated corn August 3rd with my swather. Waist to head high, maybe 5% with small ears the rest of field is barren. All new experience, I've never hayed a corn field before so don't know how rake and baler are going to work. Still letting moisture in stalk dry out-shouldn't take long with 100+ degree heat we get daily. Irrigated looks good but have severe tip back on end of ears.


  • 8/8 - Franklin, La.: Corn is running in record yields. Cut some today that is running in the high 260's. Some of the best corn I have cut. Got on a new field late that going to in the high 280s.


  • 8/8 - Butler County, Neb.: No rain since late June. Beans will be very low yield if any. We all know what the corn is. Never contracting grain again. Never listing to marketers again either. For those of you who think this can’t happen next year I dried up just like this in 2000,2001,2002 and 2003.


  • 8/8 - Knox County, Ind.: I cannot estimate what this corn will yield, but it won't be great.  Only about 40% the stalks have ears on 'em.

    8 8 12 IN corn

    -- Knox County, Ind.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 8/8 - Scott County, Iowa: Finally got brave enough to walk some corn fields and take some yield checks. Unfortunately I started with two corn on bean fields and was very excited. One was at 150, the other 175.  Then I checked three corn on corn fields.... Ugh.  108, 88, and 74....  All five fields have over 200bu APH.  From the road, these fields all look good yet, so I didn't walk into the fields that look bad.
  • 8/8 - Montgomery County, Mo.: No corn yield to report, a lot already silaged or round baled. Beans are dying to dead, will not make anything even if it were to rain 3 inches. Kind of glad it's over now. Getting hopes up then getting disappointed makes it hard on family. Free rain gauge to give away, never used, slightly dry rotted. Am looking for cactus seed.


  • 8/8 - Caldwell County, Mo.: My Amish neighbors cutting siliage the hard way.

    8 8 12 Amish

    -- Caldwell County, Mo.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 8/8 - Hardin County, Ky.: Chopped corn silage 3-4 of August. Yielded about 10-11 ton/acre with very little grain. Adjusters measured for yield 8 August, came in at 10.7 bu/acre. Have had about four inches of rain last 10-12 days. Pastures are greening up and beans taking on new growth.


  • 8/8 - Knox County, Ill.: Got 1.5 inches of rain Saturday. That will help the beans. Corn is 0 to 150 ( I hope!). Long time corn on corn field for silage appraised at 18.6 bu/a. on a field with a ten-year average of 180.

  • 8/7 - DeKalb County, Ind.: Yesterday I was mowing CRP and got brave enough to walk into my corn field beside it. Oh my, ugly , maybe 15 to 25 bu/acre if I can get the midget ears in the corn head. I might use the grain head instead. I was hoping all the rain we got in the last 2 weeks was going to help, but no luck, beans doing better but still poor stands in some fields, could have maybe average yields on some fields but not over all, if we can keep the spider mites under control. Our local dealer stopped by yesterday and said they were spraying for mites, lots of damage in some of the fields, even total lost in a few fields. I guess when its bad, its BAD.


  • 8/7 - Hancock County, Iowa: Checked the soybeans today. We have not had measurable rain since June 20th. The beans have pods and there are beans in the pods, but the pods are flat. Not sure if there is enough moisture to fill the pods or not. Also, had to spray for spider mites a couple of weeks ago.


  • 8/7 - Barren County, Ky.: Our corn is from poor too bad. Silage corn was planted later looking fair. Our beans looking better, getting some rain now. Hope everyone the best. Better luck next year.


  • 8/7 - Hancock County, Iowa: Friday night I received in one rain fall exactly the amount I received in all of July, 35/100 of one inch! Maybe more rain will come and I'll get double July's rain fall :)


  • 8/7 - Hendricks County, west central Indiana: Finally got some rain. Stormed early Sunday morning. We got over an inch on all of our farms. Thank you LORD for the rain!!! Along with rain also got some straight line winds so some corn in the area went down. We had some but not too much. Don't really know how much the rain will help but I'm sure it will some especially on the soybeans. My guess (for what it is worth) is that our corn might make 85 bpa and soybeans around 30. Corn and soybeans are maturing fast. I think combines in our area will be rolling in about three weeks. I was always told not to wish your life away but I will be glad when this crop year is over.

  • 8/6 - Winnebago County, north central Iowa: Rained 9 tenths Friday night.  First measurable rain since June 20th.  Too late to help most corn as it has dented and tipped back by a third or more, and the kernel depth is very shallow. Might help beans a little, but they are 3 weeks ahead of normal too.  The crops are maturing like it is the last week of August instead of the first.  Expecting this to be the worst corn crop we’ve ever had, including 1988.

  • 8/6 - Henry County, Ill.: Rainfall last week-0.55", since June 1-2.20". Received a welcome half inch of rain on Sat., heard of localized totals of trace to 2.50". Daily highs were between 90 and 95 last week until yesterday. I thought that visually the corn in the area took a real beating this week. Beans are setting pods and recent rain should help a little. Lots of spider mites in the area. Cooler weather this week should help cut them down. Third cutting of hay was 50 small squares off of 6.5 acres. Yippee!


  • 8/6 - Cass County, Ind.: Sold more cows last Thursday, I can't see paying 100 dollars for big square bale of not good hay. A life time of cows will be gone soon.
  • 8/6 - Northern Stearns County, Minn.: Crops are looking okay at best. Friday Nights 0.7" should help the corn get to dent stage and beyond and really help the soybeans for now. They are not flowering as much as I would like but pods are filling. Oh well, things look a lot better here than the rest of the corn belt. We feel blessed and we only have 2/3 of normal crop this year.

  • 8/6 - Cayuga County, N.Y.: First 25 days of July, we had 0.15 rain. From then thru 8/5, 2 inches of rain. It may have saved the corn crop and really helped the beans.
  • 8/6 - Pike County, Mo.: Best field I have. Rest of corn might make 70 GPA.

    8 6 12 MO corn

    -- Pike County, Mo.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 8/6 - Georgia: I’m hearing of yields from 250 and even exceeding 300 bushels to the acre. The corn crop here looks to be the best ever.
  • 8/6 - Southern Faribault County, Minn.: June 20th till August 2nd was too long without water! Did some yield checks and came up with a lot of corn from 130 to 150 on the heavy ground and 0 to 130 on the hills. Hopefully with the rain we got now will help with test weight and kernel depth, trying to stay positive! Beans on the other hand have a lot of potential lots of pods and very little disease.20 mi north of us different story, they have caught the rains and are looking at a lot of 200 plus corn yields!!! Thank god for crop insurance!

  • 8/6 - Marshall County, S.D.: Corn is really good for the most part, ours will be average.  Soybeans are looking really good.  Most pastures are poor with grass getting very short and stock dams going dry,  hay crops are half as much as last year at best.


  • 8/6 - East central Iowa: We finally received just under an inch of rain Saturday afternoon (heard of 2-3 to the north). It was the first major rain in 35 days. It should help the beans hold on for a week or so. Should help the corn put on a little test wt. (I hope). I had 30 acres of 10 year cut get rained on and I really couldn’t have been happier (8 acres raked up).

    8 6 12 Iowa puddle

    Pretty sad when we have to take a picture of a puddle! Forgot what they looked like, first one in 35 days. -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 8/6 - South and West of Clinton, Wis.: Siting outside under the house overhang watching a light to moderate rain this Saturday afternoon. Mowed the lawn 3 days ago. First time since Memorial Day. Have had a few rains and everything is green again. Soybeans are over twice as high as during the dry time. More blossoms also. About June 4th before finished planting. Corn was nearly 2 weeks later then everyone else also. Corn now all tasseled out and a lot of silks at the top of what is supposed to be an ear. Probably be over a week before any kind of ear.


  • 8/6 - Southeast Indiana: Cooler temps have allowed yards to green up but corn is 40% of normal. Beans still have chance to be 80% of normal if it rains. Double crop beans finally came up July 23rd after laying in ground for 30 days. South along the river there are some good crops. Corn is getting chopped CRP cut for hay.

  • 8/6 - Cayuga County, N.Y.: Soybean rows not filling out. The corn real short and no ears or tall and small skinny ears. Potatoes are small 3" instead of 4". Tomatoes and watermelons small if you have any! I gave up on my acorn squash.


  • 8/6 - Graves County, Ky.: A month ago my neighbors said I had the best looking corn in our area. We have ears around the edges but nothing out in the fields. The temperature out in the field gets higher and the corn don't germinate. Our beans are not much better. The leaves are turning yellow from like of moisture. They have a few small pods.

  • 8/3 - Sac County, Iowa: Just finished with crop insurance adjuster on 70 acres chopped 101.7 bu./ac.

  • 8/3 - Southwest Morrison County, Minn.: Crops suffering, need rain badly. Looking at maybe 2/3 of normal yield this year and that is if it rains tonight like they are predicting. Liquidating the rest of my hogs today. Cattle go next week.


  • 8/3 - Rapides Parish, La.: Pulled 1 hopper of corn 8-2. Moisture 16.5%. Feed mill won't take until below 15.5%. Still few days off. Hearing reports of milo yielding 115-130 bu. No reports on corn yield yet. Would say corn will be avg. to a little above avg. Beans look very good. Heavy pod set. Keeping an eye on Gulf for Ernesto. Don't need a storm here during harvest. Good luck and be safe!
  • 8/3 - Meade, Kan.: Corn and beans real good here. Had timely rains all summer. Irrigated corn should average 240 to 280 bpa and beans around 60 bpa.

  • 8/3 - Jackson County, N.C.: Corn silage is 10 -12 tall and green need rain to make a good ear as tasseling now. Hope someone will need it.
  • 8/3 - Montgomery County, Ill.: Soybeans got a lifesaving drink of 1" to 2" of rain Thursday evening from a local pop up thunder storm. It was the first significant rain since early June! We need another soon, but thank the Lord.


  • 8/3 - West Plains, Mo.: After a good inch and a half rain early Thursday morning my hay field looked a little greener (fingers crossed). As for my corn field, it is dented and dry and I'm gonna start picking next week. We figure somewhere between 40 to 50 BPA. Looking at cash bids for grain today I should make enough to buy a steak dinner LOL!!
  • 8/3 - Scott County, Mo.: Combined some 16% corn today. Averaged 47bpa. I might have beans that will bushel more than that. Only using one truck. Not many trips to the elevator.

  • 8/3 - Christian County, Ill.: Looks to be the garden spot of central Illinois This field yielded 249 and 251, 10 year average 192, crop advisor estimated at 152 today 10 miles south in Montgomery county 10 year average of 168 estimated to come in around 90 10 miles south of that some corn has already been destroyed with zero yield


  • 8/3 - Seneca County, N.Y.: Got 2.13 inches 2 days ago. A little late for this field. 2 1/2 feet tall. I'm going to flood the market with baby corn.

    8 3 12 NY corn

    -- Seneca County, N.Y.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 8/3 - East central Missouri: Zero corn. Corn fields being silaged and round baled. Heard one guy used combine w/grain platform to cut/crimp and windrow it for baling. Don’t understand the hay shortage for cattle???  Seems there’ll be more than ever! Smells really bad around here. Like spoiled rotten hay/silage. Soybeans are dead in weak spots. Good ground beans will die next week . 108*!! Even waterhemp is showing slight stress! I’d take 1988 over this!

  • 8/2 - Giles County, Tenn.: SDS showing up in our early planted irrigated beans. We’ve never had any before. Really need them to max yield to help carry the load.

  • 8/2 - Scott County, Mo.: Started combining corn today. Yield monitor showed from 7bpa to 137. With a 68 bpa average. My ten year average for this same farm is 165. Beans are still green but not growing. What a year.


  • 8/2 - Europe: This picture is from northern Italy.

    8 2 12 Italy corn

    -- Northern Italy

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 8/2 - East central Iowa: Here are my crop adjusters giving me some yield estimates. We haven’t had a significant rain since late June. Video courtesy of scotthinch’s YouTube channel.

Crop Comments from Corn College: The following videos are from Farm Journal's 2012 Corn College and Soybean College events in Coldwater, Mich.

  • Pennsylvania Crops Average to Above Average This Year: First-time attendees at this years soybean and corn college talk about timely rains in Pennsylvania and what they learned at these events.
  • Young Farmers Share Their Top Tips from Soybean College: Brothers Ed and Joe Wisneski from Kinde, Mich., and Curtis Simmons, North Branch, Mich., discuss what they’ve learned during the 2012 Soybean College with Kip Cullers, soybean grower extraordinaire from Purdy, Mo.


  • Indiana Farmers Deficit Moisture and High Temps Cause For Concern: Tom Miller and Drew Freed talk about this years hot temperatures and lack of rain in Indiana and how everyone can benifit from this years Soybean and Corn College.


  • Retailers Master the Basics at Corn College: Attendees at the Michigan Corn College event for retailers share what they've learned.
  • Michigan Retailer at Corn College for Refresher Course: Trev Clayton is with Syngenta and attending this year's Retailer and Consultant day at corn college. Trev also gives a drought update from Michigan.

  • 8/1 - Johnson County, Mo.: Started shelling corn yesterday, making about 35 bpa. I think this will be our best corn.

  • 8/1 - Clay County, Ind.: Walked an 80 acre bottom land field pulling stalks for nitrate levels to see if ok for silage, that’s the only thing it is worth, about 50% have big cob with about 15 kernels, the rest have nothing. Soybeans looked good till this week pods are aborting and leaves are turning yellow. Ponds are dry we are hauling water to cows.


  • 8/1 - Butler County, Neb.: For the most part pretty decent. I would say Dry Land back 25-30% from last year, so about 100bu, Irrigated back about 10-15%, so about 200bu. We do have some CRP acres that won't make much of anything. I can find you a real dry spot and send a picture but that has been done to death.
  • 8/1 - Reno County, Kan.: Only nine inches of rain this year in Reno County.  There will be no soybeans or milo harvest here this year.  

    8 1 12 KS soybeans

    -- Reno County, Kan.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 8/1 - Vernon County, southwest Missouri: Looked at beans this afternoon. Beans planted the 1st week of May are double digit zeroes! Will be shelling corn next week. Some of the last few days of March corn is already being shelled. I’m hearing 30 to 70 bu acre, and the later corn is only going down after that. I expect 15 bpa to 50 bpa.


  • 8/1 - McHenry County, Ill.: Here is a picture of a corn field of ours. Very sad.

    8 1 12 IL corn ears

    -- McHenry County, Ill.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 8/1 - Europe: The corn in Germany and Austria looks good. The corn in northern Italy is fried unless it is watered.


  • 8/1 - Lancaster County, Pa.: Talked to three farmers in various sections of our county yesterday. The expected yields for corn range from 160 to 240 bu. ac. silage corn will be well over 20 tons per acre. We’ve had 5 in. of rain in last two weeks, pollination good to excellent.


  • 8/1 - Jackson County, Minn.: Too hot and too dry for too long. Corn ears tipped back an inch or two.  150 will be the max farm average, expecting less. South half of county caught a few more rains but the heat still did its damage. Had .85 inches rain last week, should help the beans, which are currently very short on pods.  We will make a crop but its still a poor one.


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