Oct 2, 2014
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January 2013 Archive for Machinery Journal

RSS By: Aimee Cope, Farm Journal

The Machinery Journal blog is your place to find the latest machinery updates, industry news, and interesting tid bits.

Ford’s Big Truck Unveiling at the Detroit Auto Show

Jan 17, 2013

 In the past Ford’s unveiled the Tonka and the Super Chief as design concept trucks, and earlier this week Ford showed off its latest prototype pickup–the Atlas.

As many are reporting, this is Ford’s way of showing what the next pickups could be while also receiving reaction from its customer base. The Atlas looks like a next-generation F-150 and is outfitted with new technology, features and drivetrain enhancements.  

Click here for a graphic of all the key features.

The Atlas is powered with the next generation of ECO Boost for higher capability and improved fuel economy. In the past two years, Ford has sold 250,000 ECO boost equipped F-150s.

The truck’s bed features multiple integrated tie-down points along cargo box walls and load floor. There are also 110-volt electrical outlets in the cargo box to charge power tools. An integrated roof carrying system and hidden extendable ramps give the truck farther-reaching carrying capacities.

Video tour from Ford (no audio)


A technology for towing, the new Dynamic Hitch Assist showing visual cues in the truck’s center display screen to line up the truck’s hitch and trailer coupling. Trailer Backup Assist allows drivers to back a trailer with the twist of a knob.

A Ford truck first, 360-Degree Point-of-View Camera gives a bird’s-eye view of the truck to help position the vehicle in tight places or when there are obstacles near the truck.

LED lights are used for the headlamps and taillamps as well as in the cargo box and side mirrors.

Here’s a video news Report from Fox News.


And for more photos, here’s Motor Trend’s Report with 67 images. 


Excavating World War II Planes From Burmese Mud

Jan 14, 2013

 This is a story that belongs in a book or a movie. It’s been a nearly two-decade personal mission for David Cundall to find and recover possibly dozens of rare Spitfire airplanes.

The planes were shipped from England during World War II, with each piece waxed and wrapped in greased paper and then tarred to protect against the elements. Reportedly, the planes were buried In August 1945. At that time propeller planes were being phase out with jet-engine designs, and the British forces didn’t want the planes to come into possession by the enemy.

The project to locate and excavate the planes was reported back in April, and now they have confirmed finding a crate with Spitfire parts. However, it is submerged in murky, muddy water. The main focus of the team's efforts is a site close to the runway at Rangoon international airport in Burma.

The team is using a JCB  20-metric-ton JS200 tracked excavator, a 22-metric-ton JS220 tracked excavator and a 3CX Eco backhoe loader to complete the job. The machinery is being provided by the company and its dealer in the country.

The Spitfire Mark XIV planes are rare in that they used Rolls Royce Griffon engines rather than the Merlin engines used in earlier models. Production of Spitfires ended in 1947 with more than 20,000 made, but only 2,000 had Griffon engines. Griffon-powered planes could reach 440 mph with 2,050-horsepower engines.

Read more here and here.

Remote Control Skid Steer

Jan 10, 2013

 It sounds like something that was under the Christmas tree that you saw opened by the little machinery fan in your family, but Bobcat has made the full-size remote control skid steer a reality. It’s not a toy, but rather a system to improve labor efficiency and safety.

The company says the system was developed for applications such as operating planers and wheel saws; one person helps guide the placement of the attachment using hand signals, while the other operates the loader. And the operator is exposed to noise and dust created by the attachments.

Instead, the Bobcat Loader Radio Remote Control System offers a method of loader operation, with a remote control. A control box is attached to a harness warn by the operator who can stand away within viewing distance of the machine but outside of the work area

The company has a list of approved environments for using this technology and includes military applications, concrete applications, demolition, highway and asphalt planing, fire breaks, stump removal, poultry barns, shipping yards, nuclear power plants, foundries, mining, chemical plants and municipalities.

The system is compatible with more than three dozen approved loader attachments.

The remote control transmitter has a battery life of up to 15 hours, and it is installed with a safety feature so that if it’s tilted more than 45, the loader engine shuts off.

You can find out more here: www.bobcat.com/remote

Ag Connect Extends Early Bird Discount

Jan 09, 2013

 Ag Connect Expo & Summit is organized by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) to be a different kind of show for agriculture. And one way that impacts you as an attendee, is the necessity to pre-register for the event.

AEM has extended its early bird offer for registration up until Jan. 18. Attendees who register by that date will save 30% off badge fees for registration, education and local tours. This event is scheduled for Jan. 29-31, 2013, at the Kansas City Convention Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

Attendees may register online or by calling toll-free 866-229-3691 (Intl +1 301-694-5243) from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. The official registration form may also be downloaded from www.agconnect.com and faxed or mailed in.

Join Missy Bauer in Kansas City at Ag Connect 2013, where she'll present a Corn College Planter Clinic to get you and your planter ready for this spring. 

Taking place Wednesday, Jan. 30, Bauer will walk through the top tips to get your planter in shape for the coming year. With live demonstrations and row units from the major brands of planters, every attendee should have take-home lessons to lead to more bushels.

Click here to register for Ag Connect and the Planter Clinic.

To attend this planter clinic, farmers need to register for Ag Connect and then select the Planter Clinic found in the education section.  

Click here to learn about all of the Farm Journal Media Education Sessions at Ag Connect. 

Ag Connect has also teamed up with the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) to honor the "best of the best" from among the products selected by ASABE for its annual AE50 awards. Producers will have no problem finding the more than 150 new products and technologies that exhibitors plan to display at the upcoming AG CONNECT Expo & Summit 2013, thanks to pre-show and at-show efforts to help attendees locate new products on the show floor.

As part of AG CONNECT’s New Products & Technologies Program, attendees may preview new products online and create a personal show planner to keep track of exhibitors they want to visit. 

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