Jul 13, 2014
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Farm Journal Pulse 2012 Results

FarmJournalPulseYou're invited to be part of the heartbeat of our new national producer panel that speaks up and speaks out. Participating is as easy as answering two quick poll questions per month via text message from your mobile phone.

The Farm Journal Pulse polls farmers and ranchers for their straight-from-the-farm opinions and crop progress updates. By partnering with Commodity Update, the leading provider of agricultural information to mobile phones, Farm Journal sends you the question via a text message on the first and third Wednesday of each month.



2012 Farm Journal Pulse Results

Click the map to see full results.

What’s your expectation for Ag economy in 2012 vs '11?

1 4 12 Pulse

Based on USDA's reports will you change planting intentions?

Pulse 2 16 12

How much of your 2012 crop inputs are locked in? 

Pulse 3 22 12

How old is your primary planter?

Pulse2 16 12

What is the highest cash rent per acre you pay?

pulse 030812


What is your primary source of nitrogen?

Pulse 3 22 12


How much of your 2012 corn production is sold or priced?

Pulse 4 5 12


Where should infrastructure resources be put?

Pulse 4 19 12


What percentage of your corn is planted?

fj pulse 050312


What's the biggest challenge for your farm operation?

Pulse 5 17 12


Which most impacts production agriculture?

pulse 060712


What is the average price per bag you paid for corn seed in 2012?

FJ Pulse 6 21 12

How concerned are you about weed resistance?
Pulse 7 6 12


What is the condition of your corn crop?

Pulse 7 19 12


What do you estimate your average corn yield be this year on your farm?

Pulse 8 2 12


Who do you think will win the Presidential election?

Pulse 8 16 12


Would you support a waiver of the ethanol mandate due to 2012 drought concerns?

9 6 12 Pulse


When do you plan to purchase your seed corn hybrids for 2013 crop?

Pulse 9 20 12


Do the benefits of oil / natural gas production in rural America outweigh the negatives?

Pulse 10 4 12


Who will you vote for in the 2012 presidential election?

Pulse 10 18 12


What new technology are you hoping for this Christmas?

Pulse 11 8 12


When do you expect to receive a crop insurance check for your 2012 crops?

Pulse 11 21 12


What are your planting intentions for corn for 2013 vs. 2012?

PUlse 12 6 12


How many generations are actively involved in your farming operation?

Pulse 12 20 12






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Fill out the form below to become a part of the Farm Journal Pulse. Or text the word "Pulse" to 46786. There's no charge, but as always, any text message fees in your phone plan apply. If ever decide to stop being a Farm Journal Pulse panel member, just let us know and we'll remove you from the group.

if you have suggestions of questions you'd like us to ask the national panel, e-mail FJPulse@farmjournal.com.

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