Apr 20, 2014
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In the Shop


By Dan Anderson

  • Use a Volt/Ohm Meter
    Tis better to learn to use a volt/ohm meter than to curse a dead circuit, but many farmers are not adept at using volt/ohm meters and multimeters to test electrical circuits.
  • In the Shop: School of Hard Knocks
    Dan Anderson: Learning from my own mistakes has been a key element in my ongoing education as a mechanic. Such as …
  • In the Shop: Hot Torch Tips
    Used correctly, a torch is a precision tool with multiple uses.
  • In the Shop: Tricks and Time Savers
    There are dozens of tricks to save time, effort and money when making repairs to farm equipment. Here are a few of them.
  • The Cheap Way to Fix High-Tech Problems
    Before wasting money or profanity at a frozen screen or warning code that won't go away, try these simple steps that sometimes cure high-tech problems.
  • In the Shop: Jobs Without Flip-Flops
    Dan Anderson thinks our society may be under-valuing educations in technical trades, when in fact they are stable careers. What do you think?
  • Tarp Straps, Duct Tape and Zip Ties
    Some fixes should only be temporary. Dan Anderson reviews what not to do when fixing equipment.
  • In the Shop: Dealing With Diesel
    Home-brew winter-grade diesel fuel to lower the cloud and gel points.
  • The Rules of Roller Chains
    When is a roller chain worn out? Farm Journal's resident mechanic tells you how to check for chain wear, and offers tips on extending chain life.
  • In The Shop: Roller Chain Rules
    According to manufacturers, a chain should be replaced when it measures 2% longer than its original length.

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Meet Dan Anderson

Dan Anderson close

Dan Anderson brings his vast knowledge of farm equipment, technology, machinery repair and field operations to Farm Journal readers with his column, "In The Shop."

Dan’s first freelance story appeared in Farm Journal in 1986 and he signed on as a contributing editor in 1992. Over the years, Dan has written about everything from wind and hail patterns to farmers who race stock cars in their spare time.  

Dan and his wife, Becky, live in rural Dallas County, Iowa. Contact him at xrdan@netins.net.


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