Farm Journal: February 2017

Magazine Features


  • American Countryside: Flip This Town

    Most small towns in America are plagued with empty storefronts and a loss of historical significance. 

  • In The Shop: Ugly Repairs That Do the Job

    It’s always best to use new parts and prescribed techniques when making repairs to farm equipment, but let’s be honest, there are a few times when new parts aren’t available, rain is in the forecast and “creative engineering” is the only option. 

  • Big Policy Decisions Ahead

    The goings-on surrounding the new Trump administration have dominated most of the recent discussions about agricultural policy. 

  • Outlook: Corn Set for Opportunity in 2017

    Winter still has a grip on the country, but thoughts are already turning to spring and summer markets. 

  • Straight From D.C.: Issues Leading to the Next Farm Bill

    Even though it feels like the previous farm bill just passed, you should know work is already underway to assemble ideas for policy or program changes for the next one. 

  • Machinery Pete: The Limbo Bar Rule

    What gives? As I mentioned in my January Farm Journal column, the last couple months of 2016 I saw very strong auction prices on most all used farm equipment in good condition. How’s that possible, you ask?