Oct 2, 2014
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By Bob Utterback

  • Outlook: A Long Hard Grind
    The bear is awake and has sent prices well below many farmers’ production costs. The issue is not how deep the correction will be, but how long it will be!
  • Outlook: Carry is Back in the Game
    Spring has sprung and farmers are wrapped up with the hectic pace of planting. Don’t get so distracted with planting activity, though, that you miss marketing opportunities.
  • Defend the Yield Potential
    I enjoyed speaking to several of our Farm Journal readers this winter. It appears many farmers sense a storm is coming; will it be a soft summer rain or a full-blown spring tornado that destroys everything in its path? We need to watch these three dominant macro events for all ag commodities.
  • Outlook: Offset Emotional Marketing
    It’s important to decide how you’re going to handle this year's challenges before they occur.
  • Outlook: Hold Tight to Profits
    We started 2014 with extremely frigid temperatures in the Midwest. While it could be killing bugs and even having a positive impact on soil composition and moisture conditions, I have to say Mother Nature is pushing the norms.
  • Outlook: Bring Your “A” Game
    From the Renewable Fuels Standard to risk management, it's time to get serious about developing a marketing strategy for this year.
  • Outlook: What Could Be Next?
    It has been a long way down from the August 2012 corn and soybean highs.
  • Bob Utterback: The Marketing Tables Have Turned
    How low do prices have to get to reignite demand and curtail future production?
  • Utterback: Harvest Moves Ahead with Higher Yields
    Seasonally, this is when the bin doors shut and the market tends to move higher, but we may not see that this year. Bob Utterback explains.
  • Utterback: What Will Spring Bring?
    Farmers are anxious to begin spring planting, but “hope” is now the predominant emotion driving grain marketing plans.

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Meet Bob Utterback

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Bob Utterback is the economist for Farm Journal magazine and president of Utterback Marketing Services, Inc. located in New Richmond, Ind. He has over 27 years of experience analyzing ag commodity markets, with special emphasis on the corn and soybean markets.

Contact him at utterback@utterbackmarketing.com.


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