Sep 22, 2014
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June 2009 Archive for Crop Comments

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Read the latest crop reports from the fields across America! Also, submit your own comments.

May Crop Comments

Jun 02, 2009

Use this link to send us your comments about the crops in your local area.  Be sure to send us your photos and videos! Comments will be edited for brevity and clarity.

What's happening in your fields? When will you start planting? Will your crop mix be the same as last year? Send us your photos and video! (Please keep your comments crop-related.)

Here's a sampling of what some folks are saying:

  • 5/29 - Walsh County, Northeast North Dakota: Started seeding on Fri. May 21, ground really not fit to seed into, but it went ok.  Many farmers got going about the same time around here.  Sat. and Sunday were good, then a big rain on Memorial Day, from 2 to 4 inches.  We might get going again by June 1, if we don't get any more rain.  Much of the northeast quarter of the state will not get seeded.  I went to Fargo this week; drove past miles of corn fields where the stalks had been burned off, and nothing else done with the ground. Our farm is about 11% seeded, many neighbors are less than that, some have more. Big question in this northern part of ND is “how late do we dare seed before the fall frost kills an immature crop?”

  • 5/29 - Cavalier County, North Dakota: It’s been a cold and wet spring with only 3-4 days fieldwork last week followed by 2-4 inches rain Monday! Nothing done since then! Crop insurance deadlines are fast approaching....I think there will be lots of Prevent Plant here. Some areas of the county haven't even had a chance to drive in their fields let alone carry machinery. The wet conditions which began last fall along with the colder than usual winter has frozen the ground to a depth of over 8 feet.  This doesn't let any precip flow thru so any additional rain has to evaporate. Tough to do when day temps only reach the 50's! C'mon Summer!!!! 
  • 5/29 - West Tennessee: Preventive planting insurance will be a player here. Insurance Formula --- Largest corn crop in last 4 years minus 09 planted corn acres = preventive planting corn acres which = about $260 an acre to leave land idle. 

  • 5/28 - Putnam County, Illinois: We are about 65% planted on corn and no beans planted. I have some IL River bottom ground the IL river has been at flood stage or over for almost 90 days. It takes about 20 days after the river goes below flood stage before you can even start to think about planting. The rest of our ground is better drained and planting conditions are fair to poor. I love farming and the land God has given us this is a year where our faith is tested and trust is essential. 
  • 5/28 - Lancaster County, Nebraska (Lincoln Area): All corn and beans planted. We are about 5" behind normal precip. since Jan. 1st but have good subsoil due to very wet fall, but sure could use a good soaker. Some areas nearby did get nice rains last weekend but very spotty. Corn stands are excellent with perfect planting weather, beans up and going with adequate stands, no-till was a challenge getting through last years heavy corn stalk residue.

    The small amount of wheat in the area looks good with little disease due to lack of moisture, pastures and grass hay will be short, 1st cutting of alfalfa is up. Potential for good crops but as always rain makes grain in this area (no irrigation).

    Will start posting corn today and will be knee high by June 1st. 
  • 5/28 - Ottawa County, Northern Ohio: To the person from Ontario, Canada – We receive $2.00 premium for our IP soybeans. All of our corn and soybeans are planted. We had heavy rain today hope the beans will come up alright. Good luck guys! 
  • 5/28 - Western Kentucky: From Marion to Princeton through Wallonia to Hopkinsville, then north to Henderson and then east to Owensboro there are very few cornfields and of those, there is very little that looks good. The best is in Christian county near Gracey. Most fields have spotty stands, drowned out areas, and are yellow, if they are up at all. Many fields have been replanted at least partially and are just now coming up. There are several stalk fields that look like nothing has been done. Only one planter was running today, near Henderson on the Audubon Parkway, and it rained after I went through. We can still make a crop, if it keeps raining. If it doesn’t get too hot during pollination. If it doesn’t get down from a big wind in September. At least the wheat looks good and the pastures are good.

  • 5/28 - Colorado County, Texas: 3 inches of rain on Sunday.  Corn silking. Such looks good when it's got wet feet.  Not like last year when we had that  for the total crop year.  Hey Nueces County, Know the feeling. Have that happen every year.  This year when corn was 6 inches tall, I had a big cookie cut right through the middle of my test plot.  Between now and the end of school I practically have to patrol the roads to keep the kids out.  Have the sheriff’s office numbers of 3 counties saved in my cell phone.  Hope you find them. 
  • 5/28 - Lafayette County, Wisconsin: We received .5 inches of rain last night. We were lucky enough to have better conditions here than further south in the corn belt. Corn planting started April 16, with that corn 8 inches and 5 leaves. Beans that were planted April 22, are starting trifoliate. Most of the corn and beans have emerged in our area. We started early, because planting conditions for the soil was ideal and it turned out that overall, the stands are very good. Some in our area, that planted the end of April, and worked the ground wet, have some emergence issues but overall crop conditions are good here, especially compared to last year. Local corn prices around $4.10 and beans $10.00...hard to figure out what to do on the marketing end! Gophers and moles did some damage eating corn seeds on the ends, but otherwise, few pests. Good luck to all. 

  • 5/27 - Ottawa Valley, Grenville County, Eastern Ontario, Canada: Corn over 90% planted. Earliest corn is at 3 leaf and is pale because of cool weather and a couple of light frosts earlier this week. Soy planting is probably around 60% complete with lots of IP beans planted this year because of good premiums available. It seems that this part of Ontario is farther advanced compared to the rest of the province. Hopefully our good luck continues. Can anyone tell me what kind of premiums are offered for IP soys for your area? Thanks. 

  • 5/27 - Van Buren County, Southeast Iowa: Finished planting on Sunday. Rained 1.5 inches since. Still quite a few acres to be planted around here. Most of the corn is less than 4 inches tall and very few soybeans have emerged yet, but still seems to be better than last year. 
  • 5/27 - Rock County, Minnesota (southwest corner): We are in fine shape this year as all crops are planted and rains have been just right. Emergence is good and most fields look excellent. Corn is at best 4 to 6 inches tall and beans are just coming out now. Subsoil moisture excellent so should be able to withstand a period of dryness. 
  • 5/27 - Miami County, North Central Indiana (70 miles due north of Indianapolis): Planters have been rolling since last Thursday and most corn is done and a lot of beans in the ground. Beans going into no-til corn stubble has been a problem with lack of drying in those fields. Rain is on the way. 
  • 5/27 - Iroquois County, Illinois: A lot of corn is going in the ground right now. These are the worst conditions I have seen in over 40 years of farming. Everyone is mudding it in to get done and going around wet pockets in a lot of fields. We are going to have to have perfect weather for this crop to be just average.

  • 5/27 - DeKalb County, Northeast Indiana: Finished planting corn on 5/21 and beans on 5/23.  I would consider this area to be about 90 % done on corn and 60% done with beans, but a good portion of that has been done since the middle of last week.  Weather is good today but rain is in the forecast for tonight and all day Wednesday. 
  • 5/27 - Near Mt. Auburn, Illinois: Pam Smith, Farm Journal Seeds & Production Editor: I caught this planter working over the weekend near Mt. Auburn, Ill.  Most of the corn finally made it into the ground over the weekend in central Illinois. These fields don't look like this now though. Memorial Day was one long drizzle--perfect for newly planted fields. I'm guessing 1.5 inches (more in some spots) and that puts us waiting for soybean planting. Farmers tell me they've never seen corn emerge so fast as what was planted early last week--thanks to warm soil temperatures. This field happens to be a twin row plot that is part of a widespread plant density demo being conducted by ChannelBio. Yep--that's a Monosem planter. 

    -- Pam Smith, Farm Journal Seeds & Production Editor

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? Send them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/27 - Frio County, Texas: My friend and neighbor has just plowed under 600 acres of Sweet corn that was very close to harvest. The sweet corn had been rejected by Del Monte foods. Reason, the ears were not long enough to fit in Del Montes' plastic trays used retail the corn. Since when does food have to be a certain size or shape to be edible?  I am sure there are a lot of people that would have eaten the corn and never noticed the difference. 
  • 5/27 - St. Clair/Madison Counties, Southwest Illinois: Varied progress this weekend.  Some planters were put away for the weekend Saturday morning when up to 1/2 “ fell in the middle of the county, while others were able to go until Monday when again varied rainfall fell with totals anywhere from a couple tenths to areas to 4-8 inches or maybe more in some areas of central Madison County.  We have about ½ of our corn in.  Some are nearly done with some barely started and some will have significant replanting to do.  I’d put corn planting at around 50% with a lot of variability as you drive around. Wheat looks decent on the higher ground, but some of the low lying or flat fields are showing some lighter coloring.  Looks like overall a decent crop, but in this area that is on very limited acres.  I’ve heard of a bean field or two planted, but haven’t seen any with my own eyes.

  • 5/26 - West-Central Minnesota: Our story here is the lack of rain. In April we received 3/4 inch of rain. In May we have received 2 tenths of an inch of rain, which has to be the lowest precipitation for this month. Rains have been very spotty, with some areas around us picking up some needed moisture, but everyone is running deficits in precipitation. Take a look at the Minnesota Climate Monitor and it tells the whole story. Except for a few seeds in dry dirt, crops are all emerged and are looking good. 
  • 5/26 - Greene County, West Central Illinois: Baled 1st cutting alfalfa on Thursday the 21st.  The quality was very good with low humidity days and the hot temperatures.  Resumed corn and bean planting on Friday, finishing corn on Saturday and lacking 40 acres of finishing beans on Sunday.  Monday morning it was raining and we received 1.7".  The corn we planted April 9th is knee high with population counts fair to mostly good.  There is still a lot of crops to be planted in the county. 
  • 5/26 - Northwest Minnesota (along Canadian border): 3.5" of rain so far today. Crops are maybe 35 - 40% planted and this will put an end to the 09 planting. Fields were already unfit to plant before the rain. Many hundreds of thousands of acres will go unplanted. 
  • 5/26 - Carroll County, Illinois: Drove from Charleston, IL. to Chadwick (Carroll County). The only corn we saw up enough to see the rows were two fields south of Rock Falls (Whiteside Co) and two fields south of Milledgeville (Carroll Co.)  Then we got three miles east of Chadwick and all the fields were up most of the way home, three miles west of Chadwick.  Carroll Co does seem blessed most years.

  • 5/22 - Fayette County, Iowa: Finished up with soy, changed the planter back to corn to touch up some wet spots.  Have to say, looks like a perfect stand of corn thus far. Couple days ago, we had frost, and that kind of burned the leaves on the corn.  Now that row crops are done, time to set sights on hay making, wont be long and the alfalfa will begin to bloom. Have a safe Memorial Day everyone. 
  • 5/22 - Near Clinton, Illinois: Darrell Smith, Farm Journal Conservation & Machinery Editor: Rotary hoes—sometimes dragged out of weed patches or seldom-visited corners of machine sheds—have been busy the past couple days in central Illinois, as farmers fractured crusted soil caused by last week’s heavy rains.  Here, Bob Kuntz hoes a field near Clinton, Ill., which received about 4.5” of rain.  In some fields, planters were back at work, on the warmest day we’ve seen this spring. 

    -- Darrell Smith, Farm Journal Conservation & Machinery Editor

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? Send them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/22 - Nobles County, Minnesota: Corn & Soybean plantings are 99% complete in SW MN.  Two 90+ degree days with strong winds dried up the last of some spotty wet areas and planters rolled.  Strong (50mph+) winds Tuesday and Wednesday caused some wind erosion on lighter soils that lacked enough residue cover.  Corn emergence is good. 
  • 5/22 - Westminster, Maryland: Pam Smith, Farm Journal Seeds & Production Editor: Tommy Dell, of Westminster, Md., is planting a wheat cover crop to protect the Chesapeake Bay. 

  • 5/22 - Lyon County, Iowa: 98% of the corn is in, 95% of the beans are seeded. Stands on the corn are near perfect, some beans are lying dry. 3.5 inches below normal for the year. 6 tenths total in May so far. Keep reminding myself of the old farm proverb, plant in the dust grain bins will bust!

  • 5/22 - Western Kentucky: We are about 4 weeks behind normal.  If the weather holds we hope to finish by second week in June.  Western KY had rain and/or clouds about 20 days   in the last 30 days. We are still playing in mud in many fields but it is getting better every day if the rain holds off. 
  • 5/22 - St Croix County, Wisconsin: It’s been windy and hot (99 on Tuesday and 97 on Wednesday) cold front moved through but not much rain from this system.  Have corn and beans sitting in dry dirt so we need a rain in the worst way.  Hay has starting showing some signs of life but is lacking moisture.  If it stays like this another long year in from of us. 
  • 5/22 - Livingston County, Illinois: No won't be finished. Haven't started, some field dry on top mud under that and lots of water still standing after that last toad choker. Will try Friday but know it's going be bad. Just way too much rain! 
  • 5/22 - Houston County, Minnesota: Finished our beans 2 days ago. Everything is in record time for us. Timely rains. Warm temps are here and 1st crop hay will be huge. Sounds great, huh? Sat down and penciled out what we can expect next fall for profits on the corn and beans if all goes well. Basically, if we donate our labor there is a profit. Slightly more than renting it out. 50% of our farm is in hay/grass this year. Next year even more goes into hay. Beef herd will grow in size accordingly. Tired of working to make the likes of Con Agra and Monsanto rich.

  • 5/21 - Jefferson County, Iowa:Iowa may have 90% corn planted, but 50% of that went in when the ground was TOO wet. 

  • 5/21 - McPherson County, Kansas: One week of sunshine has improved the wheat condition here in the bread basket of the world. Although the optimistic yield predictions will prove out wrong. Many drowned out spots are showing up as brown or stunted. The fall and spring rains have caused 25 to 40 % loss. Fertilizer is gone due to excess rainfall or was not applied due to the high prices in the fall. The market from my view is bullish as these lower yield reports hit and the value of the US dollar declines. Digger in central KS. 
  • 5/21 - Adams County, South Central Nebraska: Got all our crops in last week.  It has been very dry here this spring.  Praying for rain.  Last couple of days we have had 20-40 mph winds and 88 degrees.  Corn is up and beans are just starting to emerge. 
  • 5/21 - Chippewa County, Wisconsin: 87 degrees and windy so what’s new wind blows everyday corn and beans all in we are dry hay needs rain now we are in an extreme drought tired of hearing complaints of to much rain.

  • 5/20 - Colorado County, Texas: Corn starting to tassel.  Sure is drawing the moisture some cracks forming in the middles.  Hay cutters and balers starting to move.  Waking up to 60 degree mornings and 85 highs.  That will change very soon.  

  • 5/20 - Ramsey County, North Dakota: Farmers are just getting started with everything and it's a rough go.  At least 30% of my fields are too wet to bother with.   Fields look dry but they are not once you get out on them.  We haven't had any warm days to speak and drying is very slow.  I'm using a super coulter to help dry out the land and that is helping immensely. After it sits for a day and a half I can seed wheat.  There will be many fields not planted unless the weather changes overnight.  Standing corn stalks are a big problem and these fields are usually seeded to pinto beans.  If they dry out in time is another thing.  Farmers are burning them off now.  There might be 5% of the land seeded in the area now.  Farmers are forcing in what they can, it's a tough go. 
  • 5/20 - Greene County, West Central Illinois: Rain over Wednesday and Thursday was not too heavy here (1.5 to 2 inches).  Field work started today in spots.  I worked ground after 5 this afternoon and most of the field was about right.  Corn planting is somewhere between 40-60 %.  Some are planting beans and some corn will be replanted.  Five days of dry weather would make a great difference. 
  • 5/20 - Sioux County, Iowa: Most planting done. We need rain. 

  • 5/20 - Northwest Platte County, Nebraska: Corn and beans both done in our area for the most part. Was mostly dry the entire time we planted other than when we received 1/2' of rain. More and more pivots running everyday mostly on beans but now on corn. Been very dry here this spring, only received about 1/2" in March, 1" in April, and only .35" in May so far. Hard to irrigate when the wind is blowing 40+ mph and its 95'F. Wish we could get a nice rain!! . 
  • 5/20 - Madison County, New York: Finished corn last week- Planted all the beans this week (first time we've planted beans). 
  • 5/20 - Nueces County, South Texas: Extreme drought continues. 98+ percent of cotton acres zeroed out. 1.9 inches of rain for the year (9.5 is average). Adjusters are out looking at grain sorghum fields today. How do you forgive someone who drives through your best grain?

    -- Nueces County, South Texas

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? Send them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 5/20 - Tippecanoe County, Indiana: Nice and sunny but 3 days of this does not put us in the field.  It  will be late Thursday for us if we keep up the current drying situation, but just to the North of us there is more good farm ground under water than not .  Who knows when they can get in and then they will be driving around ponds. 
  • 5/20 - St. Clair and Madison Counties, Southwest Illinois: 2-4” the past 7 days have kept everyone out of the field.  However our last rain was Saturday morning and it is drying out.  A gut here or there trying to spray or put NH3 on but it is still plenty wet.  We may be able to work some ground tomorrow and possibly plant Thursday.  Looks like we might get 3-4 days in before rain.  Not a big window but the best one so far this year.  Lots of growth on fields will keep ground wet.  The bit of corn planted the end of April is very spotty.  Good stands on hills, nothing in the low ground.  Not pretty.  Lots of spraying to prepare for bean planting. Wheat looks good, though there is some yellowing in the low areas, but what little wheat is out looks pretty good.  Some fungicide going on via high boy and airplane. 
  • 5/20 - Wash County, Northeast North Dakota: Finally got into the field last evening with a coulter-cutter machine.  It looked relatively dry from the road, and not too bad driving a pickup across some ground....but it was a different story when I got out there with a tractor....made a couple rounds in 4 fields and went home.  Good thing our tractor has triples on it, or we would be pulling it out this morning.  The local coop buried their fert. floater yesterday, took 2 big 4X4 tractors to get it out. 

  • 5/20 - North Central Indiana: Won’t be dry enough to plant till weekend, and looks like we have rain in the forecast for Sun. and Mon. Talked to several growers who have told their seed reps to come get the corn and get them beans. I have backed out on half my corn and if it rains me out for next week what’s left will go to beans. A lot less risk in beans on June 1.

  • 5/19 - West Central Missouri: We had been feeling pretty good about finding a window to plant the last weekend of April, but in this area every acre of corn that was planted the last of April is being replanted.  Downpours and cold weather killed the seed.  We replanted some May15th and should get more replanted in the next couple of days.  No beans in the ground yet.


  • 5/19 - Lee County, Illinois:Some corn in, some emerged, a lot still in the bag. 
  • 5/19 - Van Wert County, Northwest Ohio: We got very lucky last week with only getting one inch and with the weather forecast for a dry week ahead should help considerable. With maybe 20% or the corn acres in and maybe 10% of the beans in, I look for some serious corn and bean planting from Tuesday until either done or rain. Just hope since there is no rain predicted for the upcoming week that we don't start a dry trend. 
  • 5/19 - Kearny County, Southwest Kansas:Wheat crop here is starting to go down hill. We had no winter moisture at all until the end of March. We then received about 2.5" in the part of the county I farm in. This moisture came in about three weeks. Our wheat up until about a few weeks ago was looking good. Our wheat is heading out now or is headed out. Starting to see allot of wheat that won't even head out now due to the drought again. There is allot of sick wheat out here. There is allot of thin wheat, wheat with Barley yellow dwarf and wheat streak mosaic showing up. Now we can't even by a rain out here. To the east of us they have still been getting some rains, but out here we are still in a drought. All of the irrigated corn is up and looking good. We are now waiting on a rain to start planting milo. I thought maybe about a month ago that we had finally broken the drought. Boy was I wrong! The first three days of this week are going to be in the 90's and very windy. Wish we could trade weather with you guys in the Corn Belt. You can always grow a crop with moisture, but you sure can't without it. At least out here it always dries up to get some sort of crop in. Just might not ever rain again though. Good luck everyone and I enjoy reading what is going on in your part of the world! 

  • 5/19 - Southwest of Champaign, Illinois: Darrell Smith, Farm Journal Conservation & Machinery Editor: These photos show some fields southwest of Champaign, Ill., following 6.5” of rain that fell between Wednesday and Friday.  A number of fields in the area had been planted, but most of them had not. In fact, planting was just starting to get going good when the rain moved in.  The landscape looks a lot like it did last year at this time, but last year more fields had been planted before the rain set in.

    -- Darrell Smith, Farm Journal
    Conservation & Machinery Editor

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? Send them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 5/17 - Crawford County, Illinois:  4.5" of rain Wed. - Sat. this past week.  Wish we had sprayed back in March when you could easily drive across a field.  Very little spraying or NH3 application done here, let alone tillage or planting.  There have been maybe 3-4 days in the last 2 months when you might have found somewhere you could work.  Will be at least a week before we can even think about doing anything now, and some forecasts are already calling for rain in 7-8 days, just as it has been all spring.  We need heat and wind to dry things up.  Everyone will push it now and plant under very "un-ideal" conditions.  Corn planting cut-off date is June 10-15.  It's gonna be close.

  • 5/17 - Coles County, East Central Illinois: Water everywhere! 5.25" this week in two rain storms, very little corn planted in the area. What is planted is sick and stunted with bare spots or under standing water. Some was chewed on by hail. Might get to plant in June?

  • 5/16 - O’Brien County, Iowa: Corn here is 95% done, and a lot of guys finishing up beans moisture is good but an inch would be nice, but heat would do us as much good.  I finished up beans Friday 15, about 5 days later than usually. 
  • 5/16 - Logansport, North Central Indiana: 1.8" rain on Wednesday, then 3.5" Fri night/Sat morning. Corn 50-60% done, (first time). Only a few scattered fields emerging. Have so many ponds now that I am afraid we might be accused of waterboarding our corn. Beans I would estimate at 25% done. Gets a whole lot wetter as you go south 75 miles to Indianapolis. 

  • 5/15 - Knox County, Illinois: 2” in the gauge at 10 AM and the worst of the system isn’t here yet.  We got a day and a half of work in on Monday and Tuesday before being rained out Tues night.  That was our first field work of the season.  We’ve historically been done by the 10th of May with both corn and beans.  We’d planned to stop planting corn on the 25th of May, and plant the rest to beans, but we may not even have last year’s bean ground done by then.  This year has created a lot of “helpless” feelings!!


  • 5/15 - Central Illinois: Pam Smith, Farm Journal Seeds & Production Editor: The fields you're seeing lie west of Decatur near Blue Mound, Ill., and I'm hearing reports of 2.5 to 4 inches of rain in this area last night. Farmers had just started to get back in the field on Tuesday. They were mostly trying to do tillage and spraying. Several have told me they knew more rain was coming and didn't want to plant in front of a hard rain. Except for a few scattered fields, nothing has been planted here since the end of April.

    -- Pam Smith, Farm Journal Seeds & Production Editor

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? Send them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/15 - Murray County, Southwest Minnesota: Finished beans here on Thursday with nearly ideal soil conditions. Corn was all in here a week ago. It has had a nice start with several small rains and one downpour that has caused a little crusting concerns. Some early planted fields have emerged and could be vulnerable to this weekend's cold temps. Seems Mr. Gore's comment about the earth having a "fever" has kind of faded into history. Unless this is the "chills."  Better luck to the eastern Corn Belt and hope the weather changes for you. We have gone through that kind of stuff here but we always got a chance to get things in the ground.

  • 5/15 - Poweshiek County, Iowa: After reading all the tough conditions around the country, I almost hate to say we are almost finished planting. We had a 10 day stretch in mid April where we got most of the corn planted and started on soybeans. Then another stretch last week got the bean planting to at least 50% with a few emerged. Corn is close to 100% done in our area and emerged and looking good. We have had plenty of rain but not to excess yet. Looks like a pretty good stretch of weather after today. Hope everyone can get caught up. Be safe!
  • 5/15 - Logan/Champaign Counties, Ohio: Quite a bit of corn in the ground. What is up looks good, some beans coming up. Finished corn yesterday, hope to finish beans next week.
  • 5/15 - Franklin County, Missouri: Five days ago the fields were under 5' of the Meramec River.  I'm glad I didn't rush to plant around the wet spots two weeks ago.  If I get in the field by Memorial Day I will still plant the same amount of 114 day corn and beans.  I was this late last year and made 175 bu. corn (got some July rains) but the river took the beans.

  • 5/15 - Northwest Ohio: Started with corn on May 5, with fields on the bubble to wet. Rained out May 7. Back in on May 12, but still too wet. I planted one and half days, then got rained out. Planted a few beans on Wednesday not good under stalks. Where is the USDA getting its % of planting being done? On the moon?

  • 5/15 - Kankakee County, Illinois: We started planting corn on April 17. We now have maybe 35% of our corn planted, and also maybe 15% of our soybeans planted. It has been very wet all season, with most fields being patched in around wet spots. My guess is that we are close, if not ahead, of our county average of percent planted. We were lucky(?) enough to receive 3-4 inches of rain in the last 24 hours, so we will be out for a while. It might be a good time for a road trip!

  • 5/15 - Hardin County, Ohio: It has been very wet around here. We only get a day or two worth of work in and it rains again. Currently we have 170 acres of corn in and 100 acres of beans, but just in the black ground that is well drained. The high ground hasn't been fit to do anything on. We got over an inch of rain yesterday and last night which was better than the 2 inches plus that the local meteorologists were predicting. There is a chance of rain for tomorrow and Sat. and Sun. When are we going to catch a break and get something done? This is starting to be ridiculous.

  • 5/15 - Green/Rock Counties, Southwest Wisconsin: 0.5 inch of rain last night. The agronomist I talked to this morning told me 60% of corn and soybeans planted thus far. I am quite sure the big dairies will be cutting alfalfa next week to get their five cuttings per year. Early planted corn is up nicely, alfalfa looks great as does the wheat crop. Hope you folks in Kansas and Oklahoma got beneficial rains last night to help your dry conditions, but not the tornadoes that came with the rain. Stay safe.

  • 5/14 - South Central Indiana: Just finished planting corn for the third time.  Because I thought about planting the end of April, but it rained.   Then I thought about first week of May, but it rained.  Now it's the second week of May and it rained!   Still nothing planted here!  Just received 1.6'" of rain yesterday and last night with more rain tomorrow and Saturday.  It will be Memorial Day weekend when we start planting hopefully.

  • 5/14 - Northwest Minnesota: 1" of rain on Wed. and it is 26 above on Thursday. Very little field work done in Northern MN and ND and the 10 day forecast isn't good. There will be lots of Prevent Plant here. 500 - 750,000 acres?? There is just no bottom to the soil and there is still frost in the ground.

  • 5/14 - Mercer County, Illinois: I traveled interstate 74 from the Quad Cities Illinois to Crawfordsville, Indiana last Saturday. Maybe if lucky there were about 20% of the fields planted. Many fields had water standing ... and that was before yesterday's rains. Weeds in Indiana were almost knee high. Monday and Tuesday of this week the planters were rolling and probably helped some but still a long way from done in this area!!

  • 5/14 - Northeast Indiana: Still no field work. Was still a few days away. Got 1.3 in last night more on the way Fri and Sat.  Looks like it will be end of the month now. Corn???????? Looking like beans will win out in this area.

  • 5/14 - Livingston/LaSalle Counties, Illinois: Put on some NH3 on Tuesday.  First time in the field this year.  Saw one other tractor going down the road. NH3 sealed well in most places, still a few wet spots.  Spotty corn planting.  Wheat is growing, most fields with weak spots where water sat this spring.  Wheat fields never have been good, went in wet, severe cold winter, and very wet spring. Alfalfa is growing, getting to bud stage, but fields are too wet to get across. Couldn't have planted oats or alfalfa this spring if I had wanted to. With milk price in the dumper, dairies don't want to pay big money for high quality hay, so will probably focus more on tonnage.  Been a frustrating year so far.  Haven't checked the gauge this morning yet, would estimate 2.5" since early Wednesday.  Been severely wet since Ike dropped 12" last September.  Fearful of weather shift from extreme to extreme.  Be safe!

  • 5/14 - Holt County, Missouri: If we can replant corn next week we will have planted corn 4times and beans twice in the last 25 months. Is it that bad yet in Illinois and Indiana?

  • 5/14 - Hale County, Texas: Finished planting cotton here in Hale County, Texas.

  • 5/14 - Fayette County, Northeast Iowa: I planted corn on April 22nd to the 24th and then the monsoons hit. That weekend we dumped 6 inches. We then got a small window on May 4th and 5th and then another 3 inches of rain. I finished the last 40 acres on the 12th some of which I'm not very proud of but it's rained more than an inch today (the 13th). There is still a fair amount of corn to go in around here but I'd put it at 75-80% done overall. Very few beans planted and it will be at least a week before any gets done.

  • 5/14 - West Central Indiana: Just coming back from adjusting corn replant claims in the Henderson-Owensboro area. Farmers said 50 -80% planted depending on wet soils. White corn struggled to emerge in low wet areas but hilltops were decent. Some spraying with roundup and going to yellow corn. Also had some yellow corn claims and about the same situation. Several spraying but not able to get back into field and threatening  rains will make matters worse. Ohio bottoms are also out now. Traveled down IN-IL line and very little planted even on sand. Now coming back through the middle of Indiana and it appears to be the same. Most don't seem too worried yet as much of last years corn went in after this date but heavy rains coming in today will put several out until the end of the month if we don't get warmer weather. Could be another busy year for crop insurance adjusters.

  • 5/14 - Northwest North Dakota: This afternoon the snow was flying and the temperatures are dropping.  We received a good cover of wet snow, rain and clouds.  This is the winter that never ends.  We grow Durum wheat and do not have a kernel in the ground yet.  Arrgh!
  • 5/14 - Miami County, Indiana: North central part of the state. Eighty-five miles south of the Michigan border. Planted corn for the first time yesterday then eight tenths in the gauge this morning.  Twenty miles north of here  in sandy ground a lot has been planted but our clay soils  are slower to dry. Maybe back at it next week.

  • 5/14 - Floyd County, Iowa: Corn is probably 60% done I have 195 acres yet to go started on April 21 and thought I would have corn and beans done in April but mother nature had other plans. Only had 1 marginal planting day since the 24th of April. We have had 9" of rain since then. Yesterday I seen a few guys trying to go but my not have been a good idea  time will tell the top 2" dry under that wet muck. Then had 1/2" of rain last night again. Calling for rain again on Friday, hope they are wrong and maybe we can plant by early next week.

  • 5/14 - Martin County, Indiana: We have been really wet around here we have only 90 acres of corn planted and it has been under the water twice since planted. Sprayed soybean burndown yesterday and shouldn't have been in the fields we made tracks every where we went. It is raining now as I write so not looking too good as far as making progress anytime soon. Good look to everyone this spring.

  • 5/14 - Livingston County, Illinois: I could have been in field for first time today but 2 inches rain and still raining . More for weekend looks bad for this area!

    -- Livingston County, Illinois

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  • 5/14 - Peoria County, Illinois: I have not been to the field this spring; therefore, I have not been able to any field work or apply fertilizer. I filled eroded ditches on Tuesday and was hoping to plant some corn on Thursday. We have had 1 to 1 -1/2 inches rain since early this AM with severe weather forecast for this afternoon. Possibly, will be planting all beans.

  • 5/13 - Central Illinois: Pam Smith, Farm Journal Seeds & Production Editor: Pam provides farmer reports straight-from-the-field.

  • 5/13 - Marion County, Iowa: Finished up with our corn, most is in and emerging nicely -- area progress is around 90%. We really needed some rain in areas to help the chemicals and corn emerge -- there has been some replant due to crusting. Soybeans around 40% complete in our area -- we just started yesterday after completing some spraying. Things are looking better than they did a couple of weeks ago -- we had some real concern about it being too wet. Good luck to the folks that are struggling to get good weather.

  • 5/13 - Livingston County, North Central Illinois: Very little field work done.  No corn in the ground for me.  Will be switching to all beans. Is raining as I write this.  Will be ten days before I get into the fields with perfect drying weather after this rain.  Corn bu. will not be the record crop for 2009.  Rationing will be the norm for this corn crop.

  • 5/13 - South Central North Dakota: "Pertnear" done with small grain seeding, 35 days since my April 6 post of snowed-in sunflower stalks. Field work started 7 days ago and has gone well with many 20 hr days. We have been safe so far and hope to keep it that way. As you can see by the water in the picture, we have mandatory spring wheat acreage reduction program going on. We will have 15%-20% of our acres unplantable due to excess water.

    -- South Central North Dakota

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? Send them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/13 - Latah County, Idaho: All I can say about this year's planting, "bring back global warming." Our wheat is in the ground and up, but many acres just north of here are not even fertilized. A few acres of peas, lentils, and garbanzos are in or getting ready to go in. Mostly wheat because of CRC. Very late and cold but at least we have moisture.
  • 5/13 - Fort Macleod, Alberta, Canada: Seeding is approximately 30% complete in the Lethbridge area.  Normal around here would likely be 80% or better by May long weekend.  It’s been cold with a fair amount of rain and snow showers.  Canola at $10 per bushel new crop shows the best potential with the balance of acres split between wheat, barley and pulse crops.

  • 5/13 - Mercer County, West Central Ohio: Not much going in ground, still 2 to 3 days away with 1-3" rain in forecast for rest of week.

  • 5/13 - Rice County, Minnesota: Done with beans today. Corn planted on April 16 is 2" and stand perfect. Most corn will be up within a few days. Bean planting went well. Even the wet holes were nice and mellow. No tiles are running in my area so that does not look good for the long haul. Wish we could get a real soaker sent up from Illinois or Indiana. Too much there and not enough here. Time will tell. Had half inch rain on all pre emerge chemicals and now onward to a new challenging season.

  • 5/13 - Grand Forks County, North Dakota: We seeded our first 45 acres of corn. That’s it for about another week. In 2008 we were done planting corn, wheat and soybeans -- this year haven’t even cleaned wheat seed yet to wet. Might plant 20% of our corn if it doesn’t rain again till June. Wheat I don’t know what we will get planted. Will be a lot of preventive plant. I just can’t plant all of my crops in the time that’s left.

  • 5/13 - Lonoke County, Arkansas: The rain is unbelievable!  Our state paper reported this morning that this is the wettest May that Arkansas has had since 1882.  That’s right, the wettest in 127 years, and it is only May 12th. When will the USDA give the crop ratings report?  I can save them a trip if they haven’t been here yet.  The mid-south is the worst I’ve seen.

  • 5/12 - Mt. Zion, Illinois: Pam Smith, Farm Journal Seeds & Production Editor: Remember the photo of the wet field east of Mt. Zion, IL, here it is a week and two days later. Look closely and you'll find corn seedlings emerging, despite the crusty soil surface. Tractors started flying in central Illinois yesterday (Monday), but the weather man is calling for rain again tonight and tomorrow.  Best not get in anyone's way today.

    -- Pam Smith,
    Farm Journal Seeds & Production Editor

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? Send them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/12 - Buffalo County, South Central Nebraska:We couldn’t buy a rain. We haven’t had over .40” of rain at one time since last October.  Our soil water profile would be bone dry if we hadn’t had over 10” of rain last October.  I guess we shouldn’t be complaining, we grew 100% corn for 2009 and got it all in the ground by May 1st. We only got rained out for 2 days on April 18 and 19th.  All but the last field has emerged and the stand is about picture perfect.  I guess we haven’t ever had planting and emergence so good!  Look forward to finally getting some fishing done, which we haven’t had time to do the last couple of years. Only thing we are worried about is going into June without any measurable moisture for 2009 yet; irrigation season will probably start before full tassel if it doesn’t rain around here. I'll post pictures later this week.  Good luck to everyone else who is struggling to get the crops planted.

  • 5/12 - Lebanon, Pennsylvania: Looks like corn crop is progressing well for those that got it in the ground. Here are some shots of three plantings. I am looking at the impact of planting dates.  April 9, April 18 and April 27. The April 9 date has 2.5 leaves the April 18 has 1.5 leaves and the April 27 is at VE.  There is feeding from slugs and we found numerous juvenile slugs as well as feeding from what I suspect as cutworms.

    I will do this again to show the dramatic mid season difference that will exist and then finally the yield differential if any.

    -- Lebanon, Pennsylvania

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? Send them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/12 - Holdingford, Minnesota: All corn and soybeans planted.  Could use a shower to settle to dust and pre-emerge herbicide.  Need some warm weather.  Corn will be coming up later this week or next.

  • 5/12 - Montgomery County, Indiana: Just completed a 971 mile trip back from Granbury, TX today.  Most of the trip through TX was in the dark but they had some pretty good rain NE TX along I-30 and into AR.  AR was wet, wet, wet along I-30 and I-40. Some corn 6-12" tall but needing to dry their roots and pick up some Nitrogen.  The only crops that looked anywhere reasonably good were the Wheat, and what I am guessing was Rice.  A LOT, I would say most, fields not planted.  Since this was my 1st road trip through Arkansas, I didn't know what to expect.  The boot heel of MO was more of the same, very little planted, and a lot of weeds.  IL was wet most of the way but I did see 6 tractors doing tillage in what appeared to be slightly too wet conditions, 3 sprayers, a 2 fertilizer tenders from Arcola to Champaign.  It was about the same East of Urbana with 1 planter rolling.  Indiana had 1 tractor pulling into a field near Veedersburg but I don't know if they were going to try to do anything prior to dark or wait for tomorrow.  Overall, my best guesstimate of planted acres of the potential cropland I saw today would be 15-20% in Arkansas and Missouri, all of which was suffering from wet feet and standing water.  IL and IN maybe 5% is planted with little emerged north of Marion, IL. Wind damage in Marion area was pretty bad.

  • 5/12 - Barnes County, North Dakota: Very little field work done here yet.  One neighbor was combining last years corn but got stuck, another was trying to plant and needed a track hoe to get unstuck and now it is raining and the forecast calls for more rain for the rest of the week.  Looks like a lot of beans will be planted and the rest prevent plant.  Stay safe and good luck!!

  • 5/12 - Jasper County, Indiana: Started with corn on May 4,had 2250 acres in by Saturday night .Have about a couple of days of corn to go and then on to 1000 acres of beans ,if we do not hit to many wet spots.
  • 5/12 - St. Clair and Madison Counties, Southwest Illinois: Fields continue to be wet and saturated and the weeds and grass continue to grow.  Very limited corn planted.  In a 10 mile area around our farm I’d guess maybe 600 acres of corn were planted.  The corn on well drained fields is up, but low lying areas or flat spots have little to no emergence.  A couple of flat fields have nearly nothing up.  Still some water sitting in fields so we are at least 4-5 days away and with rain in the forecast Wednesday, Friday and Saturday prospects don’t look to good.  Last years late planting has had folks somewhat more optimistic and you’ve heard guys say “we’ll we are still way ahead of last year”, but that is getting old and starting to become untrue.  It sure looks like we might be looking at a Memorial Day start time or maybe later.  While planting corn in June last year proved successful, no one wants to try and win the lottery twice in consecutive years.  Even fall sprayed fields are starting to look pretty wooly.  Wheat is heading out and low spots are yellowing.  So far a carbon copy of last year.

  • 5/12 - Tallahatchie County, Mississippi: It's been raining so much in Tallahatchie County that even the armadillos have taken to drinking.

    -- Tallahatchie County, Mississippi

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  • 5/12 - Cottonwood County, Minnesota: Perhaps one of the best planting seasons ever.  The soil was in perfect condition.  We have received 2 inches of rain since the completion of corn and soybean planting.  Best wishes to the rest of Corn Belt.

  • 5/12 - Saline County, Missouri: Well here in Central MO, Saline County, it is cooler and more wet than even last year!  In my particular area there has been some corn planted the last few days but there is lots that was planted earlier that will have to be replanted.  Makes one wonder about global warming.....where is the sun and warm winds?!?!!!

  • 5/12 - Madison County, Indiana: We have not done anything yet.  Only a field here and there planted in this area.  Checked our driest fields this morning and can still make mud balls two inches down.  Last year at this time we had our fertilizer spread, all the corn acres sprayed, and a third of our corn and soybean acres in the ground.  60% chance of thunder showers forecast for Wednesday and change for additional rain Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Doesn’t look good.  Be safe.

  • 5/11 - South Central Iowa: Almost had all of the beans in the ground...and I ripped the marker of the planter with 17 acres to go!  The finish line for planting this year was so close...but I guess it wouldn't be Spring on our farm without a major break down some where along the line!  I guess we have been blessed to have good windows of opportunity between rains so we can get the planting and pre-emerge spraying done.  We are keeping you guys who can't get in the fields in our prayers...things will clear up and you will make it in.  Corn planted April 16th is probably V2-V3 stage and looks pretty good so far.

  • 5/11 - Huntington County, Indiana: So far, we have planted nothing this spring.  For the last few days we have felt like we are a day away from planting but a shower comes through late in the day and the ground lies wet and cold overnight.  Hopefully, we can start later today but they are calling for showers again on Wednesday.  It has been a very frustrating spring so far.   A few neighbors have planted a little corn but probably less than 5% is planted.

  • 5/11 - Rochester Minnesota Area: We have had a great start for corn planting with only a few hundred acres left that we either have a waterway/tile project on or other maintenance we wanted to finish before planting. Earliest corn is up, rowed well from road now even. What we didn't get sprayed looks pretty green suddenly in spots. We planted about 1/3 of soybeans last week and they went in well both conventional and the no-till. Has been raining here, too, last couple of weeks on and off. Some must be very nervous, though.. We had 1.4 inches Friday, and this morning I see a guy had worked part of a field and was out with his no-till drill. I don’t get it...feel like maybe I should offer to help on first day that it's "fit" and do it right. As good as it feels to have some crop in ground; we all know the faith we have in our farms and Mother Nature. Seems things always average out...bad today, good tomorrow???

  • 5/11 - Lyon County, Minnesota: Almost all corn and beans here. Excellent field conditions. Half to three quarters of inch of rain on 8th.Some say the best field condition they have ever had.

  • 5/11 - North Central North Dakota: Ground completely covered in SNOW this A.M. I drove the ATV 34 miles across fields on 7000 acres couldn’t find 20 acres in one spot to work on; we have a real mess on our hands. Need a week of warm windy weather and that’s not in the forecast. Be safe out there!!

  • 5/11 - Jennings County, Southeast Indiana: Another inch and 3 tenths in the last two days. Water standing everywhere.  Still have fertilizer to spread, tillage to do and almost all the burndown spraying before we can plant.  Getting a good enough stretch of dry weather to do it all seems an impossibility right now.  Last year all over again.

  • 5/11 - Gibson County, Indiana: Wet wet. We had a small window where a few acres of corn were planted. No beans. Pasture and grass hay don't grow, too cold. On May 8, we missed a 106 mph straight line wind bullet.

  • 5/11 - Perkins County, Northwest South Dakota: Was finally able to start on spring wheat yesterday. Got 90 acres seeded between showers and today it's been raining steady all day. Lots of standing water again. Next week looks wet off and on all week. Last year was finished with the wheat by the middle of April.

  • 5/11 - St. Mary’s County, Maryland: Had 6.5 inches of rain last four days with marble size hail, will have to replant corn planted on April 14, called insurance for replant.

  • 5/8 - Halls, Tennessee: So far this spring we’ve been very wet.
  • 5/8 - Walsh County, Northeast North Dakota: I burned a wheat stubble field on Wednesday, nearly got stuck with the 4x4 ATV. The straw burned fast and clean, but the ground is even wetter than I realized.  Checked some other fields yesterday.  Under any residue, the soil surface is slimy and snotty wet.  We need some temps in the high 70's, sun and wind, or this corner of North Dakota will be one big prevent plant claim.  These overcast days with temps in the 40's aren't getting us anywhere.

  • 5/8 - Greely, Colorado: Producers have been blessed with abundant moisture this year.
  • 5/8 - Bartholomew County, Columbus Indiana: Another .2" rain overnight on already saturated fields. Forecasting another rain tonight and again on Wednesday of next week. Weeds are the only crop that is growing. Giant ragweed is already over a foot tall and it has been too wet to even spray, let alone plant anything. It looks like it might be a good year to get a few rounds of golf in. Darn, can't do that either with it raining every day. I pray that you are having a dryer early spring than I am.

  • 5/8 - Findlay, Ohio to Dayton, Ohio; Indianapolis, Ind. to Champaign, Ill: Darrell Smith, Farm Journal Conservation & Machinery Editor: Trip report: On Tuesday, May 5, I followed I-75 from Findlay, Ohio, to Dayton, Ohio; I-70 to Indianapolis, Ind.; and, finally, I-74 to Champaign, Ill.—more than 300 miles. Not a single planter or tillage tool was running. Hardly any fields appeared to have been planted.

    On Wednesday, May 6, a visiting relative wanted to see some planters in action. So we stopped by the Farm Journal Corn College test plots at Heyworth, Ill., where the first day of planting was underway. Then we followed I-75 from Bloomington toward the Quad Cities. After leaving the Corn College site, we saw no machinery running until we got north of Galesburg, Ill.

    Between there and Geneseo, planting was underway. Bryce and Jon Chamberlain, of Geneseo, were in their fourth day of planting. By the end of the day, about half of their corn was in the ground.

    However, small showers were sweeping past, mostly to the north. Driving south from Geneseo toward I-74, we soon stopped seeing planters, and we drove in and out of showers until we were southeast of Bloomington.

    Thursday morning, May 6, we drove a few miles south of Champaign. No equipment was running, and we saw no fields that appeared to have been planted. A farmer south of Urbana, Ill., noted: “It’s about like last year except that, last year, we had more corn planted before it turned wet.”

    Tonight’s forecast for Champaign calls for a “60% chance of scattered strong storms.

    Although dark clouds were sweeping across the sky, Jon Chamberlain, who farms with father Bryce near Geneseo, Ill., was able to complete his fourth day of planting on May 6.

    Photo: Darrell Smith, Farm Journal
    Conservation & Machinery Editor

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  • 5/8 - Livingston County, Illinois: Have yet to enter a field this spring.  Had water standing Thursday morning 5-7-09 after one & half inches of rain Wednesday night.  Won't be in the field for at least 5-7 days.  May scrub corn for beans.  The price alone will help make that decision.  If we have a late fall on top of a late spring, the drying bill will be high.  No neighbors in the field either.

  • 5/8 - Franklin County, Iowa: Would say corn is 90-95 percent planted. Early planted fields can be rowed nicely. Have had an inch of rain total on and off all week. We're a good drying day away from planting beans but it looks like showers tonight.
  • 5/8 - Decatur County, Southeast Indiana: We have 10% of the crops planted on April 25 & it's struggling to get up with all the rain.  More rain last night as well as this afternoon again.  It'll take almost a week to dry up after it quits raining.  Still have to do a lot of burn down spraying yet before the weeds get too big.  But we had a lot of good yields last year with corn planted the last week of May, hopefully the weather will cooperate.

  • 5/8 - East Central Nebraska: Almost done planting corn and beans. Could use a good rain for the chemicals. Earliest planting in years, ground is very mellow. Planted some beans Apr. 22, could row them two days ago. Some switching to more beans maybe 5% more than normal.

  • 5/8 - Clay County, Minnesota (across the river from Fargo): Next to nothing planted. Talked to a seed salesman and very little spring wheat seed sold this year. Trying to mud through the sandy soil to plant corn. All the alfalfa around here is winter killed. Lots of beans and PP.

  • 5/8 - East-Central North Dakota: This entire state has lost the 3 prime planting weeks for optimum agronomic opportunity.  We began today with ½ of our seeding power because it is still too early, according to the field conditions, to really go.  Many of our roads are still washed out with access issues a complete nightmare. (remember the Fargo flood issue)  In North Dakota we’re possibly at 1% planted maximum and typically on this date we’d be at 45 to 50%.  Production in this region appears either terribly inferior or doomed to sit out this year and be prevented from planting.  We expect to get at least 55% in total if rains hold off.  Tomorrow the forecast for our region to receive precipitation is 50%.  Good luck everyone.

  • 5/8 - Queen Annes County, Maryland: We started beans & tomatoes 10 days ago but have been at a standstill since may 2nd. Rain everyday has kept us from getting back in the fields. It will be several days of clear drying weather before planting resumes... And we haven't even planted a single seed of corn!

    -- Schmidt Farms, Queen Annes County, Maryland

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  • 5/8 - Renville County, Minnesota: Should finish up soybeans today.  Missed majority of the rains.  Most of the corn in the area is in the ground and seed dealers are sending out beans fast.  Some corn is up and should be able to row it by the weekend.

  • 5/8 - Muscogee County, Georgia: It is going to be while before we plant - anything . Nothing but mud. Last year this time we could not buy a drop of rain.

  • 5/8 - Fayette County, Northeast Iowa: For all the farmers that don't have their corn in yet. I wouldn't feel too bad if I were you, we finished planting corn April 25 into absolutely perfect conditions only to receive 6.5 inches of rain since. The ground is getting hard, every place that can have a washout does and I hope it comes up. Goody, goody, goody.

  • 5/8 - Ottawa Valley, Eastern Ontario, Canada: Rain today has stopped the corn planters. About 50% of the corn in this area planted. Lots of alfalfa winterkill especially down near the Quebec border. Spring wheat was mostly planted April 20-30 and is now up. A few soys planted but not much. Most of the big guys are mostly done corn and the smaller dairy and livestock guys are just nicely getting started. We will probably be delayed for 2-3 days because of this rain.

  • 5/7 - Southwest Ohio: It is a mud hole here again in SW Ohio, just when we had thoughts of planting.  Nothing planted here for 5 miles at least.  Guess we will have to play the bean market.

    -- Southwest Ohio

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? Send them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/7 - Bremer County, Iowa: Finished corn on Tuesday, but have to say the corn planted on the 20th of April has me a bit nervous. It all has sprouts and such, but cooler wet weather may keep
    it from poking thru. We need some nice warm sunny days, Or we will get to plant it all over again.  Pending the corn outcome, ready to plant beans as soon as it’s fit.

  • 5/7 - Northeast Indiana: Was still 2-3 days away from field work. Rains came again 1.4 inches. That might have put an end to corn in this part of the world. Local crop shop said growers told them if it rained Wed. they would be returning corn for beans. Making for an interesting year.
  • 5/7 - Grand Forks County, North Dakota: Still haven't turned a wheel could use a few more days like today finally in the seventies.  I think this is our third day of spring so far.

  • 5/7 - Northwest Ohio: Walked fields today, soybeans going into corn stalks at least a weak away, corn going into bean stubble 4 to 5 days away going to try working deep washouts shut in 3 days providing sunshine and wild blows. Not much going on just too wet.

  • 5/7 - Carroll County, Maryland: Everything including the corn planters starting to line up two by two.

  • 5/7 - Chattooga County, Georgia: Wet here in the mid south…it’s gonna be a week to ten days or longer before we can get back in the field. Wish I had a lot of corn this year, probably gonna be a sleeper.

  • 5/7 - Houston County, Minnesota: It is finally raining here. We were designated moderate to severe drought. To those of you drowning in rain south of us, we feel your pain and hope things begin to look up. We almost finished the corn planting but were rained out last night. Just looked at the radar and saw a whopper out there training along the Iowa, Minnesota boarder. Those are the gully washers for us. There are countless new waterways out there, just seeded down, that won't take much water. We are still trying to repair from the floods last June. No hurry to put in the beans. None planted here yet. The ground is too cold. We have never seen the pastures take this long to recover from winter. They just don't grow. They aren't dead, just cold nights setting them back. Our grain from 08 is still all in the bins. We sit and wait....
  • 5/7 - West Central Minnesota: The spring wheat is starting to emerge and the corn is about 40% in the ground and all planters are rolling. Some beans are going in, but the soil is wet and cold. We’ve been dealing with wet cold conditions in the spring for the past 10 years. It’s no fun, but surface water management is a big part of farming these days.

  • 5/7 - West Pottawattamie County, Iowa: Light showers are keeping us from planting corn this morning.  Hopefully this afternoon we’ll be back in the fields and finish planting corn by Friday.

  • 5/7 - East Central Illinois: Due to the wet weather there has been almost no corn planted in East Central Ill.

  • 5/7 - South Central Indiana: Rain and cloudy here off and on for the past two weeks!  We lack about 60 acres of getting our corn ground sprayed let alone doing any planting.  Have'nt touched the bean ground.  No planting done here other than on the sand.  Raining this morning as I write.

  • 5/6 - Cuming County, Nebraska: Finished planting corn on Tuesday in some less than ideal conditions. Started planting Beans today but rain is on the way once again! The CBOT should begin to rally if they would just take a tour through the corn belt and discover just how much corn is not going to get planted!!!!

  • 5/6 - Grant, Minnesota: Don't know where you info came from, BUT NO 50% corn planted anywhere near here!!  Not even 50% wheat planted--TOO wet and cold!

  • 5/6 - Winnebago County, Northern Illinois: For those who are having such a wonderful year and you’ll be done this week, keep it to yourself! Your sure not helping the markets and YOUR SURE not helping us who are struggling to make it from end of the field to the other! What is planted is sitting in wet concrete!!!

  • 5/6 - Nobles County, Minnesota: Finished up with our corn plot and switched over to soybeans to put in our soybean plot on Monday. We got some light rain last night so we won’t be in the field for a couple of days. Ground is in ideal conditions this year so far.

  • 5/6 - Van Buren County, Southeast Iowa: Wet and cloudy for what seems like weeks. Maybe 25% corn in and very few beans. Very little corn has emerged because of the cool soil temps, need 5 more days of sunshine and warmth to be done.

  • 5/5 - Lee County, Illinois: Started planting corn today, as did most of our neighbors, into lousy conditions. Haven't planted in these kind of conditions in years, if ever. A lot of ponds and totally unworkable ground around the area. Bumper crop or even trend line is totally out of the equation. Oh well with the surplus-no problem. Oh ya as Earl Butz said in the 70's plant er fence to fence boys there'll NEVER be a surplus!! Seems like there always is no matter what.

  • 5/5 - Grand Forks, North Dakota: Still wet with water still over some roads. Finally a nice day today, but we need 4 or 5 more before we plant.

  • 5/5 - Gasconade County, Missouri: Fields in the river bottoms still have standing water from the past week’s rain. But even on the high ground field cultivators are parked but ready to go as soon as conditions dry.

  • 5/5 - Kossuth County, Iowa: Not going to plant any more corn this year! Well perhaps a little sweet corn for us and the 'coons.

  • 5/5 - Kossuth County, North Central Iowa: Going in the ground good here in North Central Iowa, Kossuth County.  Many growers finishing corn and starting beans, slight chance of rain tonight and tomorrow, otherwise should have all planting done this week.

  • 5/4 - Central Illinois: Pam Smith, Farm Journal Seeds & Production Editor: It was a beautiful weekend in central Illinois, but many fields are still saturated and it's not hard to find standing water. I spotted this rig at a standstill east of Mt. Zion, Illinois, on Saturday. We could sure use some warm temperatures to jump start what's already been planted. Cool temperatures aren't slowing the weeds down though.

    -- Pam Smith,
    Farm Journal Seeds & Production Editor

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? Send them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/4 - Coles County, East Central Illinois: Finally got in the field last Sunday evening (April 26th) planted about 74 acres of corn in ground that was still a little heavy in spots and Monday thru Thursday totaled almost 3 1/2 inches of rain. Ponds are full again in the fields. Rain in the forecast Wed. and Fri. so no planting this week or next. For all you people who check satellite pictures to see how many fields are planted and greening up , the green is not crops but are weeds.

  • 5/4 - St. Clair County, Southwestern Illinois: We have just a handful of cornfields planted in this area and none of them are poking through the ground yet.  One of our seed reps believes those fields will all have to be replanted due to the persistent rains and cool weather.  It's raining here again today which isn't anything out of the ordinary anymore.  We have been struggling to get temperatures above sixty degrees since last Sunday.  The fields are very wet with standing water and I would be surprised to see any planting before May 13.  We have hardly any fertilizer down and just a few fields have burn down sprayed.  It's so wet you can't even mow the lawn.  It's hard to believe we are going to be later than last year but what can you do.  Limited sunshine, an abundance of moisture, and below normal temperatures aren't the necessary ingredients to do fieldwork.  We have more rain predicted for this week.  GO FIGURE!!!
  • 5/4 - Benson County, North Dakota: Zero acres seeded!  Won't be any this coming week either with more rain in the forecast.  Wet, cold, wet, cold, wet, cold.  Snow drifts in trees yet. Should have stayed in Arizona until May.

  • 5/4 - Montgomery County, Ohio: We had 3 good days of planting April 25, 26 and 27. 15 – 20% of corn went in, since has rained ever day total of 1.9.” Now it’s hurry up and wait.

  • 5/4 - Northwest Minnesota - Along Canadian Border: Another inch of rain yesterday on top of already saturated ground. Frost still isn't out of the ground. Crystal Sugar had 80 acres out of 500,000 acres planted as of 4/1. Worst planting progress in the history of the company. Looks like a lot of PP here.

  • 5/4 - Mercer County, Ohio: Started some working some ground and putting on anhydrous Sunday, and Monday. Some farmers were planting on Monday. Probably have 1 or 2 percent of corn planted. Sense Tuesday we received 4 inches of rain. Weather man calling for rain the next 7 out of 10 day. Could get interesting. If we get that much rain it will be the end of may before we get in the fields again. Good luck every one...

  • 5/4 - Green, Lafayette Counties, Southwest Wisconsin: Rain has idled most everyone the last two days. Looking for a good weekend (dry). I still remember the good old days when dad was super happy to have started corn by the first of May instead of talking about being done. Sometimes wonder if we are all better off running like a chicken with their heads cut off... Be safe and have a nice weekend.

  • 5/4 - Fulton/Miami Counties, North Central Indiana: Planter still in the shed here.  Out Sunday and Monday eve to spread fertilizer with one tractor and another with disc attached to fill in the rills and gullies from the winter/early spring rains.  Another day or so and we could have started planting in selected areas. Rain on Tuesday and Wednesday will keep us out for at least 5-6 days.  A couple of neighbors have some corn in the ground. We're not down to waxing equipment but it's getting close.  Less than 5% in our area is planted.

  • 5/1 - Logan County, Illinois: Planted 150 acres of corn Sunday and Monday, 2 inches of rain since, will be another week before will be able to think of trying again.  5 to10% planted in this area, most of the ground has standing water on it!

  • 5/1 - Audrain County, Missouri: Heavy rainfall on April 28 and 29 caused some field flooding in the area. Several roads, such as the one below, were shut down for traffic due to water being over the road.

    -- Audrain County, Missouri

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? Send them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/1 - South Central, Iowa: Corn planted on April 16th is up and poking out of the ground.  The corn planted April 23rd has sprouted and isn't far behind and should be out in the next couple of days.  I am pretty pleased with its progress so far.  Planter is set up and ready for beans...sprayer is ready for the bean pre-emerge spray...we just need to dry out some.  We have had plenty of rain over the last week (4 inches).  It would look to be 4-5 days before we can turn a wheel.  More rain looks to be on the way mid week.  We might struggle to get the beans planted again this year.
  • 5/1 - Northwest Ohio: I have not started yet. It was close on Monday. I worked on some wash outs needed 2 more days. Two tenths on Tuesday, 6 tenths on Thursday. Calling for more rain next week. At least inputs are coming down a little. Good luck to all. Looks like very tough year.

  • 5/1 - Posey County, Indiana: Very slow start to Spring.  Many neighbors put in a little corn over the weekend, but less than 10% planted with 1-2 inches of rain on the way this week yet.  3 days of sunny 80+ to get back in the fields.

  • 5/1 - Reno County, South Central Kansas: Started corn last Thursday the 23rd.  Got rained out and have only seen more rain since.  Drizzling today.  I'm guessing about 25% planted in this area which is way behind average.  I also have not been able to burn down fields due to wet conditions and wind and the weeds are getting out of control.  Wheat looks good.


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