Sep 19, 2014
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Leave a Legacy

RSS By: Kevin Spafford, Legacy Project

Kevin Spafford is Farm Journal’s succession planning expert for the Farm Journal Legacy Project.  He hosts the nationally-televised ‘Leave a Legacy’ TV, facilitates an ongoing series of workshops for farm families across the U.S., and is the author of Legacy by Design: Succession Planning for Agribusiness Owners.

Bucket List or Résumé of Accomplishments?

Mar 12, 2013

Apples in Bucket   USDA NRCSFrom Legacy Moment (03/08/2013).
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Bucket lists are for those counting time; accomplishments are for those making time count.

For some, life is measured by checking things off a bucket list. These people seem content being present when things happen. They like to attend spectator events, visit foreign ports and watch shows of interest. They're about seeing and doing. A typical bucket list might include:

• A trip to Tahiti
• Attending the Super Bowl
• Touring the Smithsonian
• Watching the start of the Iditarod

For others, life is measured by achievement, accomplishment and/or experiences. This type of person sets specific goals and then works hard to achieve success. Some goals come at great cost and all have an inherent level of risk. Whether the goal is large or small, this person knows that true satisfaction in life comes from the active pursuit of life-affirming experiences. Life to them is about accomplishment and continual improvement. A list of goals for this person might include:

• Growing the business by vertically integrating the dairy with a cheese processing enterprise.
• Improving the community by serving on the local school board.
• Developing cutting-edge agronomic practices and then licensing the technology.
• Learning a new language and foreign culture to develop export opportunities.

So, a bucket list contains things to see, do or hear—passive and rather sedate activities that feed the soul. Accomplishments are goals to achieve—active, life-affirming experiences with a risk of failure and a reward for success. A good life is built on a balance of both, passive and active endeavors.

For those seeking high accomplishment, invest (your time) wisely.

News & Resources for You: 

Meet a Nebraska farmer who previously spent two decades following her off-farm dreams. As she traveled the world, she learned that growing up in the ag community had given her all she needed to succeed. (Pam Fretwell interview for Consumer Ag Connection)

Have a long-term vision in mind? Make it happen.

Follow your own dreams. Designing a business can be one of the most exciting activities in the life of an agripreneur.     

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