Sep 30, 2014
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Ground Beef at $8 a Pound

Jun 11, 2010

By Steve Cornett  

Another follow-up on grass fed beef, stemming from our ongoing visit about Mark Schatzker’s book “Steak: One man’s search for the world’s tastiest piece of beef.

I promise to get around to reviewing the whole thing one of these days. But for now, here are two excerpts from feedbacks at the Amazon site, both of which strike me as fairly accurate:

“What I found was an excellent blend of travelogue, food writing, personal journal, and scientific discourse. The book is enjoyable from beginning to end. There is an honesty to the writing, suggesting a deep fascination and passion for the subject matter - steak.”—a five star review.

“If we go back 50 years and make beef like this author's pipe dream, consumers will sacrifice the taste and choice and beef value they enjoy today. We don't want to go there. So fire up the grill and enjoy the taste and sizzle of US raised, grain finished, marbled beef! You deserve it!”—a one star review

Same book, two opinions. I like them both.

Why, that’s just like steaks! Some like one, some like another and some like them all. Too bad the book doesn’t admit as much. 

The New York Times gave us another story this week on how there is more and more grass fed beef available in the big city. It includes a couple of quotes of that sort that makes my eyes narrow and my molars grind when I read about grass fed beef.      

“The people who are aware of what they’re eating are realizing things are getting pretty scary out there.” 

And another: “The public now understands a lot more about how industrial meat is produced.”

What you have there is evidence of the old axiom applied by some car salesmen and most political consultants: “If you have something positive to say about your product, say it. If you don’t, say something negative about the competition.”

The first of those quotes is attributed to a guy who with his “life and business partner” plans to market 20 head of Scotch Highland cattle this year in Manhattan this year. The story says their ground beef sells for $8 a pound.

People who can’t afford that should just eat cake, I suppose.

The good news in all this is that good old Texas A&M has actually taken a look at the science of the health claims so many grassfeeders like to make and a recent report reminds us that the FACT of the matter is that grainfed is actually a little healthier, though there isn’t a lot of difference one way or another. All beef is good for you.

I’ll finally get the whole book reviewed.

Steve Cornett is editor emeritus at Beef Today. You can reach him via e-mail at




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