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Sep 23, 2014
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July 2012 Archive for Ag Pictures

RSS By: Meghan Pedersen, Pro Farmer

From time to time we receive interesting pictures from Members that tell the story of their lives, ranging from crop conditions to everyday happenings. We'd like to share those pictures with you: E-mail Meghan Pedersen to have your photo or video considered for this blog, including your location and a short caption.


Is Your Corn Tasseling?

Jul 06, 2012

USDA's most recent progress report shows that 25% of corn is already silking and more will join this week. In light of drought conditions plaguing the majority of the Corn Belt and Mid-South and the heat wave wilting crops in these regions with only limited rain chances ahead, this is especially worrisome. This also increases concerns that all the projected double-crop beans will be planted, let alone turn out well.

Social media has allowed farmers to provide visuals of just how bad (or good) their crops are faring. I once again took advantage of this with my query as to whether your crops were tasseling, and I am ever thankful to those who responded. (Keep 'em coming. Tag me via Twitter (@MeghanPedersen) or shoot me an e-mail.)

Not surprisingly, many of the photos below reflect the toll heat and dryness has had on the crop. But others have fared surprisingly well. This confirms the varied conditions you reported to Chip Flory via his Twitter-based survey regarding crop conditions. He asked you to rate your corn and soybean crops using the following scale: 1=worst-ever yield potential; 5=five-year average; 10=best-ever yield.

The 90 participants who responded for corn averaged a 4.6, while the 81 who responded for soybeans averaged a 5.1. Visit Chip's Twitter page and scroll down to his Tuesday (July 3) morning posts for a state-by-state breakdown.


Renville Co., Minnesota (07/06/12)

Renville MN Beans

"Some of the best soybeans in the county."

 Renville MN Corn

"April-planted corn. Most corn is not this far along!!!"


Daviess Co., Kentucky

 Daviess KY

"Planted double-crop beans June 2; received 6/10" rain on July 2. Needs more to keep them all from dying."


Washington Co., Mississippi

Washington MS

"This has been an unusully good growing season here, with mild temps during pollination."


Carroll Co., Indiana

 Carroll IN Img1

"Chest high. Tasseled and had an ear. I don't know if it'll fill it."

 Carroll IN Img2

"Shedding before emerging all the way."

 Carroll IN Img3

"Thin. Not full like usual."


Crawford Co., Illinois

 Crawford IL

"Corn did not pollinate. Walked through 120 acres near this field and... nothing... in the whole field."


Kane Co., Illinois

 Kane IL

"Here's some local hail damage from yesterday. Worst I've had personally, very minor acres thankfully."


Franklin Co., Iowa

 Franklin IA

"Corn is beginning to tassel, despite the hot weather and no rain in over a week."


Palmyra Township, MI

 Palmyra MI

"Then you have one of these guys trying to compensate..."

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