Sep 18, 2014
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Quest for Better Yields

RSS By: Kip Cullers, Farm Journal

Follow Kip Cullers, a Purdy, Mo., farmer known for his bin-busting soybean yields, Farm Journal Field Agronomist Ken Ferrie and Farm Journal Machinery Editor Margy Fischer as they travel to Brazil to learn more about the country's soybean production.

Ken Ferrie Gives His Wrap Up Perspective

Mar 05, 2012

The first thing Ken Ferrie might try to explain about his trip to Brazil is the overall size of operation and the volume of grain being produced and moved through the country.

Going into his 5-day trip with Kip Cullers and Farm Journal’s Margy Fischer, Ferrie says he expected to see a system similar to the one of U.S. agriculture. On the production side, the two countries are similar, however, the process of production is quite different.

Hear more about Ferrie’s reflections on the trip, including how he observed technology being adopted.


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E.G. - Grove City, MN
I recently attended a meeting sponsored by Dekalb and Ken Ferrie and was looking for some advice on applying 28% and ammonium sulfate with my planter in a 2x2 application. How high of a rate can I go before damaging roots. I am a strip tiller in which I have already placed most of my P and K in the strip last fall, I also side dress more of my N needs a little later in season. Any thoughts
8:52 PM Mar 6th
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