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  • Hearing Focuses on Proposed Ban on Some Animal Products

    02/12/2016 09:28 AM

    While both critics and supporters of a proposed ban on the sale of food products from farms that keep animals in overly restrictive cages say the measure would likely raise egg prices in Massachusetts, supporters contend consumers would barely notice the increases.

  • What Can We Expect From Forage Cover Crops?
    02/12/2016 07:48 AM

    While there are many positives to incorporating forage cover crops into existing forage systems, differences in production, nutritional value, and animal gain exist.

  • Decade of Red Angus Breed Improvement Pays Dividends
    02/12/2016 04:55 AM

    In a time when commercial cattlemen are demanding profit-maximizing genetics, Red Angus breeders are stepping up to offer genetically superior bulls representing a decade of unrivaled breed improvement. 

  • A Look at Key Players in Oregon Wildlife Refuge Standoff
    02/11/2016 10:19 PM

    The last four armed occupiers of a national wildlife refuge in Oregon surrendered Thursday, ending a tense standoff that began more than a month ago. The armed group seized the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on Jan. 2 and demanded changes to federal land use policies.

  • Slaughterhouse Owner Gets Prison Time for Uninspected Meat
    02/11/2016 05:32 PM

    The co-owner of a Northern California slaughterhouse at the center of a nationwide food recall two years ago has been sentenced to federal prison.

  • Three Keys to Planning the Spring Breeding Season
    02/11/2016 03:54 PM

    Three key management concepts can help commercial cow calf operations improve the productivity of their cow herds. However, planning and preparation must take place well in advance of the spring breeding season.

  • Analysts Recommending JBS Say They Really Love It at Lower Price
    02/11/2016 01:15 PM

    JBS SA may have become too cheap to ignore. That’s what at least five of the analysts that cover the company said in the last couple of weeks, saying the shares of the world’s largest meat producer were undervalued after falling to the lowest level since 2014 in late January.

  • Tyson Foods CEO Gets Wall Street Fan Mail After Turnaround
    02/11/2016 01:05 PM

    Tyson Foods Inc.’s Donnie Smith is getting the kind of notices from Wall Street that most CEOs dream about as a strategic overhaul at the largest U.S. meat producer begins to pay off.

  • NCBA: Concerns CME Group Changes Won't Fix Market Volatility
    02/11/2016 12:42 PM

    The CME Group has proposed a number of recent changes in an effort to resolve instability seen in cattle markets. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) officials say the moves aren’t addressing the problem areas and more communication is needed between the organizations.

Cattle Exchange

For Sale: 40 Angus Cross Bulls

Young fed crossbred bulls available for slaughter or butcher..natural beef. no shots no implants. live weight 950 to 1150. available at market price. steady supply. over 100 head on feed always. good for kosher . ethnic. or just good eatin.

For Sale: 4 Charolais Bulls

All bulls have been trich tested,fertility tested.

For Sale: 75 Angus, Angus F1, LimFlex, Limousin Bulls

75 Limousin, Angus, and LimFlex bulls for sale from LEONARD LIMOUSIN & ANGUS. Yearlings and 2-year-olds. Average yearling weight on all bulls of 1,245 lbs. YWT EPD average of 101. All bulls individually tested for feed efficiency, semen checked and guaranteed to breed cows. Blacks and reds with great disposition and properly conditioned. Individually Priced according to Performance. Contact: Mark Leonard, Holstein, Iowa, 712-368-2611, 712-830-9032, lori@leonardlimousin.com. Reference sires pictured below.

For Sale: 1 Red Angus Bulls

REGISTERED PUREBRED RED ANGUS BULL b. 9/19/2014, 1,500 lbs., BW 70 lb., adj YW 1,015 lb. Eye appeal, growthy, easy calving, easy keeper, sired by Packer son out of LSF Crystal cow family. Tested, age-advantaged and ready to go to work. Reyman Reds, Correctionville and Holstein, Iowa, dennis.reyman@gmail.com, 712-299-3839.

For Sale: 58 Angus Cross Open Heifers

angus/hereford cross heifers 12 to 14 months old. They have been vaccinated and dewormed. They have not been exposed to a bull. They were born on my farm. $1000 per head

For Sale: 3 Red Angus Bulls

15 month old virgin Red Angus Bulls ready for work. Have breeding soundness exam certificates and virgin bull certificates. Registered. CALVING EASE bulls (AVG BW 62 lbs, WW= 500 lbs). These bulls will make great females that milk their hearts out and breedback. They are also pretty to look at. Included a 2yo portrait of their sire JDS CHIEF R362 who has sired many market steer champions at texas major stock shows. Current in vaccinations and deworming. PASTURE DEVELOPED..... NOT FAT LAZY DRY LOT BULLS!!!!!! BCS 6

CWCC 401
RAAA #: 3467680 Top 17% Milk, Top 36% Calving ease maternal, Top 48% YG and Top 40% fleshing

CWCC 404
RAAA #: 3467688 Top 23% Milk, Top 20% heifer pregnancy, Top 33% Marbling, 36% Carcass weight, Top 50% gridmaster,

CWCC 410
RAAA #: 3467690 Top 44% Herd builder, Top 8% milk, Top 24% HPG, Top 10% Calving ease maternal, Top 47 % Stayability, Top 40% Marbling

Call or email for more pictures Chance 361-920-0417 or Whitney 940 390 7062

For Sale: 36 Angus Cross Bred Heifers

36 springing heifers that are due to calve in February and March. These are nice big heifers weighing 1100 pounds plus. They have all been pelvic measured and pregnancy checked with the paperwork available. They have had all of their vaccinations and are sound and healthy. They are bred to low birth weight gelbvieh bulls. Very gentle and are handled daily. If you are looking for replacements that will get right to work and make money then these are it. My name is David and I will be glad to talk with you or answer any questions. 502-680-1425 . Asking $2450

For Sale: 12 Braford Open Heifers

12 Braford open heifers 10-11 months old. All born within 30 day window. Dehorned and they have all of their shots. At this time they weigh about 725 lbs.
These heifers come from commercial Hereford cows, and registered Brahman bulls. Very nice set of young heifers that will make some good cows. $2000.

For Sale: 81 Holstein Feeders

600-650 lb Holstein feeder steers. Raised from 3-7 days old. Had 200# 60 day weight and fed aggressively on self feeder. All vaccination info available on request. Priced at $145 cwt for 600lbs and $.80 per lb over 600.

For Sale: 350 Angus Cow/Calf Pairs

2 yr old pairs for sale or would consider share or cash for 3 years. Calves will be born 3/1-3/25. High quality Angus breeding.


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