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For Sale: 10 Longhorn Cows
10 outstanding Reg. Texas longhorn cows and a bull. Daughters of Farlap Chex, Over Kill, Safari BL Chex, Drag Iron and many other great bulls. Top genetics and a lot of black and white ones. Total price for all eleven is $28,000.00. Located in South Alabama near the Gulf Coast. Come take a look at our cattle and our Blue roan and black ranch bred quarter horses. www.blackandbluequarterhorses.com

For Sale: 1 Star 5 Bulls
Star 5 15 month old virgin bull Santa Gertrudis//Pinzgauer.. Halter broke, good disposition ready to breed. Put the tenderness and marbling of a Pinzgauer in the frame of a Gert and you've got an awesome bull

For Sale: 1 Angus Bulls
5 year old Commercial Angus bull, excellent condition ( approximately 1700 lbs.) Calm Disposition Fertile 60 - 75 lb. Calves Asking $3,500 Marianna, FL. 850-209-1135 I am just switching out bulls.

For Sale: 53 Polled Hereford Bulls
Performance Unlimited Bull Sale, Thursday, April 2, Creston Livestock Auction, Creston, IA. Selling 53 Hereford bulls--breed leading for Calving ease, Growth, Marbling. They are cow herd makers! This sale combines the bulls from Huth Polled Herefords, Beef Resources Partnership (David Trowbridge/Mike England), and SchuLar Polled Herefords. For more information on the bulls check them out at www.huthcattle.com. Hope to see you on April 2!

For Sale: 10 Angus Bulls
10 Registered Angus Bulls For Sale 18 Months old Fully Vaccinated Semen Test with Breeding Soundness Exams completed Free Delivery with in 100 miles. Immediate Availability Great EPDs. Many Calving Ease sires with High carcass values.

For Sale: 10 Brangus Bulls
Breeding Brangus and Ulatrablacks sice 1968. Ultrablack is 3/16 Brahma and 13/16 Brangus Brangus the maternal breed great mothers and will adapt to any climate

For Sale: 25 Brangus Bulls
Brangus bulls from cows we have been breeding and working with for 7 generaation with the same cow family! We are still using the Wye Angus in our Brangus! This gives us the purity of the Angus breed we have depended on in the beginning of our Program. Bulls are had fed daily to develope in a more slow and natural condition making them ideal for breeding when they reach 18 to 20 months old. Started breeding Brangus with the help of Jesse Dowdy my friend and neighbor. Please gives us a call we will help you get started using Brangus or Ultrablack bulls! Ultralacks are reall becoming popular in the USA and especially north the Mason-Dixon line where in the past the EAR has been discriminated against mainling to buy cheeper at the local sale barn. We live in a new world today where beef is a business with high tec measurement both in the end product and the breeding process of the live animals we work with the GeenSeek and Igenity folks to DNA our cattle for parentage and genetic defects. Our bulls are allowed to breed cows with other bulls in pasture. THANK YOU!

For Sale: 30 Angus, Balancer Bulls
Brown Gelbvieh/Angus at Paxton, NE are selling private treaty, registered Gelbvieh Balancer 18 month old and Yearling AI sired Black Angus bulls. Performance, BVD, and DNA tested for complete profile on each individual. Emphasis on low to moderate birthweights, added hybrid vigor for better weaning weights, improved carcass quality, above average maternal traits and docile dispositions. Spring yearling Angus for sale--AI sired by PA Power Tool 9108, Sitz Upward 307R, Plattemere Weigh Up K360, and VAR Reserve 1111 For more information on individual bulls see www.browngvan.info or phone 308-239-4577 for prices and EPD's

For Sale: 7 Polled Hereford, Salers Open Heifers
Saler Bulls 197B--- 2/23/14--- black 199B--- 4/1/14--- black 200B--- 4/7/14--- red 201B--- 4/13/14--- red 203B--- 5/4/14 --- black 204B--- 5/16/14--- red 205B--- 6/1/14--- red Polled Hereford Bulls Registered Polled Hereford Bulls for Sale Vaccines: RespiShield, Ultrabac 8, Triangle 10, and Cydectin Feed: 14 percent feed, hay and grass Younger bulls: (Weights taken on 2/4/2015) B017--- 1/8/14 B503--- 1/9/14-----846#----SOLD B206--- 1/24/14 16A (4036)---2-11-14-----724#--- SOLD B504--- 2/14/14--------863# 12A (4054)--- 4-2-14 He has small, loose scurs.----766#

For Sale: 20 Angus, Red Angus, Red Angus Cross, Tarentaise Bulls
Selling Angus, Red Angus and Red Angus Hybrid bulls March 21. Visit DandDcattle.com for additional pictures, video, EPDs and pedigrees.

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