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Cattle Exchange

For Sale: 7 Brangus Open Heifers

7 open registered brangus hiefers from 10 to 13 months of age all over 600lbs some AI sired 1000$ each

For Sale: 1 Dexter Cows

Nice Registered Dexter cow ready for breeding. Grass fed, Has had one steer. Very tender & delicious beef! Moving. must sell to good home.
$1,200 Can deliver locally.

For Sale: 20 Angus Bulls

Quality coming 2 and long yearling registered angus bulls for sale.
Sired by SAV Angus Valley, Hoover Dam, and more.
Maternal genetics include Sitz Angus and Riverbend.

Forage developed, range ready.

Prices range from $2500-$3500

Heifer and herd bulls available.
Possible deliver.
First breeding season guarantee

Call or text
Telford Angus Ranch
(208) 431-3072

For Sale: 47 Angus Cross, Red Angus Cross Feeders

80 percent black hided angus cross yealing steers. 1060 pounds +- 100. Very even, fat healthy grass fed natural yearlings Ready to be finished. Vaccines include 8 way and res vac 5 plus one shot.

For Sale: 48 Angus Cross, Red Angus Cross Feeders

80 percent, black hided Angus, Red Angus Steers weighing 1,065 pounds. All Natural, all grass fed, all vaccinate, ready to be finished. To be weighed on semi, with 2 percent shrink.

For Sale: 53 Polled Hereford Bulls

We have a good selection of yearling, long yearling and two year old bulls .With 37 years of selling Herefords we have bred several economic traits into this herd not the least of feed efficiency. We have set record at bull test ,had the best feed conversion at a feed out contest in Kansas and done feed trials for Purina Feeds where we were projected to use 18 tons and finished the period using 12. We also focus on quality udders and longevity Now more than ever you need good genetics to get thru these times

For Sale: 5 Hereford Bulls

5 Hereford Bulls from 5 months- 13 months old
$500.00 -1.100.00
Call 540.958.8529

For Sale: 4 Hereford Bulls

Hereford Bull Calves for sales they are 6 months - 13 months old
$500.00 - $1,100.00
Call or text 540.958.8529

For Sale: 30 Belted Galloway Cow/Calf Pairs

Herd dispersal, cows, calves and bulls. All registration eligible. Grass fed. Price depends on animal. E-mail me at

For Sale: 9 Simmental Cow/Calf Pairs

Simmental cows and calfs 3 heffers i bull calf also a steer approx 1000 lbs.Would like to sell all for a fair price.Very healthy young cows, all less than 2 years old,calfs still with cows, also have i red heffer


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