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Bred Heifers

For Sale: 53 Angus, Charolais Cross Bred Heifers
41 Angus and 12 Char X heifers bred to low birth weight Angus bulls. These heifers are confirmed bred by ultrasound to calve from Feb 1st- April 1st. These heifers weigh over 1000lbs, have large frame, med flesh, excellent disposition, have had complete vaccination, and worm prevention programs. These heifers are hand fed daily and are on fescue and clover pasture. Available for pick up now at $2,500 per Hd, or delivery at additional cost.

Open Heifers

For Sale: 28 Brahman F1 Open Heifers
28 HD real Fx1 Brahman X Hereford , fancy set of replacement heifers that have had all shots at weaning plus booster shot,& also OCV ! We have handled these heifers & they are gentle- cake & horse broke, weigh 775-825#s & cycling well! Email, Phone for price & any ?s !

Bred Heifers

For Sale: 200 Angus Bred Heifers
We have 200 very gental and big Bred Red Heifers for sale. These heifers can be walked through without them running away. They are bred to a VERY LOW birthweight red angus bulls. They are due to start calving April 1 and were exposed for 60 days. We will be ultrasounding them here shortly by Steele Vet clinic. We will feed them for anyone interested until December to help anyone save on hay. These heifers are all uniform and worth coming to look. These heifers are on a complete mineral program.


For Sale: 6 Angus Cows
Registered Angus cows from my uncle's (John Hostetler) herd in VA who raised Angus for 50+ years. Due to calve by the first 1/2 of Sept. They are bred to a TC Total son. Genetics include SS Obj., GAR Predestined, BCC BW 41-93, BVND 1407, BVND 208, and Rito 1I2 which my uncle's family is part owner. All cows are up to date on vaccines. These cows would be excellent for someone who would like to have a quality fall calving starter Angus herd. 3 are 4 yr, 2-5 yr, & 1-7 yr. old. $2750/hd. or BO

Bred Heifers

For Sale: 48 Angus, Angus Cross Bred Heifers
48 (subject to Preg Check) Angus, Angus X Bred Heifers ~1000#. There are 11 BWF, 2 RWF, and 2 Red heifers with the balance solid black. Purchased from Lundgren Angus, Gove, KS these heifers are out of In Focus and New Design Bulls and were AI'd to Right Answer and cleaned up with LBW Birthstone & Final Answer bulls from Parry Angus. Due to start calving March 20 for ~60 days They are on native range with salt and Right Now Mineral will be penned and fed roughage ration on Oct 18th until delivery. All bangs vac leg tattos and calf hood vaccines, poured with Decotmax Aug 9. Negotiable to add anything you want at preg check. Would consider all black/bwf sort. Can ship at anytime. Video and bull EPD's avalible by request via email. These are bred up for calving ease with growth.


For Sale: 3 Brahman Bulls


For Sale: 26 Belted Galloway, Hereford Feeders
26 head of feeder cattle. 14 steers. 12 heifers. 24 are Belted Galloway/Hereford Crosses and 2 are Registered Hereford heifers. Weights range from 400-950 lbs. All natural pasture raised. Market price.

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