Oct 1, 2014
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Livestock Water Recycling Inc. to Install Manure System in Wisconsin

September 23, 2013

The LWR system will allow Shiloh Dairy to continue to expand its operations without the need to acquire additional land base for nutrient management.

Source: Livestock Water Recycling

BRILLION, Wis. – The first Wisconsin dairy to install Livestock Water Recycling, Inc.’s (LWR) patented manure treatment system will be Shiloh Dairy in Brillion, Wis.

Wisconsin is home to over 11,000 licensed dairies and is ranked the second highest dairy-producing state in the U.S. by USDA.

The LWR manure treatment system will recycle clean water and concentrate the valuable nutrients contained in this Wisconsin dairy’s 30 million gallons of livestock manure.

Shiloh Dairy is a large family-owned farm with leading edge practices. The dairy has 1,800 cows, 1,800 heifers and is a flush flume dairy. The operation is well known for its animal care, high milk yield, and is a leader in calf production. The implementation of the LWR system will allow the dairy to continue to expand its operations without the need to acquire additional land base for nutrient management.

LWR’s technology is expected to recycle 18 million gallons of clean water, 6 million gallons of liquid nutrient concentrate (ammonium sulfate and potassium), and 6,000-12,000 tons of solid fertilizer (organic nitrogen and phosphorus) from the manure.

"The nutrient concentrates will supply micronutrients and organics to the soils beyond the N, P, K and S," says LWR President Ross Thurston.

The recycled water can be used for cleaning, watering of cattle, stored for crop irrigation or released. The fertilizer nutrients can be strategically land applied to maximize fertilizer value or sold to generate a new revenue stream.

The Green Bay area in particular is facing increased manure application restrictions, which result in expensive transport and hauling costs.

"We are really excited about the installation of our first system in Wisconsin," says Thurston. "We want to provide farmers with a cost-effective solution to manage their manure. An installation can expect to generate a significant double digit return on investment."

Interested farms please visit the LW booth (AR #513) at the upcoming World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis., Oct. 1-5.

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