Jul 28, 2014
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Tailgate Talk: Global Seed and Corn Vanity

July 29, 2011

The Importance of Seed Around the World

Afghan Iraq seed

There’s so much promise in a tiny seed—especially in war-torn countries. This past spring, representatives of the Farm Journal Foundation traveled to Afghanistan and Iraq to witness food insecurity firsthand. While in Iraq, they had the opportunity to stop by this seed house. For more information about the trip, visit www.FarmersFeedingTheWorld.org.

Stat Rack

Today, farmers have access to


seed corn companies, and each company offers


different hybrids in


sizes with


technology choices,


treatment options and


delivery options.

The total number of purchase options for corn hybrids is



Farmers also have access to


soybean seed companies, and each company offers


different soybean varieties with


technology choices,


seed treatment options and


delivery options.

The total number of purchase options for soybeans is


Corn Vanity

license 1license 2

Who says seedsmen don’t have a little vanity? We found two Illinois seedsmen who like to promote their favorite crop via special license plates.

Bill Wyffels of Wyffels Hybrids wasn’t fooling around when he chose Zea mays, the scientific classification for maize or corn, as his travel tag. Tom Burrus of Burrus Hybrids boasts "1 BG EAR" to fellow motorists. 

Have you seen a memorable agriculture license plate? Send your examples to tailgatetalk@farmjournal.com, and we’ll share them on this page.



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