Sep 20, 2014
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September 2012 Archive for Out to Pasture

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Why We Need a Farm Bill Now! 

Sep 06, 2012

Even agricultural producers who don’t participate in government subsidized programs need to know what the central planners have in mind for the next few years.

So it’ s no surprise that, while the ag lobby is as divided as the rest of America’s body politic, I can think of just about nobody who hasn’t signed onto the Farm Bill Now movement.

In my part of the world, farmers are having to decide now if they’ll devote acreage to wheat or summers crops, and that decision depends almost as much on how the farm program plays out as it does on the weather and markets.
Around here, you can predict the weather with some accuracy, so long as you predict hot and dry. At least, you can manage around it. There are forward contracts and futures markets to help with marketing.

But who can predict what’s next in Washington? You can guess. You can read AgWeb and estimate. But you’re working with pre-election rhetoric, and history indicates the prudent manager puts not much stock in that stuff.

So, I’m not a farm group. And, in fact, I get no subsidies, except the indirect ones that USED to keep corn prices cheap. But I heartily endorse those who are trying to put extra pressure on Congress to get something—ANYthing, as far as I’m concerned—done as soon as possible.

So go to and add your name to the online petition.


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