Oct 1, 2014
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Update on "Hey, Limbaugh"

May 08, 2009

By Steve Cornett

 Here is what Rush Limbaugh must believe and want his dittoheads to believe:

“Factory farming—the intensive confinement of tens of thousands or even millions of animals in one place—has strong ties to the current strain of swine flu.”

It doesn’t sound much like him, but if you visit his website, one of the few free links you’ll find takes you to the Humane Society of the United States site, where that very paragraph jumps from the page first.

It’s bunk, of course. The 1918 flu epidemic, which killed millions, had the same sort of genesis as this one and there were no “factory farms” at the time. Lots of zoonotic diseases mutate and jump species, and they can come just as easily from non-agricultural species. Did you ever hear of AIDS?

I haven’t had a chance to listen to Limbaugh’s program since he endorsed the HSUS. I would have hoped their blatant effort to turn the publicity surrounding the flu formerly known as swine flu against hog farmers might have given him some pause.

I guess not. The HSUS link is still there on his website.

I can’t imagine he didn’t notice that they were trying to push their “animal welfare” agenda with the flu scare. I can’t imagine that a man with half a brain on loan from God wouldn’t recognize the sheer dishonesty of that and I rather suppose Limbaugh is too proud to admit his mistake.

Again, it’s not that any of us likes dog fighting. It’s that we know HSUS will use Limbaugh’s endorsement to raise money not to stop the vestiges of dog fighting in this country—they’ve probably got a million in the bank for every commercial dog and chicken fighter left—but to further their true agenda, which includes things like blaming flu epidemics on hog farmers.

That’s how they work. It’s hard to believe Limbaugh continues to endorse them and still appear on just about every ag radio station in mid-America with no kickback from the people whose lifestyles and livelihood are threatened by the HSUS-Limbaugh mindset.



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COMMENTS (5 Comments)

Rush was never a paragon of virtue. His opinions should not matter to intelligent listeners. Problem is he has more gullible listeners than intelligent ones.
8:25 PM May 8th
Rush who? Oh, that's right, he is the guy in Florida that makes millions telling everybody to do what he himself is not man enough to do himself. And people listen to him? Republicans keep listening to Rush and you will end up with 10% of the next election.
9:04 AM May 8th

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