Sep 16, 2014
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February 2010 Archive for Rubes Cartoons - Tales from a Twisted Mind

RSS By: Leigh Rubin,

A cartoonish look at life...

Burning with desire...or not

Feb 27, 2010

I am sure I’m not alone when I say that some days I feel like working and some days I don’t. Even though I really like my chosen profession there are days when doing something else, or doing nothing at all has some real appeal. I know, I know, I have no right to complain, after all, I did choose the occupation I am occupying but still, you know what they say; “The grass is always greener...”

Between you and me I usually keep these thoughts to myself because if my wife gets wind of how I feel she is always at the ready with the lengthy list of “Honey Do’s”, household tasks for which the performing of fill me with a somewhat less than burning desire.


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Common sense

Feb 24, 2010

Ever since I can remember, there have been warning labels on packs of cigarettes telling us of the dangers of smoking. I’m sure that somebody reads them, but I still see lots of teens picking up the habit. I’m not sure when the adult beverage industry first started printing “Drink Responsibly” on their labels, but I have a suspicion it doesn’t do a whole lot of good. In fact, it may even have the opposite effect. I have known lots of people who prefer to be less responsible when drinking. In fact, that’s their intended goal. Maybe instead of the aforementioned labels, there should be one generic label for all products. How about, “When using this product, please use common sense.” It’s simple, short and to the point. It would make it nice and easy for everyone, and isn’t that the point? After all, it shouldn’t take a genius.

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Feb 22, 2010

I am not a big fan of the modern practice of body scarification otherwise known as piercing. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not entirely opposed to it. Pierced ears are okay. I knew someone once that had to use screw on earrings because her ears weren’t pierced. (Ouch!) Those screw on earrings are nothing more that miniature medieval torture devices. I feel sorry for any earlobe that must endure such a horrible fate. (It’s not like they stop the pain by confessing to anything either!). I am even okay with a delicate nose piercing...just a tiny bit of décor, definitely not a gaudy nose ring. Even a pierced bellybutton is alright if it’s on the subtle side.  It’s when people get their eyebrows, cheeks, necks, lips, tongues (Double OUCH!) and even their unmentionables pierced is what I am talking about. Seeing someone with multiple pieces of metal sticking through some part of their face is more distractive than attractive. I guess what I’m saying is that while some people find the pierced look appealing, the last thing I’d ever need is another hole in my head.

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I'm not sure this is true but I'm forwarding it just in case...

Feb 19, 2010

It seems like every few days I receive a well meaning email (usually forwarded to a big list of people) from one friend or another warning me about some terrible virus that’s going to devour my hard drive, delete all my files, steal my identity, raid my refrigerator (just kidding) or some other horrible, terrible thing. I used to write back and ask the senders of these “Chicken Little” warnings if they investigated the source of the emails before forwarding them on and for the most part the answer was no. After awhile I stopped reading the warnings and now such emails are quickly dispatched to the cyber trash bin. For anyone out there who wishes to check on whether or not an email containing some dire warning is true or false (or any “urban legend” for that matter) please visit Most of the time they can quickly verify if the information is real or just a big bunch of croc.


  Rumor has it there are lots of laughs to be had at:  (It’s true, I tell ya!...It’s true!)


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Feb 17, 2010

On my recent trip to San Antonio I had the pleasure of flying on Southwest Airlines. I like flying on Southwest (no, I am not a paid spokesperson) and have come to enjoy their playful approach the usually dry safety instructions given by the flight attendants. (For example; “If you are traveling with a child or someone that acts like a child...” or my favorite, “Please pretend to pay attention while the flight attendant explains the safety procedures...” But I’d have to say the funniest thing of all is something that in all likelihood was not meant to be funny at all. Southwest is probably one of the last airlines to offer free peanuts to its passengers. That in itself isn’t funny but the little disclaimer on the package is (this is paraphrased); may have been processed on equipment that may have used peanuts.” What the...?!  Kinda nutty, wouldn't you say?



 *My other favorite airline is Horizon Air (No , I am not a paid spokesperson.) They give out free microbrew beer. Maybe  Southwest and Horizon could merge....Free peanuts and beer. Now that would really be the only way to fly!


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Puns of Note

Feb 14, 2010

Years ago when my hair was much longer and I was somewhat thinner I did a series of simple cartoons which became known as Notable Quotes.™ They were just silly gags, with musical notes as the main characters. As it turned out, lots of people really liked Notable Quotes™ and I eventually wrote three books of the musical cartoons. In fact, Notable Quotes™ helped me land my first cartooning gig drawing Rubes® for a daily newspaper. While  I‘m sure it wasn’t my superior writing skills that got me the job, I am fairly certain it had something to do with my good punmanship.

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Who Are You?

Feb 10, 2010


Sure was fun to see The Who play during halftime during the Super Bowl. Nice to see them old guys still rockin’ away. My wife took my youngest son to see The Who play in Los Angeles last year (while I stayed home and slaved over a hot drawing board so I could pay for them to go...what’s wrong with this picture?!) and they both raved about how good they were. A few weeks ago, my 14-year-old was hanging out in our kitchen (where all growing young boys tend to congregate) with a couple of his buddies. I noticed that each one was wearing a different classic rock band T-shirt (Journey, Van Halen and Grateful Dead). I asked them what newer bands they liked and they all said, “None.” (Actually, they said it slightly differently but as this is a family blog, “None” will have to suffice.) It seems that the music from my g-g-g-g-generation has really held up quite well. Who knew? We did, that’s who.

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Blazing Saddles

Feb 08, 2010


I just caught Mel Brooks’ classic western comedy Blazing Saddles on the tube today (I still don’t have a flat screen). It was just what I needed after spending hours and hours working on taxes. I have seen Blazing Saddles countless times and I never get tired of it. The same goes for the original The Producers with Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel. That is my all time favorite comedy and maybe my favorite movie ever. It’s pure genius. Zero Mostel’s facial expressions alone are a good enough reason to watch it. I’m laughing just thinking about it. There is one other Brooks’ movie that if I come across it I just have to watch; Young Frankenstein. All three of those movies have such terrific casts and memorable lines. Both Blazing Saddles and The Producers are so politically incorrect that I wonder if they could even be made today. That may be why they are so terrific. It seems that the more politically correct society becomes the less sense of humor society has, and I say if we can’t laugh at ourselves as well as each other we’re the ones that’ll end up looking like clowns.

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Feb 02, 2010

Nothing says “I love you.” more than a prenup. When my wife and I were married we had essentially nothing (not much has changed except we’ve acquired a bunch of stuff that I’d just as soon stick out in front of my house with a “FREE!” sign attached) but each other so the question of a pre-nup never even entered our minds. It must be at least a little bit uncomfortable broaching the subject for young couple in love that are not of similarly equal means in the money department. ”Darling, this big diamond engagement ring may last forever but with half of today’s marriages eventually ending up on the rocks I’d like you to sign this document which entitles you to a fraction of my enormous net worth.” Not exactly the stuff of fairy tales is it? But then again maybe sometimes prenups really are necessary. After all, what happens when the young damsel in distress eventually finds out that her prince is no charmer, or the handsome knight in shining armor discovers his true love has been out “kissing” other frogs behind his back? Sure, it would be bad, but without a prenup the situation would be even more Grimm.


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