Aug 23, 2014
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June 2010 Archive for Rubes Cartoons - Tales from a Twisted Mind

RSS By: Leigh Rubin,

A cartoonish look at life...

A real Jewel

Jun 27, 2010

So oddly (not really) enough I found myself up in Oregon’s magnificent Hood River Valley (yes, again!)  Just getting some well deserved (in my humble opinion) R and

 R with my good buddies Rick and Steve. Steve is a big music lover and concert-goer (I have never seen a more vast and eclectic cd collection!) and he also enjoys surprising his friends when we come up to visit with a little something different in addition to the usual hiking, biking and other outdoor activities. This time his surprise was an evening concert at the Portland Zoo. The opening act was the very talented singer-songwriter-musician Radney Foster. I was unaware (big surprise!) that several of his songs have been covered by some other well known performers, one of them being Keith Urban. Randney was followed the headlining act, Jewel. I don’t think I have ever seen a performer enjoy herself so much. Her interaction with the audience was delightful. It was a pleasure to hear her play as well as tell the stories behind many of the songs she performed....And she’s funny too! (You know how much I like “funny”!) All in all it was another priceless gem of a summer evening in the beautiful Northwest. Thanks, Steve!



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A Big Gopher Problem

Jun 19, 2010
So the other day I see this big diesel pickup with trailer in tow loaded with an impressive assortment of cages. On the door of the aforementioned truck there is a sign which says “Live Animal Trapping.”

Now this truck is parked right in front of my neighbor’s house and it must be loaded with lots of interesting smells because my dog practically drags me across the street to get a good noseful. He’s strong but I am strong-willed so after I manage to drag him away from the truck/trailer we continue our walk and I see my neighbor walking his dogs back to his house. I ask him what critters he has troubling him, (we have all sorts around these parts...possums, skunks, snakes, rats, mice, bratty kids and of course, those dreaded gophers). Well, it was gophers indeed. His wife, who taught me everything I know about catching the little %&%$#@%&%$#@!, (Bet you didn’t know I spoke French!), finally had enough and called in the big guns - real a pro. I was told he had already dispatched a dozen or more of the little pests to gopher heaven at twenty bucks a pop. In fact, just the day before he had actually caught one with his bare hands simply by reaching down in the hole and snagging it by the tail. My neighbor said it had been worth it just for the entertainment value. Needless to say I was impressed. I figure the guy could make a pretty decent living around here too because the entire town is built on one big* gopher mound. *(*See illustration below to see just how big).

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Water, water, everywhere

Jun 10, 2010

In the movie “Taking Woodstock,” which takes place in 1969, there is a scene that I am certain the scriptwriter had some fun with while poking fun at popular culture today. In the film, hundreds of thousands of people descend upon the little town in the Catskills, where the locals are ill-prepared for such a huge wave of humanity. Restroom facilities as well as fresh water may have been in short supply, but certainly not the law of supply and demand. In one scene, one character remarks to another that someone actually paid a dollar for a plastic jug of water...can you imagine?! Now who in the world would actually pay for a bottle of water when you can get it straight from the tap for practically nothing? My, how times have changed.

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Cartoonist seen defacing public property?...Arrest that man!

Jun 03, 2010

Hey, I’m all for law and order, but apparently it is absurdly easy to get away with defacing public property in Sacramento, Calif. Still, it's a good thing nobody saw me....Click here to see the criminal in action:

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