Sep 21, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

Beef Is Movin' On Up

Jul 26, 2013

No, beef producers are not heading to a deluxe apartment in the sky, but with feed prices expected to drop and pastures slowly being restored, it looks like they might be "mooving" back up in the industry, according to this Beef Today story. Since 2007, beef has taken a beating from the drought conditions and high feed costs. Today, at least feed costs are heading the right direction. Now, if we could only get COOL off our backs, we may actually have something to celebrate. Of course, that is if a certain LA pro-labeling spokesperson can handle border ranchers getting a few cattle from Mexico. One battle at a time. At least the beef industry is heading up while the feed costs are heading down. Be thankful for small miracles.

Speaking of Droughts...

The Grist’s "Thought for food" segment gives us some food for thought. With so much of the country’s pastures in recovery from drought, or in some cases still ravished by drought, it made one Grand Canyon goat farmer wonder how the heck they do it in the desert. So, like any curious agrarian, he set out to the Sahara to learn the art of dry farming. The article notes that farmers often seek new technologies to keep them farming the same way but instead they need to combine adaptation and innovation to create a new and better way of farming in drier weather. Naturally, it is better to work smarter, not harder.

COOL Hits New Zealand

If you live in New Zealand, expect to see some new labeling on your beef and lamb. Retailers are now using either the "New Zealand Beef and Lamb" quality mark for local meat or the "Product of Australia" label for imported meat. Apparently, this issue of labeling is "becoming increasingly important to Kiwis." The people, not the fruit.

Hey! Hay’s For Sale

Livestock farmers need hay, hay farmers need to sell hay, but how do we get this seemingly perfect pair together? We start a website, of course. It’s like but without all the embarrassing questionnaires and disappointment. Do you need to buy or sell hay? Find the match that’s right for you.

Another Animal Abuse Expose

National Geographic has teamed up with the "reputable" source Mercy for Animals to investigate animal abuse at meat and dairy farms. We're sure this expose, which airs July 31, will be completely unbiased and show both sides of the story. Yeah, right!

Beef Cuts

The Beef Checkoff released its shiny new 12-page, four-color booklet on beef cuts, weights and yields.

Just for Fun

Everyone wants to get healthy...well, kinda. We like to think about getting healthy, but actually going through with it is something else entirely. So, here’s a video from that teaches you all you need to know about eating healthy...kinda.

Have a Drink on Beef

Nothing like a good cocktail to wind down the week and wind up for the weekend. How about sippin’ on a Beefy Tomato to start the weekend right. Get the recipe for this Bloody Mary with spicy beef jerky and other drinks at The Daily Beast.


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