Sep 30, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

Can Beef Prices Be Too High?

Jun 12, 2013

Have you head that beef prices are too high? They are. You should consider pig or chicken meat for your grilling needs. That's the message we get in story after story. How can that be good for demand?

This piece from NPR is one example.

And apparently, the fallout of these high prices is already occurring.

In Indianapolis

And in Massachusetts

Argentine Farmers Strike

Say what you will about the U.S. government's tendency to impede commerce, we are better off than most countries. In Argentina, they're blessed with a control-freak government that manages, year after year, regime after regime, to always find new rules to keep agriculture from taking full advantage of the munificene afforded the country by nature. MercoPress reports.

'Bad Kitchen Habits'

Herewith, the conundrum faced in this attempt to create the perfect food safety some expect. Most consumers (the poll cited by this lawyer's site is from Britain, but who doubts Americans are just as bad) do a poor job of being the final link in the food safety chain—and any chain is no stronger than the weakest link, you'll recall. So when we foolish, careless people get the bellyache, is it our fault for being idiots, or the system's fault for not producing idiot-safe food?

Immigration Bill Clears a Hurdle

So the Senate's bill "cleared a hurdle" yesterday, and as usual, you need to read stories from several sources to get the whole gist. Was it always thus? Anyhow, it sounds like this thing still has lots of border fences to cross before it becomes law.

Fox News
The New York Times
The Washington Post

More from the Internet Range

Again, We're Preaching Sunscreen

New study, same as the old studies. Might save your life. Sure will help your looks.

Might Have to Put Up a New Fence

If the cattle business doesn't work out, we suppose we could always try our hand at raising another kind of bull.

Bird-Friendly Beef?

Grouse and beef seems like a good combination to us. And they say cattle production is bad for the environment.

An Argument for Cow Insurance

We understand the frustration.

Things That Leave Us Wondering....

A peanut butter and bacon shake.

Does this mean we don't have to tip the pizza guy?

A Different Kind of Magic Kingdom

Seems like a worthy wish to us.


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