Sep 22, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

HSUS Upset. Oh Darn.

Aug 29, 2013

Feedlots have a target on their back again. The HSUS and others filed a lawsuit yesterday against the EPA for withdrawing the proposed CAFO reporting rule, Agri-Pulse reports. Last year, the EPA decided to scrap the "we need to know absolutely everything about you" rule, saying they could get the same info from existing sources. Apparently the HSUS thought the new rule would make it easier slip CAFO information directly in their Rolodex. We’re not sure why they needed a new rule to do that. Hasn’t EPA set a precedent for releasing personal information anyway?

Meaty Matters

We tend to think of beef in the retail meat case, but wholesale buyers make a big impact on demand and price fluctuations. Bloomberg Businessweek takes a look at how McDonalds can influence commodity prices. Just a 2-month feature of chicken wings made wholesale prices more than double. Now if the mega-chain would just figure out a new beef feature…

You may not get to have your Whopper your way today. Many fast food chains are scrambling more than just eggs today as a nationwide fast food labor strike kicked off this morning. MSNBC has the details on a movement that’s been gaining strength since July. The Denver Post also reports.

Food Safety News takes a look at how the walkout could affect food safety.

Crop Insurance Eyed

When the farm bill gets back on the agenda in Washington, they will have some new numbers to gnaw on. A recently released report ways the government spent $17.3 billion last year to compensate farms for weather-related losses. Grist says some of those losses could have been avoided, and suggests crop insurance is a crutch used by farmers to not employ techniques that would improve water and soil quality. Funny, we haven’t seen Grist editors driving many tractors lately.

Meat Market Misbehavior

The Animal Liberation Front has claimed responsibility for vandalism at a Michigan meat market. Members of the group spray painted "meat is murder" on the building and glued the door locks, ignition of a company vehicle, as well as other things, according to WNEM. We think proper justice would be to feed these vandals a burger, three times a day, in jail.

Strange Science

We guess it shouldn’t be that unbelievable that science has grown miniature human brains in a lab. After all, they "grew" a $300,000 "hamburger."  These "brains in a jar" do have some scientific significance. Researchers hope it will give them clues to understanding developmental disorders like autism. The Austin American Statesman has the odd details.

All squeamish thoughts aside, the Huffington Post reports that 20% of our nation’s scientists are considering moving overseas. Apparently the governments brilliant sequester program has created a very poor funding climate for research.

Wormy Situation

If you’re traveling to Colcord, Oklahoma, you better pack plenty of bottled water. Residents there have been asked not to drink the tap water after red worms were found in the filtering system.

Squirrely Excuse

A Washington state man’s excuse for shooting an arrow onto the roof of the county jail is a little bit squirrely, literally. He was arrested when the arrow was found to have marijuana attached to it, Fox News reports. He said he was only shooting at squirrels on the roof, however he couldn’t explain how the Mary-Jane attached helped his hunting. No inmates have claimed to be the Robin Hood’s intended recipient.

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