Sep 22, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

No Crown for the King

Jul 16, 2013

We just drove by Burger King, and there weren’t many cars. Maybe its because people aren’t rushing to try their new veggie burger. Even a self-proclaimed veggie burger aficionado from NPR says the only good thing about this "burger" is that it separates the top and bottom bun.

Ring of Fire

Howard Perryman is in the hot seat, and officials think there are many more involved in a cattle theft ring that spans several states. The News Leader has the details.

Not Old News in Oregon

We’ve flipped the calendar twice since the news of GMO wheat n Oregon broke. And it’s been on the front page of almost every day. Today’s installment: Japanese officials are in town to check things out for themselves. Up to 90% of that area’s soft wheat is exported to Asia.

Your Nose Knows

Here’s a case for a box of Kleenex and a good nose blowing at the end of the day. Researchers say they’ve found traces of drug resistant bacteria in the nasal passages of those who work with livestock that are treated with antibiotics. However, the researchers could not prove a cause-effect relationship.

Beef Exports Up, Could be Better

Russia may be opting out, but Japan is happy to have plenty of U.S. beef, the meat federation reports.

Death in the Details

The National Ski Association and the Canadian Snowbird Association – both groups with a stake in the immigration legislation. See what else is in the Senate’s version of this porky legislation. McClatchy reports on immigration and the farm bill.

Big Oil Not So Big in Iowa

Corn is King in Iowa, and the American Petroleum Institute (API) all but admitted that. The API launched a media blitz against the ethanol mandate...but Iowans won’t see the ads.

Who’s Playing Fair?

Is the pot calling the kettle black? The Guardian reports D.C. might scale back their NSA program of data collection and surveillance. Hmm. Is that so the EPA has more time to release sensitive information to animal rights activists?

Cowboys Beware

While D.C. argues about immigration, California farmers are finding ways to worry less about labor. The AP reports researchers there have developed a robot that can tend to delicate fruit and vegetable fields, replacing tedious jobs that took as many as 20 people. Reckon we’ll see R2D2 riding a horse using a light saber to pull sick calves one day?

I’m a Rancher

Ranching was the spotlight of the UK’s The Gaurdian’s spotlight on working in America. Louisiana ranchers open up to the Brits about a typical day on an American farm and ranch, and provides a little insight into where American beef comes from.

Cool Solution

If you have trouble sleeping at night due to cattle prices, corn forecasts, the lack of rain or too much of it, a sleep expert offers this advice in The Guardian – put your pillow in the fridge.

Temp It

The Barf Blog makes light of the Jersey Isle news’ suggestion for Britians to cook meat until it’s "piping hot." But that makes perfect sense. I’m sure they don’t sell meat thermometers across the pond.

Barefoot Beer Drinkers, Beware

Ever think mosquitos love you more than others? Recent research proves the pesky vampires do have preferences, Yahoo reports... In a nutshell, don’t drink beer, barefoot, during a full moon.

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