Sep 18, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

NYT: “Eat your heart out”

Mar 07, 2013

NYT: "Eat your heart out."

The New York Times took a break from its relentless attack on beef to include this clarifying blog, which suggests maybe all that advice the newspapers and doctors have been spewing these last 40 years is the result of incomplete evidence.

I’m with the commenter who remembered our favorite sage: "Once again the truth of Mark Twain's quip, "If you don't read a newspaper you are uninformed. If you do read a newspaper, you are misinformed."

Free ear tags and tank floats
Being the least bit of a small thinker, when I first heard about 3-D printing, I thought "wow, free ear tags."

As I read more stuff about it, though, we might pay more attention.

Since most of us are miles and miles away from town and forced to get around in pickups that get 12 mpg if we drive 55, the least we might hope for is a deal that will make the VERY bolt or nut we need. Or the ¾ inch PVC tee slip joint we can’t find among all the ½ inch tees and ¾ inch ells and right angles and threaded ¾ tees and….all that PVC stuff that isn’t a ¾ inch tee that costs like 50 cents and requires a 2-hour trip and 10 gallons of gas to go get in a pickup that gets 12 mpg when you drive 55, but that doesn’t matter because you have to drive 90 to get back before the cows run out of water.

Or a windmill leather.

I know. That is not what the Harvard guys mean by "change the world" but it would sure change mine.

This week’s Science News has a really good article that explains more about it.

It seems these guys can print a whole car, so won’t we be able to fabricate our own nuts and bolts?

And here’s a story about how to use milk jugs   to make neat stuff. Wow. We could use milk jugs to make our own tank floats. Wow.

Oh. I guess we already do that, don’t we?

Nonetheless, this bodes to change things in ways small and large. Being a person who regards big city traffic, and the fact that millions of Americans are forced to endure it twice a day, as a great calamity, I find localized manufacturing has no limit of appeal. The reason kids move to those beehives of impoliteness is because they prefer—and don’t we parents, also?—to have a job. Now we’ve got the internet and we’re going to have 3-D printing and I just keep hoping someday kids will be able to move home.

Japanese waffles?
The American Meat Institute reports that the opposition part in Japan would like to waffle on their part of the beef deal.

Sky is falling department:
We can’t vouch for the credibility of the author of this report on water, but he makes some pertinent points. Public perception is very late to this subject.

Allan Savory gets lots of press
Savory’s pitch at a TED seminar is all over the news.

He is no defender of cattle feeding, but he makes points that the environmental members of the anti-beef mafia should take to heart. Grazers are the natural state of things.

A hard year for wolves
This is not good news for the wolves. A lot of them expired last year. Let’s mathemize: 550 wolves times 1 calf each times $800 per calf makes it good news for ranchers.

WaPo food editor comes out. Again
This time, he’s NOT going to eat meat. No comment.

Say, whaaa?
If you know anything about Indian politics, I’d appreciate some education on what this is about? They’re legislating that beef doesn’t contain iron?

How to tell Mama what you paid for that bull
Here’s some math you can use when you get home from the bull sale. Maybe you’ll have better luck than I did.

Drought management
If only we could "manage drought" we wouldn’t have any. But the Society of Range Management has some ideas on managing grassland during a drought.

Jesus can’t swim
Karen stole that headline from Varney so we stole it from her.

Are we paranoid?
This writer has something about the meat industry’s approach to the various attacks on our way of life and honor that we should take into account.

But I’m not sure its paranoia when we have HSUS, the Union of Concerned Scientists, PETA, the Sierra Club and all those folks united against us. Still, she seems reasoned and perhaps sympathetic. 

L.A. meateries
You will not find us in Los Angeles absent an extradition order, but if you MUST visit this is where the L.A. Times says to eat.

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