The Maximize the Herd Series equips cattle producers with the specific information they need to steer their herds to the next level of profitability.

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  • Adding One More Prostaglandin Shot Boosts Pregnancies

    11/07/2016 08:43 AM

    No one likely relishes the thought of giving an additional prostaglandin shot in the Double-Ovsynch protocol for first timed artificial insemination (A.I.) that already calls for four GnRH and two prostaglandin treatments in just 27 days.

  • No Cow Left Behind
    11/06/2016 09:37 AM

    At Dairy Dreams Farm, partner and veterinarian Don Niles, has gone all in, using the additional shot of prostaglandin to ensure the cows in his herd are getting every opportunity to become pregnant.

  • Immunity and Reproduction Work in Tandem for Herd Success
    10/10/2016 10:28 PM

    The typical dairy cow in North America completes an average of just two lactations, according to University of Georgia researcher David Hurley.