Sep 16, 2014
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CWT Membership Exceeds 60% of Milk Supply

January 5, 2011

The National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) reported today that it has more than 60% of the nation’s milk supply signed up to participate in its Cooperatives Working Together program for 2011 and 2012.

NMPF will require 75% participation for the program to continue, and CWT officials hope that plateau can be reached by the end of this month. CWT officials announced in October it would limit its activities to export assistance and no longer buy out entire herds to reduce U.S. production. The CWT contribution also falls to 2¢/cwt from 10¢.
To date, CWT has signed up 22 of its existing members and has added seven more: First District Association, Magic Valley Quality Milk Association, Midwest Dairymen’s Company, Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc., Premier Milk, Southeast Milk and Swiss Valley Farms.

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COMMENTS (10 Comments)

Calvin D. Paulson - Harrisonburg, VA
Please use my @#%* to shoot yourselfs in the foot! Sit at home and question economics/without answers. Maybe Oprah will donate time for "your loss"!
12:03 PM Mar 8th
cow land - SHERBURNE, NY
i agree jr, we as dairy farmers need to work against nmpfs plan. i only see upside for processors and nmpf.
10:56 AM Jan 7th
Smallest Dairy Farmer
BTW JR. What state do you live in? Far from ND?
8:59 AM Jan 7th
Smallest Dairy Farmer
I meant to say UNUSUALLY high volume............
8:57 AM Jan 7th
Smallest Dairy Farmer
JR.........I am just going say right on. There's a RAT when we pay to subsidize milk that is under the world market price. Where are the charts DFA was showing on export numbers when Class III milk, reached $16.83 for a whole 30 days? I bet the exports are still record high?
I tried find out who (Queen Elizabeth……..Yah think? )was buying all the cheese market when the close up futures fell to $13. for December milk, in October. They replied that they don’t give out who buys the contracts. Trades were making news because they were usually high volume at the time. I don’t have surplus cheese on hand, so when I do, I may be interested in taking dairy farmers money to help me sell it because I need to recoup my lost profits when from October!
NMPA has lost any support over the years. I don’t know who they represent, but evidently, not us.

8:52 AM Jan 7th
JRthe original
Cow land I humbly agree with your disagreement. I apologize for mis numbering this plan. Would you say it qualifies as number 2?
11:31 AM Jan 6th
cow land - SHERBURNE, NY
I disagree jr foundation for the future is the dumbest idea to come out in a long time.
11:19 AM Jan 6th
JRthe original
One other thing on this dumbest idea ever, IF we are trying to clear the market of excess and processors are saying that they have to much in storage why doesn't this plan collect money from processors also so they can eventually get the extra money from decreased supply? HHHHHHMMMMMM?
Oh yea they are paying us less and getting a make allowance and then we pay them a subsidy so they will sell their milk so they get paid on both sides , er wait maybe it's coming and going and then coming again? They are dipping in to my pocket at least three times now. I think I will remove my pockets!
7:17 AM Jan 6th
mps - Paris, TN
Cooperatives never created a pool of money that they did not like.
7:12 AM Jan 6th
JRthe original
I still don't understand why we have CWT export help when our price is below the world price? Are we hated that much? or is it that our leadership can't figure out that they must work to sell stuff? If you cut the price and add enough incentives eventually they will take your product but we will also go broke in the process. NMPF is a joke! Why doesn't Jerry Kozak take a half million dollar pay cut so we can ship some for free?
4:44 AM Jan 6th



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