Oct 1, 2014
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Raw Milk Farmer Faces Contempt Charges

January 14, 2011

Minnesota officials want dairy producer Michael Hartmann fined on contempt of court charges, Minnesota Public Radio reported today.

A state inspector visited the Hartmann farm January 3rd to destroy embargoed dairy products. But all he found when he arrived for two half-gallons of milk. This was despite the fact hundreds of gallons had been embargoed. There was also no embargoed butter, ice cream or meat on the farm.
Hartmann has been under investigation for illegally selling raw milk and dairy products. Minnesota health officials allege that eight people were sickened with e. coli after eating those products.

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COMMENTS (3 Comments)

ridethethunder - Richfield, UT
Please notice "health officials ALLEGE that eight people were sickened." The same thing happened to a small raw milk producer here in Utah. It turned out the
few folks that got sick was all traced to the local restaurant buffet. The sad thing because of all the BAD publicity on the radio, TV, and in the newspaper the small dairy farmer was literally run out of business. OH...when the followup story was run it was not on the radio or TV. Instead it was found on page 12 in the newspaper. Sometimes those that are supposed to "protect" us are only protecting their government jobs. It's called power and control
My family and I have been sickened several times with produce from Mexico and California. But we have NEVER been sick drinking RAW milk from our local dairy. We bought from that dairy for nearly 20 years now sadly they have been put out of business. OH...not to worry...we bought our OWN cows and have our OWN raw milk now.
9:18 AM Jan 18th
Smallest Dairy Farmer

The agriculture department’s Schommer said farmers in the state have the right to sell raw milk to customers who come to their farm. Exactly what Hartmann is allowed to do with food he produces remains unclear. It’s not spelled out in the judge’s order, but his attorney says he believes Hartmann can still sell at the farm.

The above is a quote excerpt from an article on the internet:
By Mark Steil
Minnesota Public Radio

2:44 PM Jan 15th
Smallest Dairy Farmer
Are those people filing the complaint. Leave the guy alone.
2:34 PM Jan 15th



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