Oct 1, 2014
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7 Agriculture Headlines Not To Miss, June 18

June 18, 2014
By: Chris Bennett, Farm Journal Technology and Issues Editor google + 

1. Dog: It’s What’s for Dinner in China

Forget cultural sensitivity. Slaughtering 10,000 dogs a day at China’s dog meat festival in Yulin is flat-out wrong. (Businessweek)

2. The New Green Revolution?

Biofortified grains are tantalizingly close for the world’s hungry, but remain agriculture’s El Dorado due to the steady clamor of GM resistance and scare tactics. (Spiegel)

3. Leo Sharp: Drug Mule or Farmer?

Is Leo Sharp an unlucky day-lily farmer or a drug-mule legend for the Sinaloa cartel? (New York Times)


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4. A Return to Dry Farming

Creating a crust barrier to hold in moisture may be as difficult as it sounds, but drought-stricken farmers are looking anywhere, even in the past, for farming methods that deal with prolonged drought. (Slate)

5. Farm Sack Changes Agriculture?

Costing only $3 each, multi-layered storage bags may play a huge food security role for African farmers. (Modern Farmer)

6. Diaper technology Hits Farming?

Diaper chemistry could boost food production in drought-stricken countries? Super absorbent polymers have small scale legs, but aren’t cost-effective for large scale agriculture – yet. (The Guardian)

7. A River of Ducks

You’ve never seen a bunch of ducks like this……ever. (Gizmodo)

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