Oct 2, 2014
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Ruling Is Major Victory for Utah Dairies in Lawsuit against Power Plant

January 23, 2012
By: Catherine Merlo, Dairy Today Western and Online Editor google + 

Nationally known veterinarian will be allowed to testify for the Utah dairy farmers.

In April 2011, Dairy Today featured former Utah dairy producer Mike Cherniske in "Before Bankruptcy Hits."
Mike Cherniske 3 11 030   Copy
Cherniske was one of 18 Utah dairy producers who had filed suit against a nearby power plant, claiming its stray voltage sickened and killed their cows. Cherniske blamed his bankruptcy largely on the fallout from the underground electrical currents, which lowered his dairy’s milk production and contributed to massive medical bills between 1999 and 2003.
The Utah Court of Appeals ruled Friday that the farmers' key expert witness, excluded by the trial judge, will be allowed to testify after all, reports KSL.com.
The ruling is a major victory for a large group of family farmers who have been embroiled in a lawsuit against the massive power project for the past decade. They're now a big step closer to a jury trial.

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COMMENTS (6 Comments)

JRthe original
NIce to see the article come up. At first I thought maybe agweb was gonna pull down a real journalistic news story. glad to see they didn't give into a large company for advertising dollars!

Kudos to docshaynes comments as well.
Dennis and angus are just post stirrers! LOL
4:47 AM Jan 25th
Aye Angus, it looks like we can use any kind of
W t F language here and only computer blockage
will limit it's usage lol
6:16 AM Jan 24th
Angus Farm
Where is the article????
8:05 PM Jan 23rd
Angus Farm
Where is the article????
8:05 PM Jan 23rd
chit, I'd like to be able to read the article...thanks
5:12 PM Jan 23rd
docshayne - waconia, MN
It's about time utilities respect the needs of their customers and not pay lip service. Any other business would be bankrupt with the type a crappy service they provide. The government needs to get out of protecting utility companies and allow more competition to drive prices down and services up.​
4:39 PM Jan 23rd



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