Sep 18, 2014
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A Beef Idea for PETA

Nov 15, 2011

Let’s take up a donation to buy everybody in Turkey, Texas, a steak dinner for Thanksgiving.

It’s the PETAsses again. They may be goofy, but they sure know how to get attention. Even from those of us who know that’s all they want. But I can’t resist.

Now they’ve asked my neighbors at Turkey, Texas, to change the name of the town for a day to get free vegetarian food. I wish the Turkeyites would do it and then survey the townsfolk about how that stuff tastes. Well, I almost wish they would. I’d rather we’d buy the town a beef dinner.  Maybe offer the town a choice between vegan fare and a nice steak, just to show what a fringe group PETA represents.

I know quite a few Turkey residents. I don’t suppose there is a vegetarian in the town, and if there is I bet it’s a high school girl going through a phase.  She will soon be out of that but the PETAasses will go on trolling for more bucks from the suckeriest of the animal rights movement.

They do this stuff because they know that if they can get 100 million (to pick a number) of media impressions, 99,999,998 normal humans will recognize the gimmick as a gimmick,“consider the source” and forget it,  but that leaves two new donors and one of them may be a rich crazy cat lady who will leave her millions to this richest of crazy cat lady outfits.

Which, bucks from crazy cat ladies, is what it’s all about.

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