Sep 20, 2014
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October 2010 Archive for Rubes Cartoons - Tales from a Twisted Mind

RSS By: Leigh Rubin,

A cartoonish look at life...

Spel Chekers

Oct 31, 2010

One of the bigist regrats I have is nevr lerning how to tipe in hi-skool. I don’t know why I skipt that class.(As opposed to all of the othr clases I skipt) I am shur it would have benifited me quite a bit in this new siber wurld of all things  “hi teckness .”

Awls that I can say is thank goodness for spel chekrs!!

Newspaper cartoon1

The Rubes cartoony show comes to Eugene, (Nov.9th) and Ashland, Oregon (Nov. 10th!)

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The New York critics agree, Leigh's cartoony show is a hit! See:

Cartoonist Leigh Rubin, creator of 'Rubes,' disarms and delights ... (From the Staten Island Advance)‎

Cartoonist speaks to about 100 fans in Rochester...(From the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)


Crying Like a Baby

Oct 24, 2010

 This coming week I will be bringing my traveling cartoony show to New York for two events on Staten Island and two in Rochester. I do enjoy traveling mainly because I can sleep on the plane without being interrupted by phones calls, barking dogs, kids needing something (notice how I didn’t mention my wife?), etc. etc., etc. I can fall asleep practically anywhere with relative quickness and ease. This ability is one that comes in quite handy except when I am driving. For some reason I am able to sleep right through all the bumps, the pilot telling the passengers to fasten our seat belts or look out the right or left window, (of which I am always on the wrong side), to see some nifty landmark or the guy sitting next to me who is intermittently guffawing at the in-flight sit-com without being disturbed. The same cannot be said if there is a crying baby within 25 rows of me. A couple of years ago I was on one such memorable flight. There was a young couple with two babies. As soon as the plane had lifted off one of the babies started in which of course started the other baby going. The very apologetic and embarrassed parents did all they could to quiet the babies but nothing seemed to work. Those poor kids had a miserable time, which I totally understood. By the end of that flight I wanted my mommy too.Advance Cover



Baby on Board

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1. 'Twisted' mister on Staten Island |

Same Old Song and Dance

Oct 09, 2010

Well here we are again. Is it already time for another election? Yes, in just a few a weeks we have the opportunity to cast our votes for the next governor of the Golden State. No more “Governator.” The race is between a career politician (a former governor, mayor and current attorney general of the state) and the former head of a hugely successful online auction company. My wife’s cousin ran as an independent in the primary last June and received one percent of the vote, which wasn’t bad considering he was operating on a shoestring. (Not literally of course, though he is a doctor and could operate if necessary). Considering what the auction lady has spent so far (140 million and counting) my wife’s cousin did pretty well if you were to calculate the “cost per vote.” Elections are good for the economy, that is if you figure just how many advertising dollars are spent in the state. Maybe we should hold elections every year....Ha! Ha!...Just kidding!!!

Is it my imagination or do politicians tell us what we want to hear? More jobs, lower taxes, better schools, safer streets, blah, blah, blah. As usual, it’s just the same old song and dance.

Song and Dance

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The 25th anniversary best of Rubes collection is here! 25 years of Rubes Classic Cartoon!!!

wild twisted1b




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