Sep 20, 2014
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A lot of hot air

Mar 02, 2010

 There sure is a lot of attention being put on the creation of “green” industry, which means there will be “green” jobs, which means there will be “green” products for us to consume and not feel guilty about contributing to the degradation of our planet. But aren’t we, and by “we” I mean every human being on this earth, already doing our part just by breathing? The answer is of course, “Yes!” Each and every one of is exhales thousands of times a day. Each time we exhale we deliver small burst of life giving carbon dioxide to trees everywhere! In a sense we are all environmentalists contributing to a greener planet! So next time you go to the store and  feel a little guilty for using plastic instead of paper just take a few extra breaths. You’ll be doing your part for the environment. Be proud of your contribution. You are making a difference, and for that you definitely deserve some extra carbon credit.

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COMMENTS (2 Comments)

And not just the "Green People", the EPA has also determined that CO2 is an "endangerment", along with other greenhouse gases.
12:18 PM Mar 2nd
Leigh, You have it backwards. The Green People want to stop carbon dioxide which grows the plants faster and claim that it is warming the earth and melting the polar ice.
11:16 AM Mar 2nd

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