Oct 1, 2014
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June 2011 Archive for Your Favorite Tractor

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Here’s your chance to share a photo of your favorite tractor.

1945 Farmall MV High Crop

Jun 30, 2011

Cover tractor for Fastline Far West Edition.

1945 Farmall MV HighCrop 
Owned by Augie Scoto, Atwater, Colo.
This tractor was used to cultivate tall crops. It is all original.

1975 International 1066

Jun 26, 2011

Cover tractor of the month, Fastline Missouri Edition.

Tractor on the month owned by Dick and Jay Shafer, Troy, Mo.


This classic tractor was purchased in 1977 and was painted in 2009 by Dennis Mudd of Silex, Mo. 

Learn more in the Fastline digital edition.

1941 Allis Chalmers B and 1974 Massey Ferguson 135

Jun 25, 2011

Cover tractor of the month, Fastline Southeast Edition.

Tractors on the month owned by R.E. (Buddy) Lindsey, Tifton, Ga.
Pictured on the Allis Chalmers is Lindsey Ross, Buddy’s granddaughter holding Daisy, her dachshund. Pictured on the Massey Ferguson is Will Ross, Buddy’s grandson.

1967 Farmall 656 Diesel

Jun 24, 2011

Cover tractor of the month, Fastline Northeast Edition.

Owned and restored by John Dinger, Frostburg, Penn.
The tractor was purchased new in 1967 by John’s father and has been in the family ever since. It features a narrow front end, gear drive with a TA, and fast hitch. It currently has 7,300 hours and “still drives like new,” John’s son, Jason, says.

1944 Co-Op Model C

Jun 23, 2011

Cover tractor of the month, Fastline Tennessee Edition.

Restored by William Jolley, Eddie Paul, Matthew Isley and Thurman Short of Ag Equipment USA in Lavergne, Tenn.
This 1944 Co-Op Model C is one of only about 500 manufactured. Production ended Thanksgiving 1944.

1956 John Deere 620

Jun 22, 2011

Cover tractor of the month, Fastline Michigan Edition.

1956 JOhn Deere 620
Owned and restored by Albert Pearsall and son, Caro, Mich.

Allis Chalmers Collector Turned Author

Jun 21, 2011

By Kasey Hunt, Farm Journal Editorial Assistant

For many, a hobby is an activity or interest that we take on for pleasure and is typically done during our leisure time. For Dean Byerly, his hobby turned into a full time job. Byerly made drawing Allis Chalmers emblems his hobby and after 40 years, he decided to cross something off his bucket list by writing a book detailing the history of Allis Chalmers. “Better by Design” is a collection of Allis Chalmers emblems, advertisements from years past and a collection of articles, including one from Implement and Tractor.
Meet Dean:
When asked what his favorite Allis Chalmers tractor is, Byerly stated it is the 1941 C because in his eyes, that is the tractor that started it all. After working for Allis Chalmers on a corporate level, Byerly decided to take his knowledge and passion for the equipment company to the classroom. He taught students at a local community college about the company and taught them how to work on the tractors.
If you are an Allis Chalmers collector and interested in a purchasing a copy of “Better by Design,” visit www.allisconnections.com. Copies of the book will also be available this summer at the Orange Power of the Past in Paris, Illinois on July 15-16 and the Gathering of the Orange in Hutchinson, Minnesota on July 22-24.

1945 John Deere Model B

Jun 21, 2011

Cover tractor of the month, Fastline Dakotas Edition.

Owned by Marilyn Lahlum, Valley City, ND.
Painted by Scott Miller
The owner’s father bought this tractor new the year she was born. Years later, she found a pocket notebook in his desk and that year he had written, “Got a new John Deere tractor…,” but nothing about a new daughter.

1949 Farmall M Bought by Grandad, Restored by Grandson

Jun 17, 2011

Tractor of the month owned by Ken Kugler, Johnson Lake, Neb., Fastline Nebraska edition.

Restored by Tyler Kugler, Johnson Lake, Neb. Tyler’s grandfather purchased this classic tractor after he graduated in 1949.

1952 Ford 8N Restored for Grandson

Jun 16, 2011

Tractor of the month owned and restored by Chick DeHart, Paragould, Ark., Fastline Mid-South edition.


Chick bought the Ford 8N from a family member to restore for his grandson, Casen DeHart. According to Chick, this Ford 8N will more than likely be the last tractor he will restore.

1949 Farmall M

Jun 15, 2011

Tractor of the month owned and restored by Shane Berryhill, Travelers Rest, SC, Fastline Mid-Atlantic Edition.


Shane purchased this tractor in 2007 from a lady whose husband had been the original owner. At the time of purchase, the Berryhills were told that the tractor had sat in a barn for 30 years. Shane and his father, Wallace, restored it over a period of three year. They replaced bulbs, wiring harnesses, manifold, gauges and of course, new paint. The engine is in perfect working condition. The Tractor is occasionally used to rake hay. Shane shows it at the local FFA events for Blue Ridge High School. He also takes it to the Dacusville Farm Days held ever Labor Day weekend in Dacusville, SC.

1950 Cockshutt Golden Eagle

Jun 14, 2011

Tractor of the month owned by Ralph and Albert Biehle, North Vernon, Indiana, Fastline Indiana edition.

Restored by Dale Gerringer and Jake Biehle.
Ralph purchased this tractor when it was a year old from the local co-op. It is equipped with a 4 cylinder Perkins diesel engine, belt pulley, 3 point hitch, and live PTO. Itw as used on the Biehle Farm for field work for many years. And was, even used until 2002 to run a silage blower. In 2010, Ralph’s grandsons, Dale Gerringer and Jake Biehle, restored the tractor to its present condition.

For more, click here for the Fastline digital edition.

1962 Allis Chalmers D19 Diesel

Jun 13, 2011

Tractor of the month owned by Don Dittmar, Fastline Illinois edition.

Don had owned his tractor for 4 years. He also completed the restoration by himself. Farming with his dad and uncle (who also farmed with Allis Chalmers Equipment) was what inspired Don to purchase and own his own AC tractor.

Tractor Trendsetters: Minneapolis-Moline U with LP-gas

Jun 09, 2011

Written by Larry Gay

The early farm tractors were powered by engines that burned gasoline. As automobiles became popular, the price of gasoline increased and the tractor manufacturers redesigned their engines to burn the lower-cost kerosene. By the late 1920s, distillate began to replace kerosene as the low-cost fuel for tractors. Gasoline was required to start the kerosene and distillate engines. The first diesel engines in farm wheel tractors appeared in the mid-1930s.

 In 1941, Minneapolis-Moline introduced a liquefied petroleum gas (LP-gas) engine for its model U series tractors. The 4-cylinder, 283-cubic-inch LP-gas engine with a rated speed of 1,275 rpm was built with the same 4.25-inch bore and 5.00-inch stroke as the gasoline engine. However, the compression ration was 6.8 to 1, instead of 5.4 to 1 for the gasoline engine. The Minneapolis-Moline engines were unique with the cylinders and heads cast in pairs and attached to the crankcase by studs.

The Minneapolis-Moline U was the company’s largest row-crop tractor in 1941 and was rated as a 3-4 plow tractor. It could be equipped with dual front wheels or a single front wheel. The U was also available as a standard-tread tractor. The transmission provided five forward speeds. The U developed 45.3 belt horsepower with its gasoline engine when tested at Nebraska in 1939 and 48.8 belt horsepower with its LP-gas engine in 1948. Both tests were corrected for temperature and barometric pressure.

Other tractor manufacturers soon followed Minneapolis-Moline’s lead and began to offer LP-gas engines as an option. By the late 1950s and early 1960s, most tractor builders offered a choice of gasoline, diesel, or LP-gas engines. The Minneapolis-Moline G955 and G1355 were the last new models of MM tractors, being introduced in 1972, and they were available with a choice of 6-cylinder LP-gas or diesel engines.

Larry Gay is the author of four farm tractor books published by the Americn Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. These books may be obtained from ASABE at 800-695-2723 or www.asabe.org, click publications and then click history books.

1937 Cletrac Model E

Jun 07, 2011

This tractor is featured for the month of June in the Classic Farm Tractor Calendar.

This is among the first styled versions of Cletrac tractors. The word Cletrac is short for Cleveland Tractor Company. The firm dates back to 1911, when it was a big builder of early track tractors… Oliver took over the company in 1944. Cletrac used differential steering: one track slowed or stopped, while the other sped up. Many users preferred this system to Caterpillar’s. This Model E sports a 4 cylinder gas engine, rated at 1250 rpm, 22-hp on drawbar, 27-hp on belt pulley. It weighs a tad under 5,000 lb. Track shoe width is 8”.
1937 CletracModelE 
Owners: Jerry and Jane Immel
Walterboro, South Carolina
This handsome-looking track-type tractor is shown throughout the South, getting bushels of bouquets from serious classic collectors. The Cletrac Model E is pictured at a recent Florida Flywheelers Club event in Fort Meade, Florida.
The world-famous Classic Farm Tractor Calendar from Classic Tractor Fever is in its 21st year of publication with the 2010 calendar available now. They have calendars, videos, books, and much, much, more. Click here to visit their online shop.

1935 John Deere B

Jun 06, 2011

Cover tractor of the month Fastline Texas edition.

Owned by Clem Mikeska, Temple, Texas.

Restored by Kevin Edwards (left) and Zackary Skrabanek (right).


This is a 1935 John Deere B owned by Clem Mikeska, owner of Clem Mikeska's Bar-B-Q in Temple, Texas. It was restored as an ag project by Kevin Edwards and Zackary Skrabanek. Both were seniors in high school at hte time and are now attending Texas A&M University, majoring in ag engineering. The tractor was shown in the San Antonio and Houston stock shows where it received third place in its division in San Antonio and fourth place in its division in Houston. It took about seven months to fully restore. Kevin and Zackary made the road bands in order to show the tractor and htey are the only thing not original on the John Deere B.

Click here to see the digital edition.

Hillside Winter Wheat Harvest

Jun 05, 2011

Owned by Larry Arnzen, Cottonwood, Idaho.

Cover machine of the month, Fastline Northwest edition.  
In this image Arnzen is harvesting winter wheat near Cottonwood, Idaho. He farms and ranches with his son, Brendon. They grow grass hay, oat hay, winter wheat, spring wheat and bluegrass. The combine is a 1995 John Deere 9600 with a Hillco Hillside Leveling System. Larry and his wife, Patty, have been farming for 40 years and the past 20 years he has worked with his son Brendon and daughter-in-law, Mollie.

1955 John Deere 420 W

Jun 04, 2011

Cover tractor of the month, Fastline Oklahoma edition.  

Owned and restored by Michael Smith, Oakwood, Okla.
Michael’s grandparents, Otto and Hulda Lamle, bought this tractor at a Watonga farm store in 1956 for $1,670.29. Michael still has the original bill of sale. They farmed one quarter of land until his grandfather retired. Michael’s late uncle, Walter, then purchased it and kept it in the shed for 20 years. In an effort to keep the tractor in the family, Michael purchased it from his aunt, Penny, when the tractor was no longer in running condition. Michael has owned the tractor for three years, and in his spare time he overhauled the engine and restored it to the original condition.

John Deere Diesel 1020

Jun 03, 2011

Cover tractor of the month, Fastline Southeast edition.

Here are Scott and Hillary Everidge with their sons and future farmers, Brant and Brody, along with Scott’s mother, Miss Patricia and her husband, Mr. Donnie Rigdon.

And read the Fastline e-edition.



1966 Farmall 706

Jun 02, 2011

Cover tractor of the month, Fastline Kansas edition.

Owned and restored by Dean Grenawalt.

1978 White 2-50

Jun 01, 2011

Cover tractor of the month, Fastline Ohio Edition.

Owned and restored by Erik Hamilton, Georgetown, Ohio.
This tractor was bought by Erik’s grandfather, Raymond Campbell, from Bess Tractor Sales in Winchester, Ohio. In 1996, the tractor was sold at auction to a nearby farmer. Erik was able to re-purchase the White 2-50 in 2008, during which time he worked to restore it to its present condition. The tractor is still being used on the farm today.
1978White2 50
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