Oct 2, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

Stuffing Chavez, COOL’s Cool Reception, Mennonite Butchers

Mar 15, 2013

I can empathize with the Venezuelans, who are hoping to taxiderm Hugo Chavez and put him on display. It seems they let him get a little ripe before they got him in the freezer.

I’ve had it happen. The taxidermists I know take a whiff and send you packing. But there are other taxidermists, apparently, who will work with what they’ve got. Surely Venezuela can find the guy who did this beloved German shepherd.

Canada does not like USDA’s new plans for mandatory labeling.

The senators who passed the original bill like it a lot.

NCBA doesn’t like it.

AMI hates it.

R-CALF’s Bill Bullard is ecstatic, and so is Jess Peterson at U.S. Cattlemen.

After reading it all, it’s pretty much mixed emotions around here.  Product differentiation is great, but it needs to be based on attributes that matter. There is no difference in cattle from these three countries. Consumers won’t pay much attention to the labels.

This will add costs to beef that won’t be there for poultry. For poultry, none of which is imported, there is no problem. The costs will accrue to beef alone.

Moreover, there’s no way this will withstand WTO scrutiny. It is more discriminatory than the old rule. If it does stand up, you’d expect to see Canada increase their feeding and packing activities and simply ship beef in as a "product of Canada."  That sure won’t be good for the already over-built U.S. feedlot industry, but it won’t hurt the packers. They’ll just kill inCanada instead of the U.S.

What you shouldn’t expect, in this market, is any improvement in cattle prices. We’re against the ceiling now.

One reason Cargill gave for closing its Plainview plant was the need to keep plants operating near enough capacity to afford workers full time wages.

So, it looks like Plainview’s loss is Liberal’s gain.

Whole Foods: Vegan in charge nixes GMOs

JBS profits

New Zealand is getting dry.

Protecting the world from Mennonites with tripods and knives.

The starve the horses coalition gets traction in D.C.

Research on cows as weather monitors.

USMEF team is doing Latin America.

Another steak as lobster story.

This anthropologist says we should eat more offal.

These folks don’t want no stinking pigs in the neighborhood.

News flash: Rural communities are losing population.

More new science casting doubt on old scientific consensus about cholesterol.

Try this and then tell me Texans don’t know how to cook.

Good advice on ordering beef.

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