Oct 1, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

The Mustangs Vote Naaay!

Mar 01, 2013

Do the calves and moose get a vote in this endangered species thing?*

wolvesThere are some (altogether non fiduciary so far as I’ve found) rewards for sending one’s children to Ivy League colleges. Yesterday my long-gone, thoroughly Columbia-ized and, perhaps worse, Austin-ized, daughter got a letter at our house from the Sierra Club asking her to rejoin their club, which I suppose she joined before she paid her own bills. Not that there are any hard feelings about that.

It included five charming greeting cards showing just how cute wolves are when they’re not in the process of eviscerating calves or moose and eating them alive. There were, let me assure you, no barred fangs or jugular veins in these pictures.

I learned from the accompanying literature that the Sierra Club needs money to get wolves back on the endangered (not to be confused with dangerous) species list. And not only that, "those opposed to us in this fight (to save the cute wolves) are wealthy….(and) will stop at nothing to end protection for endangered species that stand in the way of their profits, even deception and flat-out denial of science."

They wanted my daughter to send them some dues they said. "Right now." Their case was so heart-rending that I started to send them a little, but the minimum was $19 and, well, I wouldn't be "wealthy" if I threw my money around like that, would I? I should forward this to my daughter, I guess, and will certainly give it some thought. They obviously need some money pretty bad "right now." It is"vital to our efforts" they say. And I can just imagine so. They’re only taking in $51 million a year--$9 million more than the whole national beef board gets.

I’m glad to report that, in this mailing, ranchers are not cited as the problem. Rather, it is "greedy developers, oil companies and timber and mining conglomerates that are pressuring elected officials to abandon wildlife protection for profit…." I take that as a sign their fund-raising polls indicate they shouldn’t lump us in with those other scoundrels. A small favor there.

I almost reconsidered. I am no fan of conglomerates, much less, greedy developers.  Anyhow, if you wish to make a contribution and get some greeting cards, for (let me mathematize here: $19 divvy 5 cards=$3.80) $3.80 per card, you can learn more at www.sierraclub.com

The wolf pictures are so endearing I wish I had one here to hug. It moves me to doggerel:

See the mama wolf
With her cub so sweet?
Avert your eyes, kids.
They’re about to eat
*the wild mustangs already voted naaay.

USDA: This time, we mean it!
USDA says that food stamp fraud is rare but they’re going to get VERY TOUGH about it. And this time, they mean it.

The dumping thing of which they speak reminds me of a fellow I knew in college. His daddy gave him a new Corvette and a gas card for high school graduation, so he spent his spare (and, of course, sometimes his class) time driving the country roads picking up coke bottles and aluminum cans for the refunds, thus converting $10 worth of gas into $1.25 for a six-pack of cheap beer.

It’s a good thing USDA didn’t catch him. They would have admonished him, I bet.

I’m already on record with my cure for it. Give poor people all the bulk rice and beans they want free and see how long it takes them to find a way to get un-poor. Much of the world lives on no more than that.

Let’s see who gets the free money
Cory Gardner has introduced a bill that might shed light on some of those sweethearty deals federal agencies cut with activist groups.

Iowa: still dry
I’m not sure it’s worth a Register chit, but this story says what we already learned from AgWeb.

The drought isn’t over. Those rosy USDA crop forecasts are not in the bin.

Considering COOL
This country of origin labeling thing continues to simmer. Either USDA or Congress must find a fix for it soon or Canada and Mexico are about to start taxing somebody more politically powerful than us. USCA has some thoughts.

"A myriad of standards"  
FDA has a bunch of new rules and plans a series of meetings to "seek feedback" they can ignore later.

Good things to say about beef
Cargill has a tasty new site promoting ground beef.

More red meat for us conglomerate haters
Here you go with a hearty dose of anti-corporate rant to enjoy with your organic supplements this morning.

Let them work
A comforting take on my pet political project.

--Steve Cornett

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