Sep 18, 2014
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John Block Reports from Washington

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John Block has dedicated his professional career to the fields of agriculture, food and health.

Does the Good Outweigh the Bad?

Nov 21, 2012

We just celebrated Thanksgiving. I know some of our citizens might have wondered if the good outweighs the bad. We have 8% unemployment. We suffered the worst drought in decades. Our economy is sputtering. All we hear about is the "fiscal cliff" that we are marching toward. If we fail to deal with our 16 trillion dollar debt problem, if we fail to raise taxes, if we fail to cut entitlement programs, we are doomed.

The Middle East is smoldering, ready to explode – Israel and Hamas at each other’s throats. Iran on the verge of getting a nuclear weapon. Europe is falling back into recession. People are starving in Africa. There is a lot of bad out there.

But, let’s be realistic. We’re not hungry here in the U.S. We just had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack’s Thanksgiving message reminds us. Here is what he said: "How blessed we are to have a strong, vibrant rural America. Our farmers, ranchers and growers are the most productive on earth. The ag industry supports 1 in 12 U.S. jobs. American families pay less for their food than the people of any other developed country."

I would add that, if everything in the U.S. is so bad, why are individuals from other countries beating down the door to come to the U.S., either legal or illegal?

Chinese are sending record numbers of students to the U.S. to attend our colleges and universities. The world still looks to us for leadership. We have reason to be thankful.

That isn’t to ignore the fact that we have some fringe groups that would like to spoil the fun and dictate to us.

Exhibit number one – the Los Angeles City Council approved a resolution establishing "Meatless Monday." It is a good thing that Thanksgiving never falls on Monday. Take away the meat and Thanksgiving would not be the same.

Exhibit number two – PETA ran an ad in Orlando, Florida featuring a beautiful turkey with the head of a cute little puppy. The ad read: "Kids: If you wouldn’t eat your dog, why eat a turkey? Go vegan."
Oh well – what can I say? Let’s have a positive attitude as we approach the Christmas holidays.
In closing, I would encourage you to access my website which archives my radio commentaries dating back 10 years and will go back 20 years when complete. Check on what I said back then. Go to

Until next week, I am John Block from Washington.

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COMMENTS (2 Comments)

Ric Ohge - Belmond, IA
In addition to the above, we have a vicious form of Corporately Controlled Statism running rough-shod over our American Legacies and Institutions. every facet of our lives are being brought into a "collectivist" vision controlled by Wall Street, the Banksters, and Big Industry, but funded by "We The People" The Government pours new levels of "Security" (Invasion of Privacy-Suspension of Liberties) every day, that once again, WE pay for. Our Federal and State Governments are simply pies to be cut and shared among the Plutocrats. The last election? The people lost as no credible candidates made the cut, as usual. We have more Laws than any nation in History incarcerating more people per capita than any nation in the world, all of which are able to be done as the Media keeps us focused on the endless game of "Us Versus Them" that keeps us from seeing what's going on. The Farm Bill is being asked to find more cuts, but the Defense Budget and the War On Drugs get boosts. We build more Prison space than School Rooms-and doesn't THAT "send a message to our youth"? Suspending just 1/2% of the bloated Defense Budget would nearly double the Farm Bill-and make no mistake about it, Farmers ARE the foundation of our Nation's Economy. Try building a house without a foundation...expecting anything other than an epic fail is insanity.
9:57 AM Nov 27th
Well John why don't you just accompany my wife to the food bank where she helps hand out food to those who are suffering from the policies you support. It is clear that perhaps you have never missed a meal, but there are people right here in Des Moines, Iowa that have!

Yeah! Lets have a positive attitude going into Xmas. Well easy for you to say, how long were you a dole employee for the Feds? I am sure in your safe little world all is well. Better wake up this party is about over. You have a Fed Chairman printing money no one can control. Greece met its Waterloo at 160% of GDP, we are at 200% an you are attempting to assume the position of "Pied Piper" and play a tune of well being to our citizens.

I really think you should leave the beltway and fantasyland, and return to the real world. John

Who is breaking down the doors to get here? The Chinese 80% of whom return to China after exploiting our educational system and pirate our technology. What am I missing here?

How many Mexicans are now beating down our door, they have better economic opportunity returning to Mexico than they can find in this country. Give me a break!
8:39 PM Nov 22nd

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