Aug 30, 2014
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Dairy Today: November 2011

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  • Normativas III
    La Asociación de Criadores de Novillas establece estándares para el bienestar animal
  • Para toda la vida
    Las tasas de crecimiento antes del destete determinan el desempeño de por vida


  • Lower Your Power Bills
    A 500-cow dairy can potentially save from $2,000 to $7,000 every year through more efficient energy management.
  • Needed: More Digesters
    Digesters create renewable energy, better manage manure, produce a steady supply bedding, and lessen their dairy’s environmental footprint by reducing air emissions and odor.
  • Feed More Forage
    For a 1,450 lb. Holstein, that works out to about 26 lb. of forage dry matter.
  • How Low Can You Go?
    Milking rations as low as 14% crude protein still yield 90 to 100 lb. of milk/cow/day.
  • Gold Standard III
    In virtually all cases, production practices that keep animals’ best welfare interests in mind also result in the best production outcomes.
  • Set for Life
    Many dairy producers believe that slow starting calves can catch up through compensatory growth. Not true.
  • A Whole New Twist
    A California ethanol plant and a dairy team up to build a methane digester.


  • Today's Products: World Dairy Expo 2011
    Companies make major product announcements and introductions at World Dairy Expo 2011.
  • Risk of Residues
    This online tool weights the answers to assess level of risk, depending on how a dairy actually implements antibiotic treatments.


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