Sep 22, 2014
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Dairy Today: December 2012

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  • Farm-to-Retail Spreads
    Retail milk prices will never move by the same percentage as farm prices because the cost structures are different.
  • Can Fluid Be Saved?
    Each time milk prices jump sharply, fewer consumers buy. Over time, we teach people they can live without milk.—Tom Gallagher, Dairy Management Inc.
  • Listen Up!
    If a cow ruminates less than her normal, it’s an indication that something is wrong.
  • Rethink MLV IBR Vaccines
    MLV IBR vaccines might be doing more harm than good when given to pregnant cattle.
  • On the Forefront
    Indiana has more than 50,000 livestock sites in its premise ID data base, including more than 1,500 dairy operations.
  • The Next Generation
    One of the challenges of any farm transition plan is having the succeeding generation fully prepared to take on the business management of the operation.
  • A Second Set of Eyes
    Security cameras help dairies know what cows, employees and visitors are up to
  • Johne’s Lessons Learned
    Pasteurizing waste milk and vaccination help control Johne’s disease.
  • Game Changer
    A 3-cut system produces greater tonnage and more dollars.
  • A Better Way
    LGM-Dairy could be a useful risk management tool if it were offered regularly, even at unsubsidized prices.


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