Sep 23, 2014
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Dairy Today: February 2014

Cover Story

  • In Command of a Crisis
    Experts are working to secure the nation’s milk supply in case of a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak.

Espanol Version

  • Hablas Androide?
    En un negocio como la lechería la comunicación puede, a veces, significar la diferencia entre la vida y la muerte.

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Issues Features

  • Dairy Export Threats
    As the U.S. exports an ever increasing share of its milk production, so does its vulnerability grow to trade disruptions.


  • Simple Steps Save Calves
    Without intervention, 40% of calves that need more than minor assistance at birth will die.
  • Control Coccidiosis
    Clean, dry, well-ventilated pens and adequate nutrition are crucial to coccidiosis prevention and control.
  • Management by Numbers
    It is critical to know your costs beyond feed expense to effectively manage margins.
  • See Her, Breed Her
    There is more risk to breeding a cow too late, by waiting 12 hours using the AM/PM rule, than breeding once per day.
  • Polled Potential
    Dehorning cows riles animal rights activists, but breeding with polled genetics could transform the dairy industry.
  • California Goes Nuts
    More of the state's dairies are diversifying into permanent crops like almonds.


  • Is Organic Milk Better?
    While grass-fed milk has a better ratio of fatty acids, the levels are still so low they don’t make much difference in human nutrition.
  • Dairy Dust Not Likely Hazard
    Potentially problematic particles are not found at high levels far beyond the barnyard.


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