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  • Down Mexico Way

    02/24/2017 03:23 PM We are noting some action on Mexico’s part, whether coordinated with the government or not. Take a look at the USDA weekly Export Sales report for the week ending February 16. For that week, Mexico was the largest buyer of pork, beef and soy oil. They were the second largest buyers of soybean meal and sorghum, and the second largest shipper of corn. They were the #3 buyer of wheat.
  • Taking the Reins
    02/22/2017 02:11 AM

    Millennial manager empowers team, grows Illinois hog operation

  • How Canada Cut Foreign Workers and Hobbled Its Meat Industry
    02/20/2017 11:53 AM

    A lesson for Trump on consequences of America-first measures?


  • Arkansas Hog Farm Gets Tentative Approval for New Permit
    02/20/2017 06:05 AM

    The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality had tentatively approved a new permit for a hog farm near Mount Judea.

  • Bleak Midwinter -Not!
    02/17/2017 06:21 PM Usually, mid-February has Midwest residents sharing that sentiment and hoping the occasional day in the 50’s is the first sign of spring. That is NOT a description of 2017, at least not in our neck of the woods. We’re looking at a string of 60-70 degree daytime highs, with clear skies and cattle almost frolicking. Calving season always has challenges, but there have been a lot worse Februarys for the cow/calf guys.
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    Continued Feed Demand "Good for Corn Demand Balance Sheets"
    02/14/2017 12:02 PM

    For Tommy Grisafi of Advance Trading, Inc., the cattle industry went through one of its biggest boom bust cycles in his 25 years trading commodities. Those high prices cattle producers saw is a motivator to make choices on the farm.

  • Valentines Day and All
    02/10/2017 06:06 PM I ran through a lot of theme ideas for this week, with Abe Lincoln (we share a birthday) and Valentines Day among the contenders. Once I went with Valentines Day, Cupid and his arrows came to mind, along with the Valentines Day massacre. Unlike the Bowling Green massacre in the news recently, the VDM actually happened in 1929 in Chicago.
  • Tyson Says SEC Is Investigating Chicken-Pricing Allegations
    02/07/2017 01:24 PM

    Shares of chicken producers fall after disclosure of subpoena. Tyson also raised fiscal 2017 earnings target on beef and pork.

  • Bacon On My Mind
    02/03/2017 04:03 PM I have to confess that I have bacon on my mind this weekend. There is a possiblility I might consume some for breakfast, or wrapped around another commodity in a Super Bowl food spread. And we now have a Nebraska Congressman named Don Bacon on the House Ag Committee. The analyst part of my brain is focused on the Bacon Shortage of 2017. It took them a week or so, but the general media finally picked up on the fact that pork belly inventories at the end of December were the smallest since 1959.
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    Pork Industry says not to Worry About a Bacon Shortage
    02/02/2017 07:01 AM

    An insatiable demand for bacon depleted frozen pork belly supplies in the U.S. to a record low level for December, but the pork industry is confident it can keep up with demand and avoid any serious shortages.