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  • Frying Pan as Bearing Installation Tool

    02/19/2017 08:16 PM Don't try this with your wife's frying pan.
  • Planter Prep
    02/14/2017 07:45 PM Odds and ends to consider when prepping planters.
  • Cheaters
    02/11/2017 10:00 AM Cheater handles make a mere mortal mechanic into The Incredible Hulk
  • High-Mileage Planter Repair
    02/09/2017 11:57 AM

    Most farmers are aware of common wear and maintenance points on planters. Worn disk openers, failed closing wheel bearings and other high-wear components are annual gotta-check issues prior to planting.

  • Black Handled Tools
    01/29/2017 09:29 AM A conspiracy among tool manufacturers.
  • Let There Be (Shop) Heat
    01/26/2017 07:45 PM I'm impressed with modern portable shop heating options
  • The Hardest Part of Wrenchin'
    01/20/2017 07:32 PM Figuring out what to fix is harder than fixing it.
  • So Simple Anybody Could Do It
    01/18/2017 08:25 PM Patience is the biggest tool in a mechanic's toolbox.
  • An Ode To Oil Drain Pans
    01/07/2017 10:27 AM The right drain pan is treasure to the guy who uses it.

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  • Irrigation Makes a Splash in Yield

    10/22/2016 02:30 AM

    A 110-acre reservoir, five pumps and 18 pivots net a big return on investment

  • How a 110-Acre Reservoir Transformed This Alabama Farm
    10/19/2016 01:22 PM

    Dee River Ranch features a whole-farm irrigation system fed by a 110-acre reservoir. Five 150-hp pumps supply water to 18 pivots and one corner unit across 2,800 acres of corn and soybeans. The results since 2011? Corn profits ranging from $144-$1,093 per acre over non-irrigated ground, and soybean profits hovering between $115-215 per acre over non-irrigated ground.

  • Pigweed War Reaches Far Beyond Farmland
    09/22/2016 07:08 AM

    On many farming operations, mowing has given way to high-powered pre-emerges to kill vegetation, but bald ditches may spawn a regulatory leviathan. Silt gathering in the bottom of ditches and canals; eroded turn rows; washed out roads; and hammered PTO ditches are caught in a vicious spray cycle of unintended consequences with no simple fix.

  • Water Hog Is a Drainage Beast
    08/08/2016 05:00 AM

    The evil twin of drought is drainage and both can cripple a crop in short time. When a river rises or a culvert backs up, water can sit on farmland for weeks and prevent planting and harvest, or simply kill crops mid-season. Time to saddle a Water Hog beast and pump directly through a levee.


  • Irrigation District Accused of Cheating Oregon Farmers
    07/05/2016 07:10 PM

    Some northeast Oregon farmers have filed a federal complaint alleging they were cheated out of water.

  • No Easy Fix to Looming Water Crisis
    06/27/2016 05:00 AM

    When southwest Kansas farmer Kent Dunn looks to the horizon, he sees golden fields of wheat, now being harvested. He also sees what might lie in store for his grandchildren, who will be fifth-generation farmers, as the Ogallala Aquifer groundwaters disappear.

  • Take the Guesswork Out of Irrigation
    06/25/2016 02:04 AM

    Sensor technology helps farmers make water choices that save money and boost yield

  • Irrigation Timing Doesn't Have to Be Guesswork
    06/24/2016 12:00 PM

    Guesswork and irrigation are long-time farming partners, but it can be a happy-in-hell marriage. When to turn on the spigot? How much water to deliver? Every farm soaks and dries in isolation because one field’s irrigation recipe is another’s death sentence.

  • Could Subsurface Drip-Irrigated Rice Work?
    06/15/2016 03:32 PM

    Drip irrigation is common enough in some orchard and vegetable crops, but research is underway to study another crop’s response to drip irrigation – rice, a row crop that typically sits partially submerged in several inches of water for part of the growing season.

Precision Ag

  • The Big Picture on Precision Ag

    02/11/2017 01:02 AM

    Veris Technologies Inc. designs, builds and markets sensors and controls for the precision ag industry. Veris President Eric Lund discusses the growing precision ag marketplace, the impact on the industry and offers insight for farmers climbing the agtech learning curve.

  • New Innovations and Technology From John Deere Part 1 2-9 audio
    02/09/2017 06:00 AM In today's show I sit down with Beverly Flores Media Relations Manager with John Deere to talk about some of the new precision ag technology that is on the market today and how they are trying to focus on customers during these challenging times. Part 1 in a 2 Part series.
  • Farm Inventor Goes Digital DIY
    11/29/2016 02:32 PM

    Jim Poyzer is a new breed of innovator connecting digital DIY technology to older equipment.

  • The Quest for Apples-To-Apples Farm Data
    11/21/2016 08:44 PM

    Anyone who has collected baseball cards understands that part of the appeal lies with the statistics on the back. How many RBIs, home runs, strikeouts and other stats a particular player has amassed arms the fans with the data they need to argue about who’s the best – and who falls short. Jason Tatge, CEO of Farmobile, can relate. 

  • Anderson: Prepping High Tech Stuff For Winter
    11/16/2016 03:25 PM

    Most of us are used to getting farm equipment ready for winter--we check antifreeze, we add diesel fuel anti-gel to fuel tanks, etc., etc. High technology has added a few items that may not be on our winter prep radar. 

  • Ag Leader, John Deere Enter Licensing Agreement
    11/07/2016 02:42 PM

    In October, Ag Leader reached an agreement with John Deere for the technologies and licenses needed to manufacturer and sell Precision Planting SpeedTube, vSet, vDrive and DeltaForce. This agreement is contingent on John Deere finalizing its acquisition of Precision Planting from Monsanto.

  • How Ag Tech is Boosting Farm Profits
    10/19/2016 09:32 AM

    Average size U.S. corn farms using GPS mapping see about a 3 percent increase in operating profit and the gain for net returns is almost 2 percent. Guidance systems boost operating profit by 2.5 percent, and variable-rate technology raises it by about 1.1 percent.

  • How to Check For Precision Ag Compatibility
    10/10/2016 01:34 PM

    Until today, users could only search by manufacturer, and then brand, but now they can now also start by choosing a product category and, in the next step, a functionality they would like the product to support. 

  • Machinery Pete: Precision Tools in Demand
    10/08/2016 02:29 AM

    Farm equipment sure has changed since I started compiling auction price data 27 years ago.