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  • Farm Exchange Machinery
    10/7/2014 - Corn Head:

    2408 Case International corn head. Big feeder house. Single point hydraulic hook-up. Hydraulic deck plates. Good poly.
    Location: Beaver Dam, KY
    Price: $32,500
  • Farm Exchange Buildings & Storage
    10/7/2014 - Metal Buildings:

    50x100x20 w/clear span rigid frames, Galvalume roof, color walls, 18x18 framed opening
    Location: Cawker City, KS
    Price: $29,500

Precision Ag

Irrigation Equipment

  • Kansas Farmers Irrigating More Acres

    11/17/2014 12:21:00 PM
    The agency says Kansas farmers spent an average of $56.73 per acre last year to irrigate crops from wells. The average depth of wells in the state was 103 feet.
  • Irrigation Journal 10/25/2014 2:54:00 AM
    Read to find out about the latest in irrigation.
  • Effort to Manage Ogallala Aquifer Irrigation Falls Flat 9/29/2014 1:03:00 PM
    Farmers have been resistant to using a two-year-old law that allows them to form groups that can require deep reductions in irrigation from the diminishing and endangered Ogallala Aquifer.
  • Proposed FDA Rules Could Affect Farmers' Irrigation Practices 9/22/2014 10:22:00 AM
    The new proposals would relax water quality standards and allow farmers to harvest crops sooner after using raw manure as fertilizer.
  • Western Irrigation Practices Becoming More Efficient 9/8/2014 8:39:00 AM
    As California struggles to deal with its ongoing drought, it’s worth taking a broader look at irrigated agriculture in the West.
  • Wisconsin Judge Rules Against Dairy Farm's High-Capacity Well 9/8/2014 3:46:00 AM
    Administrative Law Judge Jeffrey Boldt ruled that the Department of Natural Resources failed to consider the accumulated effects of groundwater use when the agency reviewed an application for a high-capacity well for a $35 million dairy farm.
  • Drones, Cornfields, and Marijuana 9/3/2014 11:18:00 AM
    As farmers harvest their corn crop this year, they might want to look carefully to see what else—namely, marijuana--might be growing among their cornstalks.
  • Agriculture ETPs Losing Investors on Record Harvest 9/1/2014 3:52:00 PM
    The investment binge in U.S. agriculture funds has ended as record crops and the promise of improving meat supplies send prices plunging.
  • Irrigation Journal 8/26/2014 9:34:00 PM
    Read about the latest upgrades and options in several irrigation systems.
  • Less Could Mean More 8/26/2014 9:25:00 PM
    Driving through the countryside, you’ll notice more pivots springing up as farmers try to keep a tight rein on Mother Nature.

$100 Ideas


$100 Ideas

By Farm Journal Editors
  • $100 Ideas

    10/25/2014 2:03:00 AM
    Read about the latest ideas farmers have designed to make their jobs easier.
  • $100 Ideas 9/30/2014 2:43:00 AM
    Read about the latest ideas farmers have come up with to make their jobs easier.
  • $100 Ideas 8/26/2014 9:31:00 PM
    $100 Ideas
  • $100 Ideas 4/25/2014 8:30:00 PM
    $100 Ideas
  • $100 Ideas 3/21/2014 8:51:00 PM
    Share your unpublished ideas and join our $100 Ideas Club.
  • $100 Ideas 3/8/2014 1:16:00 AM
    Share your unpublished ideas and join our $100 Ideas Club.