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The World’s Fastest Backhoe

Apr 28, 2013

 JCB has been having fun and making its backhoes into hot rods since the 1980s. Today, the JCB GT can be caught running ¼ mile stretches at speeds up to 150 mph. The backhoe hot rod is powered by a special 1,300 hp diesel V8 engine. It's said to be the fastest backhoe in the world, and JCB is one of the largest back hoe manufacturers in the world. 

The idea for the JCB GT is said to be from JCB Chairman, Sir Anthony Bamford, the son of the company’s founder, Joseph Cyril Bamford. 

To see the GT in action, check out this clip from the Speed Channel:

And here’s a video from a ¼ mile run on a racetrack in Canada: