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Viewers Speak: Mowing Ditches & Drought Busting Rains

Jul 23, 2013

***Editor’s Note: The following comments were received in response to the July 20-21, 2013 edition of U.S. Farm Report…

#1: This week’s rain gave most of the Texas panhandle 5 or more inches of rain. Clovis to Carlsbad received over 2 inches. In the middle, we near Roswell got a lot of cloud cover and a whopping .5 inch! You can’t imagine how are hopes were up for the possible end of the 3 year drought. Doug Whitney - Roswell NM

#2: We are watching U.S. Farm Report's Corn College panel and are upset how much you show more of the crowd than you do of the panel. When each panelist gives a serious answer, the viewer is distracted by someone drinking soda pop...Or even closing in on the back head of someone in the audience. This is serious information...please keep your camera on the experts. Love the show and never miss it. Just needed to express this. Roger & Jeanene Wehrbein

#3: I try to listen every Saturday morning even though I am not a farmer. Last Saturday you made a brief comment in reference to someone "taking you to task" about "Methodist church" rather than "United Methodist church" followed by a comment about Ohioans who say "THE Ohio State University". Now I was born in Columbus many years before you were around and I attended OSU. Everyone I know who says "THEEEE" Ohio State University (not thuh Ohio State University) says it tongue-in-cheek. We think of it as a joke, at least I do, and wouldn't think much of anyone who took it seriously. But, imagine how surprised I was to hear you use this time-worn phrase. I really enjoy the show and I share much of what you say with some farmer friends over coffee and breakfast later. Yes, some of my best friends are farmers - - tongue-in-cheek - - and it's hard to speak that way. Keep up the good work. Charlie Shirkey - now from Bowling Green, Ohio (the "great" northwest territory)

#4: This past week when you were doing I think the mail bag you mentioned a letter asking why farmers mow along the road. One of your comments was that it was a little longer with the earmuff on and the solitude of being on the lawn mower cutting the lawn. Then there is the side that it looks good from the road for people passing by. I was thinking that we men go to work to get away from the wining of our kids and the wife constantly wanting us to do this and that. When we retire hopefully the kids are on their own and we only have to contend with the wife wanting this and that. It is like those of us who live in the cities. The lawnmower makes so much noise you cannot hear the wife and kids so you do not care what they are saying until you shut it off because you have no longer an excuse to have it running due to being done. Now you grab the edger and trim the lawn and then the shrubs just for the solitude. We all have our escapes from the din. Yours, Jim Brancheau

#5: John , related to your comments on mowing ditches - it has been brought to my attention it is against the law in some states to do so before July 15th (not that we agree with that).

#6: Hey John, I felt moved to weigh in on your commentary regarding "ditch mowers". You may have succumbed to peer pressure when it comes to such a needless expenditure of time, energy, and equipment, but I will remain steadfast in my disdain for such a practice. The fact that people have the resources to commit to such a meaningless, unproductive effort is an indication of an empty life. It has long been one of my pet peeves, along with personalized license plates that have clueless meanings to anyone except the holder (why go to the expense), rental storage units (where did all of this junk come from that we feel the need to store indefinitely), and Taco Bells (can't believe that enough people enjoy eating these messy, crumbling, mini-smorgasbords that they can support an entire restaurant chain). Oh well, I will carry on and appreciate the natural wonder of tall grass, weeds, and brush that is the view scape down my road - at least until the county comes and takes it down at taxpayer expense. Gary Anderson