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December Crop Comments

Dec 30, 2013

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Here's a sampling of what some folks are saying: 


  • 12/30 - Laporte County, Ind.: Crops were very good in southern Laporte Co. this year, the low spot being some early planted beans in the high 40's but most everything else very good.


  • 12/30 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Just been reading of the record yield in Va. of 454 bu./A. I'm having a hard time with this. This would take a population of 50,000 and ears that ave. over 1/2 lb. at 15% moisture. I have weighed hundreds of shelled ears on my farm and at 30,000 pop it is hard to come up with .45 ears at 15% moisture. Sure some ears do but not the ave. I sure would like to walk out in a field to see what 454 looks like! You guessed it. My name is Thomas!


  • 12/30 - Central Michigan: Last week we had a major ice storm in central Michigan. Over 150,000 folks lost power and after a week of running the generator we finally got power back on.


  • 12/30 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Corn and beans being loaded out at a fast pace. Lots gong to CA and Mexico. CA has no grain ground piles being picked up. Trade has same old line of B S South America crop bird flu china cancels And oh yea the proverbial January report showing more corn and beans than ever. My friends in Wisconsin and northern Iowa would strongly disagree. 4 out of 5 landlords have agreed cash rents are coming down. The fifth is still share rent. That's all have a happy New Year


  • 12/30 - Wakefield, Neb.: We were blessed with above average dryland crops. Soybeans 55-65 bpa and corn 170-190 bpa. Farmers are making plans for next year. Sounds like we will be increasing bean acres and cutting back on corn. MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR.
  • 12 30 13 NE 2
    12 30 13 NE

    -- Wakefield, Neb.

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  • 12/23 - Western Walsh County, northeast North Dakota: Merry Christmas to all. Harvest was 'officially' over for us on Dec. 13, with the last round of sunflowers going into the combine. Even with a mid-May start to field work this spring, it's been a very long season. Our 2014 crop plan isn't complete yet, but we will not make any big changes from our regular rotation. Barley acres will get cut to just a quarter or two, and we may change the mix of peas, dry beans and soybeans some. A percentage of new crop canola is priced, and some wheat hedged, but looks as if we could have been much more aggressive with new crop marketing. Easy to look back, isn't it?


  • 12/23 - Henry County, Ohio:  Almost three inches of rain along with the melting of six inches of snow should get the subsoil in good shape for next year. Still some corn and beans out if you know where to look.


  • 12/23 - Red Willow County, Neb.:  I have not raised any dryland corn in two years. Irrigated crops were limited as the state of Nebraska stole our surface water and limited groundwater pumping. Wheat came up this fall but is already out of gas. Nasty drought started in the fall of 2011 and shows no signs of stopping.


  • 12/23 - Manitoba, Canada: Lately, we've been getting emails from farm journalists who start by saying that this crop is one for the records. Then they ask what our yields are. If they already know that this was the biggest crop ever, why are they sending out these emails, asking about yields? Maybe they don't really know what the yields are and just keep repeating the same "Bin Buster" story, over and over again. With very good yields in some areas and very poor yields in other areas, maybe it was just an average crop. I can guarantee that not every farmer in western Canada had a bumper crop but it doesn't show in the statistics. It makes one wonder!


  • 12/23 - Dallas County, Iowa: To the farmer at Stueben Co. NY in reference to theft of seed corn genetics. My comments about protecting seed technology were centered on a very well publicized national news story about a group of foreign visitors who are accused of using various means to steal parent seed from major U.S. seed companies and smuggle that seed home. You are most correct in your opinion that it would be possible to obtain DNA from "Grain Corn" that they import from us. It would be an extremely high tech process to obtain that DNA. After that stolen information was obtained it would be very intricate and lengthy process to put it to use. That is hardly what we are talking about here. With all due respect, you totally missed my point. Let's do more to protect the precious genetics here on the home front. Allegedly these people came here and literally dug un-sprouted seed out of the ground and tried to illegally smuggle it home. Stealing kernels of parent seed is not the same as biosmashing the DNA genetics as you suggested they could do. One could "almost" admire that kind of ingenuity if that been the case. Instead this was just sneaky shoplifting.


  • 12/23 - Macoupin County, Ill.: Not all corn or soybeans are harvested in central Illinois! There are several thousand acres of flat corn to harvest here. There are also some beans left to harvest as well.


  • 12/23 - Allen County, Ind.: Corn ave. 188 BPA. Bean ave. 56 BPA. Pretty good for us we farm some rough ground. Weather was favorable, it turned dry in August. Rent and land prices still holding or climbing. Two parcels sold: 200 acres west of here $12,600 per acre, 360 east of us $11,600 per acre: all went to local farmers.


  • 12/23 - Cottonwood, Minn.: Our corn yields averaged 190 bu/acre. Soybeans averaged 56 bu/acre.

  • 12/20 - Ottawa County, Ohio: This year, we had 156 bu./acre corn and 46 bu./acre soybeans good crops for our ground. Have you guys in Michigan harvested all your crops? I heard there are crops up there to be harvested. Hope you are done if not good luck.


  • 12/20 - East central Iowa: I was kind of wondering myself if this website had been shut down. Winter is upon us. Last night we received a tenth of an inch of freezing rain and sounds like 5 to 10 inches of snow for Saturday night and Sunday. A lot of corn is going to town when the weather allows. Even though we don't like these lower prices compared to last 3 or 4 years, it definitely sparks demand from the ethanol and alcohol plants.

     Some producers must not be looking at the same market page that I use or they are using a different calculator when it comes to land rental rates. Shouldn't they be going down or at least staying the same?

    Picture is of two loads of corn stalk bales that are going to be used in a test run to make the inside core of doors for houses. It was taken 3 weeks ago before the snow arrived. Happy Holidays!!!

  • 12 20 13 IA

    -- East central Iowa

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  • 12/20 - Steuben County, N.Y.: To the farmer who wrote about protecting patented seed in foreign countries. You sell the corn and he plants it instead of eating it and makes seed out of it. Genetics lost. Even if every kernel is killed the DNA is still there. There is no way to protect it from lawless countries that we owe the farm to.


  • 12/20 - Clara City, Minn.:  Big bunker, small pile.   
  • 12 20 13 MN

    -- Clara City, Minn

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  • 12/19 - East central Missouri: It has been very dry. We finally got .8 inch of rain and then 5 inches snow on top of that. Merry Christmas and Happy prosperous New Year to all. May God continue to help us get through it again in 2014.


  • 12/19 - Dallas County, Iowa: Crop comments seem to stop when the current "growing season" ends. It seems we should still be vocal about the last crop produced as it gets marketed, as well as the pending crop that we are preparing to plant. Huge news with the alleged theft of seed corn technology. Farmer's sell a bu of corn for about 4 bucks. Seed companies charge us as much as $350 plus for 80K kernels of seed corn. Let there be no doubt that the seed corn is extraordinary in how much better it performs than ever before. Seed companies have no hesitation charging for the technological advances that have become so valuable to the industry. How about taking some new and innovative measures to PROTECT that technology. A Patent is like a strong lock on the front only keeps out the honest people! It's time to stop inviting other countries over so we can show them how smart we are. They seem to want to take home too many "free samples" when they leave. Makes me wonder how often this has happened before and went unnoticed. When a foreign interest comes to our country (most likely invited ), fills their pockets with our trade secrets, and sneaks off to use it to their advantage, they not only rob the seed companies, they steal from all of America. Shame on them for doing it and shame on us for letting it happen. P.S. Funny they were only stealing the corn technology. Maybe that's because soybeans still yield the same as they did 40 years ago. Wonder why we pay 60 bucks a bag for them? Who's stealing from who when it comes to soybeans?


  • 12/19 - Texas:  With about 120,000 to 125,000 acres harvested, and about average yields, this year’s peanut crop is certainly much better than it has been the past few growing seasons, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert.

    "Starting off, it was geared to be an above-average year, but I feel a rough August cost us a little bit of yield," said Dr. Jason Woodward, AgriLife Extension plant pathologist and statewide peanut specialist, Lubbock.

    Peanuts require a lot of water, as much as 2 feet per acre, much of which usually comes from irrigation, he said. But given pumping costs and water table levels and the need for higher quality, growers also rely on rainfall to supplement irrigation, and August was drier and hotter than normal.
  • 12 19 13 TX

    After pollination, peanut flowers form a peg that rapidly grows downward and buries itself in the soil. (Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service photo by Dr. Jason Woodward)

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  • 12/19 - Clarke County, Va.: We are snow and ice abound. Thankfully most all crops are harvested.

  • 12/9 - Billings, Mont.: COLD brrrr.... -20 below this morning field work for the year has officially stopped. There are still a few corn fields out there to combine but way too much snow on them for that, it might be spring! Hey USDA would that be a double crop than if went back to corn could maybe have 400 bushel yield!! LOL. Have a great and safe holiday!!! Happy New Year!!!


  • 12/9 - Shawano County, Wis.: Finished corn harvest today. Minus 19 @ 7:30 a.m. but combine was running by 9. A good crew running the equipment. Had some fueling problems but worked through them. Dry yields across all acreage appear to be about 160.
  • 12 11 13 WI 2
    12 11 13 WI
    -- Shawano County, Wis.

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  • 12/2 - Texas:  Driving through Central Texas recently, Dr. Travis Miller said he saw a lot of green that wasn’t there this time last year. "There are certainly still some severely dry areas in the state," said Miller, a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension agronomist and Texas A&M University soil and crop sciences associate department head, College Station. "But over the last month to 60 days, we’ve had significant rainfall in a lot of Texas, and it’s made a lot of difference."

    The rains have perked up winter pastures and given wheat and oat crops a boost across much of the state, he said. The raised soil-moisture reserves, though still low in some areas, are much improved, giving farmers optimism for next year’s plantings.
  • 12 4 13 TX

    Icy, wet weather in West Central Texas brought much fieldwork to a standstill, but made for some great views. (Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service photo by Steve Byrns)

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  • 12/2 - East central Illinois: Coles County is bone dry!  Field tiles have not run water since August. I dug down to fix an old tile hole and after the top foot it was hard and dry. My backhoe was having trouble breaking up the dry chunky ground.  Over 5 feet down and still hard and dry. The top 3 inches was frozen so even if we get a good rain it will just run off until the ground thaws.


  • 12/2 - Fillmore County, Minn.: Corn went 176 B/A and Beans went 50 B/A. Little disappointed in the corn. I thought maybe we would be in that 180-190 range when we were in the field this fall. However, considering what SE MN endured for weather this spring/summer, one should probably not complain. We are thankful and happy thanksgiving to all. Even the gas man made some money this year!


  • 12/2 - Trempealeau County, Wis.: The drought did us in. 30-60 bu. corn and hay yields near 2 T/A. Both are less than half to a third of what we usually get. You only need to go 10-15 miles away to get a totally different story.

  • 12/2 - East central Iowa: We finally finished the harvest of 2013. And for once I wasn't the last one or second to last one done. There are a few guys still trying to finish up. I would guess 2 or 3 days would finish just about everybody. Sounds like kind of a rainy and snowy week, followed by real cold weather moving in this weekend. Pit pumpers are also having trouble getting guys finished because of the real cold weather last week, just guessing there is 3 to 4 inches of frost in most of the cornfields.The end!
  • 12 2 13 IA 1
    12 2 13 IA 2
    -- East central Iowa

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  • 12/2 - Olmsted County, Minn.: Another good crop in southeast Minnesota. Soybeans were in the 60's and corn was in the 230's.
  • 12 2 13 MN
    -- Olmsted County, Minn.

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  • 12/2 - Wallace County, Kan.: My crops are now all sold. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. In this day we live in much chaos and turmoil, but let us not forget what we can be grateful for. How fortunate we are to be born and live in this country.


  • 12/2 - Northern Stearns County, Minn.: Messed up year. Extremely wet until June 21, then no rain whatsoever until mid-September, then over a foot of rain this fall. 130 bu corn avg and 30 bu soybeans, much lower than average.