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Learn how to better manage your machinery investments from Greg Peterson, a.k.a. "Machinery Pete." He's been researching and analyzing machinery auction prices for more than 20 years.

Surprising Sale Price on Combine Yesterday

Dec 04, 2013

JD9770 MN  270K 2WD 12 3 13 

Wow, that price was higher than I expected...on the 2011 JD 9770 STS combine with 522 engine hours pictured above. It sold on a farm estate auction yesterday, December 3, 2013, in south-central Minnesota for $270,000.

That's with NO heads...and oh yeah, it was a 2WD.

Couple factors working for it...obviously the end of year tax buyer push helped, but also the fact it was in such immaculate condition and sold on a farm estate auction. The farmer who passed away, his wife was the only one who drove this machine and she was there to represent the harvester yesterday at the sale auctioneer Larry Mages of Mages Land Company & Auciton Service tole me.

But $270,000...very strong price. Takes two to tango though. Almost one year ago, on a November 16, 2012 farm estate auction I covered in east-central Minnesota, a 2011 JD 9770 STS with 0 actual engine hours, never been in the field, sold for $269,000. Here's Youtube video I shot at that 11/16/12 farm sale:


Here are a few other nice items sold on the south-central Minnesota farm estate auction yesterday:

2011 JD 608C 8-row corn head: $48,500

JD608C MN  48500


2008 JD 630F 30' bean head, <400 acres use: $30,000 (trailer separate)

JD630F MN  30K


2005 JD 8120 tractor, 1,989 hours: $110,000

JD8120 MN  110K 12 3 13

Wondering what the highest auction price is I've ever seen on a JD 8120 tractor? $138,000 on a March 31, 2012 farm retirement auction I covered in northeast Iowa. Here's a Youtube video I shot that day of the 8120 selling: