Sep 16, 2014
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Colostrum-Based Replacers Better

October 19, 2010


Source: Land O'Lakes Animal Milk Products Company
New research recently released from the Universities of Minnesota, Guelph and Saskatchewan compared calves fed lacteal-derived (colostrum-derived) colostrum replacer experienced significantly better rates of acceptable passive transfer (APT), and higher serum total protein (STP) and IgG measures, as compared to calves fed plasma-derived colostrum replacers. Apparent efficiency of absorption rates also was higher for the colostrum-derived replacer.
In this study, 74 heifer calves were removed from their dams within 30-60 minutes of birth, and before suckling. The calves were randomly assigned to a colostrum-derived colostrum replacer (LAND O LAKES® Bovine lgG Colostrum), or a spray-dried plasma-derived colostrum product (Colostrx® 130 Colostrum Replacer). Each calf was fed with an esophageal feeding tube within two hours of birth. Blood samples were collected from the calves at birth, and again 24 hours later. The serum was separated, frozen and submitted to the lab, where STP (g/dl) and IgG (mg/ml) concentrations were measured using a digital refractometer, and an RID method, respectively.
At 24 hours, serum IgG concentrations were significantly higher in calves fed the colostrum-derived replacer (14.7 +/- 2.9 mg/mL) versus those fed plasma-derived colostrum replacer (9.6 /- 1.8 mg/mL). The portion of calves with APT was 94.4% in the group fed colostrum derived replacer, and only 36.8% in the group fed plasma-derived. Furthermore, the
apparent efficiency of absorption (AEA) of IgG for calves in the colostrum-derived group was greater (38.2 +/- 6.3%), versus the plasma-derived group (28.4+/1 5.0%).
“This new research further confirms what we believed to be true about the benefits of colostrum replacer produced from natural, bovine colostrum sources,” says Dr. Tom Earleywine, director of nutritional services for Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products Company. “This research suggests better rates of passive transfer because greater AEA of IgG is delivered with our colostrum-derived replacer, LAND O LAKES® Bovine lgG Colostrum Replacement.”
“Our product is the only USDA licensed colostrum replacement on the market,” notes Dr. Earleywine. Part of every batch of LAND O LAKES® Bovine lgG Colostrum Replacement is fed to newborn calves at USDA labs in Ames, Iowa. The calves are tested for acceptable passive transfer (APT) to ensure each batch of product meets the requirements set for APT before it can enter the marketplace.24
Since 1951, when Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products Company developed the first calf milk replacer, the company has been committed to creating the best milk replacers from the best technologies and quality ingredients. Land O'Lakes Animal Milk Products Company is a division of Land O'Lakes, Inc. a national farmer-owned food and agricultural organization.

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