Sep 17, 2014
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Iowa Bill Protects Farmers From Undercover Videos

March 3, 2011

Iowa State Representative Annette Sweeney has recently introduced a bill to the state legislature that would provide legal protection to famers and agribusinesses from undercover videos, reports the Animal Agricultural Alliance (AAA). A companion bill will be introduced to the Iowa Senate. 

“It is imperative that activists be held accountable for their actions to undermine farmers, ranchers and meat processors through use of videos depicting alleged mistreatment of animals for the purposes of gaining media attention and fundraising—all in an effort to drive their vegan agenda,” says AAA in a press release issued today.
“Many of [the videos] appear to be severely edited or staged, and yet activists involved receive no repercussions for having contributed to the alleged animal suffering,” says AAA.
Conviction on a first offense would be an aggravated misdemeanor; second and subsequent offenses would be Class “D” felonies. To read the bill, click here.

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COMMENTS (2 Comments)

JamesHurst - Austin, TX
I'm trying to understand the perspective of the authors of this news article.. you complain that activists "receive no repercussions for.. contributed to the alleged animal suffering" ?! They're risking themselves to provide the public with evidence of cruelty, yet your only focus is on the videographers? Please explain - exactly how did they "contribute" to the suffering? And if that is what you believe they have done, then why do you say "alleged" suffering? How can they contribute to suffering if the suffering never occurred? And can you point to an example of a video that has been edited or staged? You write for a major agricultural online publication -- so surely I'm just missing something here.
5:25 AM Aug 24th
j -
While we may not be interested in having 'spies' in our operations, I think it reflects poorly on farmers to try to 'attack' such activists through legistlation. I run a very small, local, grass fed operation with only a few head, but I'm embarrassed by the industry trying to attack these activists. We should concern ourselves with running safe, humane operations, in which we have nothing to hide. The video's I've seen don't appear staged, and only serve to support vegan agendas. Only by raising our beef (and dairy) in humane ways, respecting our cattle, can we really 'win'.
8:31 AM Mar 9th



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