Apr 18, 2014
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Pro Farmer Newsletter

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The Pro Farmer Newsletter includes a mini-charting service with technical analysis for each market, plus weekly updates on Pro Farmer's season-long risk management strategy for both strictly cash marketers and futures & options users. In addition to the weekly newsletter, Pro Farmer Members receive free access to the Members Only segment on profarmer.com, which includes Inside Washington Today, From The Bull Pen, News Around the World and many other member benefits.
Pro Farmer Newsletter can be delivered direct to you via email or mailed through U.S. postal mail.

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Each profit-building issue of the Pro Farmer Newsletter contains:

  • Vital Market News - easy to read information "nuggets." You know what's important quickly, what it means to your business and what to do about it.
  • Market-by-Market Analysis - supply and demand factors that give you the solid data you need to make the most profitable marketing decisions for your farm. Pro Farmer gives you enough of the right data to understand what is happening in the markets. In addition, we tell you how to profit from this information.
  • Inside Stories from Washington - the acknowledged leader in farm policy and Washington agriculture news coverage and analysis. You get the information first plus our analysis of what it will mean to your operation and how to apply it to your farm.
  • Real-life Comments and Opinions - Pro Farmer's extensive list of exclusive sources worldwide begins with your most valuable information source - other Pro Farmer Members. This is a true information "co-op." Members save on input costs and boost their selling price through tips from other Members.
  • In-depth Reports on Timely Issues - matters that mean real dollars to your farm and family. Enough of the right information to give you the jump on fleeting profit opportunities.
  • Specific Marketing Advice - for both cash marketers and futures/options users. Easy to understand and execute.
  • Easy-to-Read Charts - show important relationships, trends and comparisons. Plus, quick-reading price charts for corn, soybeans, wheat, cattle, hogs and cotton.


Pro Farmer Newsletter can be delivered via U.S. mail, or direct to you through email. To subscribe, call 800-772-0023 or click here to signup for Pro Farmer services on line.