Apr 18, 2014
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4/16/2013 ALERT: Urea & Potash Locally Favorable -- South Dakota & Wisconsin

April 16, 2013
By: Davis Michaelsen, Pro Farmer Inputs Monitor Editor

Two nutrients fell enough to write home about during the week. The fertilizer market at large is generally flat and most movements have been very small to unchanged. But these two stick out like sore thumbs and suggest the time might be right to make a purchase.

South Dakota -- Potash fell week-over by $14.00/ton to end at $560.00/ton -- $18.00/ton below the regional average.

Wisconsin -- Urea took a dive in Wisconsin during the report week, falling $36.00/ton to $547.54 -- $23.11/ton below regional average price.

This weather market could do just about anything at this point, but so far, despite a fair amount of movement in Dec corn and natural gas futures, fertilizer pricing is very static, and has been for a few weeks. If corn futures rally this summer, fertilizer may join in the upside action with little warning.

Most growers have long since bought nutrient for the spring round of applications, but these prices are well below market averages. Local pricing may vary so check with your preferred retailer and consider topping off or forward booking part of your fall needs in South Dakota for potash and Wisconsin for urea.

For a look ahead, read your Monitor's article 'NPK Outlook: Prices Wait for Robins to Make Good'.

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