Apr 19, 2014
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ALERT 5/28/2013: Scattered Declines Offer Opportunity

May 28, 2013
By: Davis Michaelsen, Pro Farmer Inputs Monitor Editor

application514Nutrient moved generally lower in this week's Inputs Monitor Regional Index, but some declines were more generous than others. While the average rate of decline was in the $4 neighborhood, the following breakout moves could signal bargains in your area.

For a discussion of the relationship between corn pricing and knowing when to forward book inputs, read last week's blog from your Inputs Monitor, "The Perfect Time to Book Inputs: Butter First, Then Bullets."

Nitrogen --

Illinois anhydrous fell $27.83 to $865.75/short ton -- $4.25 below the regional average.

South Dakota anhydrous fell $8.57 to $888.93. That figure is still $18 above regional pricing, but the week-over decline is worth noting.

Phosphate --

Wisconsin DAP moved $13.76 lower week-over to $602.24 -- well below the regional average of $634.06.

Missouri DAP also fell, dropping $11.13 to $624.37 -- $9.69 below the regional average.

Illinois MAP fell nearly as strongly as anhydrous in that state, shucking $24.07 to $632.50/st -- $20 below regional.

Potassium --

South Dakota potash scores here as well moving a robust $23.64 lower week-over to $585.44 -- again, still above the regional average, but only by $4.65.


*Check with your preferred retailer as prices may vary.

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